Holiday Time! 


Plymouth Diving Show

Daley's Listening

What track can you just not get out of your head at the moment?
At the moment that would have to be Little Bad Girl by David Guetta, it’s on the radio all the time and I really just can’t get it out of my head!

What was the last album that you bought?
That would be Adele 21, it’s brilliant.

Have you been watching X-factor this year? 
Of course I have been watching the X-factor!! I don’t have a particular favourite yet but I am sure I will when the live shows start! 

Do you have a favourite training song?
Nothing in particular but just general upbeat and feel good songs :)

If you could choose the music for the London2012 opening ceremony, what would it be?
I think the bongo song is an amazing song for parading into an event…catchy and fun :) 

When you appeared on the X-factor last year someone pointed at you and said “boy band”, if you could choose any other band members who would they be? 
It was Louis Walsh that said that, haha! I think it would be easier to just join a group that was already doing well…JLS or One Direction or The Wanted?


The last major event of 2011, in Tom’s busy schedule, is fast approaching as our diving star gets set to head down under for an exciting end of year diving camp. But what really goes on during these camps, is it all work and no play, or will Tom get a chance to enjoy some of the amazing sights Australia has to offer? Let’s find out!

Are you looking forward to going to Australia for the diving camp?
I am really looking forward to going to Australia, because it is going to be sunny, the people are great and the training facilities are amazing!

What do you do at these camps and will the Australia one be different in any way?
We train, eat, do some schoolwork, train, eat and sleep…with a bit of special filming for Tom Daley TV mixed in :P

Have you ever been to Australia before and what are you looking forward to?
Yes, I have been to Perth, Melbourne and Sydney…I am looking forward to seeing some sunshine because the British weather isn’t exactly comparable!

Do you get time to hang out with your diving friends at the camps or do they make you work the whole time?
We get lunch times and evenings to hang out, we like to have fun and I am sure you will see all of our antics on TomDaley.TV when I get back :)

Will you be back in time for Christmas?!
I get back on Christmas Eve, so I hope that there won’t be any snow in London at Christmas because then we’d be stuck in Australia!

Sounds like you’re going to have a brilliant time, wish we could come with you to enjoy some December sunshine and fun too!