Tom Barnes has joined Bring Me The Horizon for their week of signings and intimate fan shows. He’s aiming to upload 3 videos a day. Here’s part one from yesterdays video diary.

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Tom and Lalla, Matt and Alex.

Back in 1979, all it took for fans to know something romantic was going on between Tom and Lalla was that first picture. (and this was way pre world wide web, it was world of mouth via fan groups, fanzine- mailed via snail mail, and phone conversations. Matt and Alex have been a lot more obvious with what sure does look like real life mutual attraction- from the moment they met (behind the scenes the same thing happened with Tom and Lalla- although in a more circumspect fashion.) Tom was almost exactly as much older than Lalla than Alex is Matt.

By the way, Lalla and Tom got married as soon as she left Doctor Who in 1980. The marriage didn’t last- Tom blames the marriage ending on his descent into alcohol fueled depression after he left Doctor Who the following year. Lalla doesn’t blame Tom, said it was they were both just too focused on acting not on the marriage. The divorce was simple with no disagreements. The two remain close friends.

The Thing about Fandoms...

There are those moments when we all feel so alone, 6 billion people on this planet and somehow we still feel as though no one is listening.

But there are people listening, people who have always been listening.

They make us laugh when we are sad.

They make us smile, despite ourselves.

They make us cry when we need to be reminded of our humanity.

They remind us that we’re not alone - not ever.

They encourage us when we need it most.

They’re our role models.

 They remind us that being us - is the most wonderful thing we could be.

The thing about Fandoms is that they’re our family.

They love us just as much as we love them.

(Just in case some of us have forgotten that)