So, I know a lot of you guys are Tomb Raider fans and I think we all suffer from modern computers’ disabilities to run our beloved tombraider.exe files.
Thus, the company Aspyr revves up old games to make them playable on Apple Macs.
Sadly there’s only one TR game available and requests of mine haven’t found hearing.
That’s where you guys come in:
If all of us - fans and people who want gamers’ hearts to skip a beat - would show our interest in the renewing of old TR games, the dream of playing them on modern devices would finally come true.
For further information please send me an ask or a fan mail!!

Day 25: Favourite Fan Sites and Blogs

I have two. The first one being;

Stella’s Tomb Raider Site. It’s the first and only place I go to for walkthroughs and help with any of the games. 

The second one is;

Tomb Raider GIFS. They run a great blog, make great gifs and give great and honest reviews on the game. I love their passion and love for the game too. 


TR2013 Requests

I should have mentioned this earlier but until the game is out, I don’t intend on making any gifs of or paying much attention to Tomb Raider (2013). For numerous reasons and I do apologise but for the time being I’d like to keep this blog dedicated to the installments in the series that have already been released with particular focus on the first couple of games. Anyway, you’re not here for my words so here’s a new gif that sums it up. :)

I haven’t been on in a while. Been taking a bit of a breather from tumblr. So, I was thinking about changing the name of this blog to something else. I’ve posted a tonne of gifs over the last year but I don’t want to limit myself to just gifs. Well, I haven’t limited myself to just gifs and gifsets are very time consuming so a new name seems appropriate. Only snag is I suck at coming up with names. Suggestions would be more than welcome! ….

No seriously, please…