Continuing my Industry360 series, I was able to meet with Tyler Oakley, professional fangirl and internet awesome person.

Two things happened while he visited Tumblr HQ that caused me to turn bright red:

  1. I was drinking water and totally missed my mouth for a hot second,
  2. and the cutest, nicest office dog, Tommy, decided to be the center of attention and bit Tyler. I thinkTyler forgave him because he spotlighted him in his video!

Other than that, Tyler got an all-access tour of all things Tumblr and took over reception. Tyler’s Tumblr is pure gold so this was a perfect meeting.

After the tour, I sat down with Tyler and learned his deepest, darkest secrets life story and how he got started. Keep an eye out for that post next!

Special thanks to Tumblr and Valentine (for the tour) and Kelsey Hansen (for the photos).


How Tumblr Changed My Life by Tommy the Pomeranian

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