Today, the University provided the international students with a trip to Leeds Castle, most famous for housing Henry VIII’s wife, Catherine of Aragon. It was raining, as is appropriate for the United Kingdom. The Seattle-ite in all of us was dismayed by the excessive use of the umbrella, but they kept us slightly more dry than we would have been otherwise. Our short break for hot potato leek soup was most welcome, and our tour through the heated castle was magnificent fun. 

Rachel, Chloe, John, Alyssa, the Sarahs, and I gallivanted through the ebony-floored hallways, taking pictures whenever inspired. We discovered a baby Jesus with no hand, two lonely armor-plated arms mounted above a door, and absolutely gorgeous views of the rainy English countryside far below.  


Today, the SPUscholars and I had another adventure in Canterbury. Chloe, the Rachels, Jessie, and I decided we needed some traditional British confections. Our search led us first to a little Fish and Chips shop where we ate our fill of potatoes, grease, and satisfaction.

Our next order of business was to find an establishment where we could partake in a Cream Tea. Tiny Tim’s Tea Shop was the lucky establishment to benefit from  our presence, and it was truly a delight. We’re all pretty sure we could eat clotted cream and jam on scones every day for the rest of our lives.

After finishing our delicious tea, we ventured upstairs to the room haunted by the souls of children. After encountering some extremely crooked floors and no ghosts, we bought some groceries from Tesco’s, took a bus home, gathered John, Sarah, and Amanda, and finished out the evening watching The Fall. A lovely day in Canterbury.

My Rachel finally JUST NOW started following me. 

And using tumblr again. 

And now you should follow her and distract her from writing her paper because she clearly wants to be distracted. Which is why she keeps calling me for no good reason. 

Things to know about my Rachel: 

  • we have the most bromance-y of all female bromances
  • she has a big giant crush on Jensen Ackles
  • she hasn’t watched the second season of Sherlock yet which is a sin
  • she’s trying to write a paper and needs to be distracted
  • also she’s a ginger


ephemeraldelights replied to your postephemeraldelights replied to…

OOH OOH THAT! I’m Great Aunt Eleanor. Perfect.

Awesome. I shall pencil you into the family tree. 

tomboysurrenders answered your questionMy tumblr family so far:  Loren is the oldest and…

I’d like to petition to be removed from your family. ‘Tis a silly place.



It must be nearing finals week.

I’ve been talking to Rachel all day. 

In fact she called me about ten minutes after I woke up this morning to talk about nothing. 

And since then we’ve been communicating non-stop through facebook, tumblr, texting, a instant messenger. 

I even stood outside her 5th-floor window just now on my way back from choir practice and squinted up at her face while talking to her on the phone.