Things You Might Want To Do For Samhain:
  • Buy one of those really really tiny pumpkins, cut the top off, empty the pumpkin, put a special little charm in it, and put the top on again and seal it closed.
  • Make a little meal for some of the spirits and entities that you work with.
  • Leave out some candy for some of the fairies you work with.
  • Perform a cleansing ritual.
  • Perform a renewal ritual.
  • Thank the gods and other entities you work with for all their help.
  • Do anything that makes you happy.
  • Trick or treat, of course!
  • Perform any glamour spells or protection spells.
  • Cleanse your tarot cards, stones, candles, herbs, etc.

I don’t know, I just decided to make this list of things I would do if I could (well I can do some of the things on this list), maybe to just give you guys some ideas.

I wish you all a merry Samhain, a happy Halloween, and whatever you’re celebrating tomorrow, I wish for it to be filled with joy and happiness!

Guys, I really hate asking for financial help, because I know that everybody’s having a shitty time right now. But I’m still kind of going through the process of verifying my legal existence, so I can’t even start applying for jobs for another 2 weeks until this is all sorted out. And between now and then I still have a ton of bills to pay and I need food money and rent money and just general survival money. So please, anything you  can spare would be greatly appreciated x.x

  • November 1, 1973

Happy 41th Birthday to a star, an eternal beauty, a fantastic actress and a timeless icon

Thank you for your actions, thank you for your films, thank you for your smiles, thank you for your kindness … Simply, thank you for being you. You are my queen, my inspiration. Thank you for all that you have given to the Indian cinema, thank you & I love you. You’re the best!

       A I S H W A R Y A    ” QUEEN”   R A I 

hghghh i nearly forgot halloween is like actually tomorrow



I’m doing trick-or-treats, which in this context means: send me an ask with the words “trick or treat” and a writing prompt you’d like to see me do (which can be TF2 or something else I’m into or something completely different), and I will do a short drabble with it! I did this last year with great success, if you’d like to take a look at those! If you’re hard up for ideas, I keep a lazy prompts tag and also an otp tag! You may also send multiple prompts, though if I get swamped they may get backburnered.

I reserve the right to refuse any prompt, but I will try to do them all, and I will be doing them all day until 12am Nov 1st CST! (I STILL HAVE WORK TOMORROW IT MAY TAKE ME A BIT TO GET GOING.) I will be tagging these with #corgiwrites! and #trick or treat 2014!


I’m posting this at midnight 11:50pm because i’m impatient and sleepy but I’m going to bed immediately after, so inbox me your stuff and I’ll hop on it in the morning!