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Tomoyo/Sakura - Somewhere in CLAMP's multiverse, there must be a dimension where they get together.

The boy smiles at Sakura and she blushes and feels her entire being pulled towards him. Tomoyo can tell; she has felt the same pull since the second she met Sakura.

Tomoyo is ready for this. Before Sakura even gave her her hand, Tomoyo has been ready to one day give it away to someone whom Sakura would love more.

It hurts, of course, but Tomoyo smiles, because Sakura is happy.

It’s when the boy finds what he was looking for and leaves and Sakura, instead of going with him, comes back to her, blushing and smiling, that Tomoyo cries.

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TOMOSAKU, you know I'm a creative delight :*




  • who wakes the other one up with kisses

This is Tomoyo’s second-favourite way to get Sakura up for class if she doesn’t get up when her alarm goes off.  Kisses and a cup of coffee held teasingly just out of reach.  Her first favourite method is to yank the blankets off her and tickle her feet.

  • who cooks for who

They’re both good at cooking but neither of them really enjoys it enough to claim it at “their” responsibility.  They decided they’ll take turns.  Mondays and Wednesdays are Sakura’s nights to cook because she only has one class those days and has a little more free time. Tomoyo takes Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays (unless they go out on Saturdays, which is like, every weekend so honestly she just takes Thursdays and Sundays).  Tuesdays and Fridays are for grazing out of the fridge or ordering pizza or go-to-Fujitaka’s-house-and-make-him-cook days.

  • who is the morning person/night person

Tomoyo is a morning person all the way, and Sakura is the biggest night owl ever.  They bicker all the time about “wasting the whole morning asleep” and “only crazy people get up before 9” and even occasionally get actually mad at each other for a minute.  But Sakura can’t deny that she kinda loves Tomoyo in the mornings, puttering around getting the ironing done or cleaning the bathroom or making breakfast, just this background buzz while she’s still sleeping that makes the apartment feel like home.  And Sakura being a night person just makes sense, really.  She goes to class all day and practices with the band all afternoon and does homework all evening, and sometimes she really does just need to stay up until 3 am playing video games or watching cartoons or dancing at her favourite club to let some steam off.  Tomoyo understands that.  She’s getting good at enjoying the peacefulness of her mornings while Sakura’s still asleep.

  • who is the romantic one

Sakura pens song lyrics with Tomoyo in mind, and stops spontaneously by a flower shop to bring her a bouquet, or at the grocery store to get ingredients to make random “celebrate having a wonderful girlfriend” cupcakes.  But Tomoyo’s more prone to carefully planning really gorgeous dates, the dinner out and the chocolate-covered strawberries or the picnic in the park, with every detail accounted for.  They love to spoil each other rotten sometimes.

  • who is the top when it comes to sex

Tomoyo likes to be in control because it is so easy and so satisfying to drive Sakura wild.  Sakura loves to see her girlfriend’s confidence and dark humour and sexy side, and allows this to happen and loves every second of it.  But every once in a while, it’s Sakura’s turn and Sakura goes on a big power trip.  That’s when they get the restraints and the toys out.

  • who would lead in ballroom dancing

These two dance all the time.  At home, in their underwear, to songs off their iPods while cleaning the apartment.  Onstage, choreographed, for maximum thrill and sex appeal.  In clubs, with friends, just letting loose and having fun.  Tomoyo still goes to the occasional ballet class to keep her body limber and in practice, in case she ever wants to get serious about it again.

Ballroom dancing?  Not so much.

  • who is the more cuddly one

Sakura is a little more expressive, but it’s only because she knows that deep down Tomoyo loves to hold her but sometimes is afraid that Sakura will find her neediness annoying.  So Sakura just goes to her arms a hundred times a day because it’s not annoying, it’s lovely, and even if she doesn’t necessarily need it, Tomoyo obviously does and she loves her girlfriend.

