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here’s the encore my band did at Stowfest for our first year :-)

here’s our band page

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here’s save it for the bedrooom

started bad i know

first gig and sheeeez. :)

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Jimmy Eat World - The Middle (LOST LUNGS cover) (Live @The Hunter Club)

This was the cover my band played after we got shouted for an encore; yes i know i messed up the words we hadn’t played it for ages!

So my band finished recording our first single today and it should be mixed up and ready for the first preview on saturday. need to rerecord some bits maybe because i wasn’t confident enough with the vocals but still it sounded so weird hearing my voice on an actual record. It’s called “All The Times” :)

and we’re meeting with people on Saturday to talk about making a music video for it, but we’re gunna make a shortened version for the video ofc but wow i’m excited as hell.

njkfhajf :D

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Here’s my band on live radio playing a few tracks, i was abit ill when we did it so excuse my voice at times :3 enjoy