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Rowan Tomlie is a 17 year old patient in the Medical Ward. He has been diagnosed with Hemophilia, and looks a lot like Justin Bieber.

Maybe they’re hiding

Rowan was always a bit mischievous. Not that he ever went around ruining lives, but he definitely liked to push boundaries. His parents recognized this at a very young age, and they constantly had to explain to him why rules existed, and that he needed to follow them. Rowan’s mischievous behaviour also lead them to find out that Rowan had hemophilia.

We hope they are playing a game

He was a typical boy, he played in the dirt, he liked bugs, and he didn’t mind blood. Lucky him, since blood would start to run his entire life. He had to be careful what he did, and if he ever got hurt it was suddenly a big deal. Knowing this, it only made him want to push his limits further. As soon as her turned 16, Rowan started getting tattoos. He loved them. Tattoos already had a rebellious connotation to them, but the fact that a single poke could turn everything upside down made him feel even more empowered.

But this is really happening

It was not that Rowan enjoyed getting hurt, and he understood the damage that could be caused, but he simply liked the rush he got after getting a new tattoo, and the look on his parents face when he showed it to them. The last time he did it, however, he went to a new tattoo parlor, with a brand new artist.  Being the sporadic teen he was, he agreed to get one done by this new artist, who had literally just received his licence. As you could probably predict, it didn’t end especially well. A couple slips of the needle here, and rowan was taken to the hospital. His parents started to realize that this was a strange but dangerous path none the less, and signed him up to be brought to Serenity. Rowan, on the other hand, just plans on having fun while he’s here.

Connections: None at the moment.

Fortunately, Rowan is OPEN!

Jafi: First Kiss

"I enjoyed today." Safi Ry told Jesse Quin with a small smile. 
"I did too." He smiled back and his hand brushed hers, almost as if he was about to take it, but he seemed to think better of it and dropped his hands to his sides. The two had become close a couple of weeks ago and although both seemed interested in each other, neither had yet made a move towards the other. At that current moment the pair of young adults were stood outside Safi’s apartment, which she shared with her two brothers, Nick and Dean. It was late evening and the sky was growing dark. 
"We should do it again sometime…it was nice to have a meal out together."
"It was." He nodded slowly, shifting almost-awkwardly. 
"Well…I guess I’ll see you tomorrow…" She stepped onto the first step leading up to her front door. 
"Saf, wait." Jesse looked anxious. "Could…could I have…a kiss?"
She looked partly taken aback. 
"I don’t know…" She chewed her lip. 
"Cause, you see, when you came to my flat the other day you made a fuss of my cat and kissed the top of his head, and he’s been strutting around ever since-"
"Oh really?" She laughed softly. 
"-saying ‘I got a kiss from the first night, you’ve been with her five times and you’ve had nothing’ so I need to regain my manliness and authority in my household."
"Well, when you put it that way…" She gave another small smile and turned to face him. He met her eyes, looking both nervous and excited. She leaned towards him and kissed him gently, closing her eyes as she did so. He let out a contented sigh and kissed her back, drawing her closer to him. 
"Oh, GROSS." A voice chipped in a minute or so later, once they’d broken apart. "Did I just witness the first kiss?"
"Yeah, you did, Nick, thanks a lot for showing up." Jesse gave a small smile, faint smudges of lipstick left on his lips. 
"Ew…Saf, please don’t tell me you actually enjoyed that."
"I don’t know, I’m going inside." Safi blushed, laughing quietly again. 
"Wash your mouth out, he’s dirty." Nick called after her as she disappeared into the house. Jesse looked pleased with himself, running one hand through his hair. 
"Please never kiss my sister in front of our house again." Nick told him, making his way up the steps with bags of shopping. 
"I’ll make a note of it." He smiled faintly and turned to leave, breaking into a wide smile as he departed.