  • who is the one to most likely pick the movie they watch

They like sharing their old favourites with each other and trying to discover new favourites.  There’s a lot of trading back and forth and mutual pleasure in finding something they can both enjoy.  They’re pretty attentive to one another’s moods, too, and they can tell when something isn’t really interesting to the other.  They’ve definitely just turned a movie off, a couple of times, and turned to, ahem, other forms of entertainment.

  • who is the one who would pay for dates

They do that stupid, annoying, adorable thing where they argue and duel over who’s paying when the check comes or they get to the ticket agent, etc.  They really should start thinking about this ahead of time.

  • who is the one who would initiate a quicky during classes

It helps that they’re attending the same university and occasionally on campus at the same time, because sometimes you really do just need to meet your girlfriend in the library and drag her up into the stacks for some serious groping. Sakura always liked reading, but until she met Tomoyo she wasn’t aware that books could become a kink.

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Perfect gif for the perfect couple! <3
God- I ship these two in CCS just as much as in TRC! I mean- look at these adorable girls and Tomoyo is just an amazing character. Her love for Sakura is so sincere and true- it hurts my heart to tell that I am a proud SyaoSaku shipper q-q I really love this ship- it is definitely an OTP as well, ‘cause Tomoyo deserves Sakura <3 Nawww I want to see them cuddling together and holding hands and blushing and nyaaa <3 Love these two together- no matter if you ship them or simply see them as best friends.



She def agrees here ^^

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Tomosaku feels

Sakuno hummed idly, as she twirled her braid idly and walked back to her classroom. Her maths test had been sort of difficult, but she thought she might have gotten an average score on it, nevertheless. She’d ask Tomo-chan what Tomo-chan thought of the test, Tomo-chan was generally better at maths than Sakuno was. She was rounding on Tomo and Ryoma-kun’s homeroom, when the sound of a commotion and lots of shouting seemed to be coming from inside. 

"What’s it matter to you, huh?" came Ryoma-kun’s voice, louder than Sakuno had ever heard him speak outside of tennis and she hurried up to the door, only to be shoved aside by a fuming and loudly crying Tomo-chan, running away from the room.

"T-T-Tomo-chan!" called Sakuno, unsure of what had just happened. She didn’t run after Tomo-chan for now, turning back inside the classroom. Horio-kun and Ryoma-kun seemed to be standing against the vast majority of the class and Sakuno gulped a little. What had just happened?

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so, hi. what are your top five otp's? (sorry if somebody's already asked that.)

i was gonna answer this with a joke about how all my pairings are just me and korra but ..

bubbline, korrasami, ellie/riley (LoU), konakaga (lucky star), hononagi (precure),  nanofate (nanoha), yuiazu (k-on), tomosaku (CCS), vriska/terezi, meenah/aranea, jane/roxy, (all homestuck) ……. 

ugh… i know theres more.. like from touhou and shit…and live tv shows.. sansa/margary????  this is such a dangerous question to ask me because i wanna be really sincere about it.. i think .. they were all really formative for me…

hononagi was my first big otp.. bubbline is probably my otp to rule all otps… i dont really read homestuck anymore but im still to this day really invested in vriska/terezi… nanofate and konakaga appeared to me in my time of teen weeb need………..

please stop me.. im going to keep going… 

OH GOD YOU SAID TOP FIVE and i just.. oahhghh..

selyann replied to your post:Some amazing anon sent me TomoSaku. Ahhh, have to…

I just read it, too, and it was really nice. Tenipuri ladies just don’t really get enough appreciation, I think. A lot of people hate them. Or maybe it’s just how I see it. :(

Oh yes, there was a recent fic about it too in AO3, right? I was squealing really hard when I read it. They deserve some love. And I really should write more about them, I’m glad anon gave me a chance to write some TomoSaku by requesting it :D

…and shit, I just realized that Sakuno’s birthday passed yesterday and I didn’t post the story I had waiting for her. Ooops.