WE RULE [THE WORLD]: A Young Avengers fanmix [listen]

"warrior" ke$ha
"kick ass" mika
"all night" icona pop
"we rule the world" dragonette
"we r who we r" ke$ha
"whoa" paramore
"teenage sounds" neon trees
"young volcanoes" fall out boy
"friends" band of skulls
"kids" mikky bekko
"young blood" bea miller


I like how no comic artist in the history of anything has, apparently, ever clapped eyes on an actual human baby.

Having said that: BAW BLABBY TOMMY AND BILLY :3 Or, err, the magically created babies whose souls will later BECOME Tommy and Billy …

One more thing, too: I like how Wanda and Viz are in full costume even though they’re just hanging out in their house in NJ, entertaining a guest, and having quality family time :T

So much to love in these two pages, to be perfectly honest.

Title: Stay, Stay, Stay
Author: Traincat
Word Count: 4,410
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
Warnings: (Apparent) Character Death (Canon), Language & Violence
Summary: Tommy Shepherd has feelings and holds hands.

please please please stop sending me pics of my grandma’s cookies, Eli sent on the third day.

nope, Tommy wrote back. guess what i’m having 4 lunch.


"The Scarlet Witch admitted her guilt, and she will be brought to justice.”
"What does that even mean?"

Avengers: The Children’s Crusade 008 | w. Allan Heinberg | a. Jim Cheung