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Merlin Heintzman of Vancouver, Canada.

Merlin is another artistic addition to this blog; he’s a painter. He paints portraits, and they are really very cool - go see here. He’s also one of those fellas who raise money on the streets. But he’s one of the good ones; he knows how to not be annoying to those passing by. This job has brought him to Australia, and it’s paying for his way to Asia later this year, so he must be doing it right.


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Gabi Levy of Bondi, Australia.

Gabi is studying to be a doctor, so she may well be saving your life in the future. She recently travelled for a year and was in Israel “when all that shit went down”, and surprisingly she felt quite safe, which is great. She’s pictured here in the Australian Museum where they were having some night entertainment in the form of Burlesque dancing, “build-your-own-voodoo-doll” and, Green Porno. Weird.


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Christine Stavelie of Trondheim, Norway.

Christine is on the opposite side of the world from her family, training to be a nurse at a nursing home for the elderly. She could have studied in Norway for free, and her parents would have preferred her to take this option “but then you don’t get the experience of living somewhere abroad” which is a great point. Christine is a mature and incredibly smiley, happy young woman who hopes to stay in Australia and eventually become a midwife.


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Ed Brockenshire of Southport, Australia.

No, this man isn’t James Bond or Daniel Craig, but Ed Brockenshire, a builder who owns and runs 4 wooden cabins in the middle of the oldest rainforest on earth; the Daintree. If you’re looking for a place in the Daintree, do check out Daintree Rainforest Bungalows, it’s a really cool spot - no phone signal, internet, or electricity is exactly what your stay in the jungle needs. Rewind back 20 or so years and Ed was building sets for Aussie TV drama, The Sullivans, and another decade or so before that and he was in school in London, and he lived in Melbourne for a good while in between. He’s got a great way of telling a story, a dry sense of a humour, and an eye for his bass guitar.


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Shirley Grey of Bilbul, Australia.

Shirley is the great-great-granddaughter of immigrants from Scotland and Wales, and she was raised on a farm in a small Australian town. She’s worked plenty of jobs in her time, but describes herself as a mad farm girl at heart. A partially sighted, never married, and humorous lady.