Tom parked his motocycle on the underground parking of the hotel trying to act like he wasn’t there. He still felt adrenaline inside his veins caused by amazing night ride on the streets of the city. Everything was meaningless then and Tom was free. Taking his motocycle on tour with him had been his best idea. At least he saw it that way.
How his brother, band members and whole stuff saw it was another thing. They had asked Tom countless times for not riding alone through cities he didn’t know. But Tom liked the risk and he had broken all his promises so far. Almost every night after the show he had been sneaking out of the after parties to ride alone and every early morning he was welcome by stupid arguments. Why they couldn’t understand he needed it? His motocycle was like his child. He had a little golden key to it and that key was always hung on tiny chain on his neck.
Suddenly Tom’s phone vibrated and it felt like burning inside his pocket. He already knew what kind of message it was but he took a phone anyway.
"You better be back in your room in 1 minute or I’ll kick your stupid ass out of the band and cross your name out of our family"
Tom couldn’t hold back a little smile while reading Bill’s message. His younger twin was absolutely overprotective.
He took one last look on his almost shining motocycle before he left the parking. Somewhere deep inside he felt as he forgot about something but he couldn’t find the reason so he ignored it.

Just as Tom has expected Bill was waiting for him in a very mood to fight.
“You promised Tom! You…you…you idiot! What if you’d get lost? Or if you’d have accident and no one would find you? You don’t know the city or people or language and gosh! You are so stupid Tom fucking Kaulitz”
“Easy Bill” Tom stayed calm “It’s Paris so I know it a bit okay? And look I’m alive in whole one piece okay? No big deal?”
“No big deal?” Bill’s eyes got open wide “NO BIG DEAL?”
“Yes Bill. Calm down”
“You broke another promise Tom and I’m not gonna leave it this way? Do you understand me?”
“But try to understand me Bill. I’m…I take care of myself and I’m safe okay?”
“Bullshit” Bill was furious. He gave Tom very mad look and left the room.
Partly Bill’s behavior was annoying to Tom but it was also kind of cute being aware of having someone who cared that much. Probably Tom would act the same if Bill would have such a hobby.
“Brother oh brother” Tom chuckled before he simply fell on the bed to steal some sleep.

When he woke up few hours later he immediately wanted to put his hand on the key on his neck. It was his routine just to touch it but today something was wrong.
“What the…” he panicked. There was no chain with the key on his neck. Nothing except his bare skin.
Not thinking straight he started running all around the room in search of the key, looking everywhere, in every hole and every possible space but he found nothing except a bit of dust.
“Shit shit fucking fucked up shit” he sat on the bed trying to recall whole morning and it didn’t take him too long to realize he had actually left it together with the motocycle. It was the thing on the back of his mind, that thing he couldn’t bring to solid thought.
“No!” with a light speed Tom rushed out of the room. Stumbling on and ignoring everyone he ran to the parking just to see his treasure was still standing there.
“Thank God” he breathed with relief and touched the motocycle to check if it was real.
It was real but the key was nowhere around.
Tom was close to tears he was that afraid. Of course he asked everyone if they saw his key but all the answers were “No, no and no”.
Terrible mood didn’t leave Tom for the rest of the day. He was just barking at everyone or not saying anything at all. Even during interviews.
On the other hand Bill seemed to be happy because of Tom’s loss. He was joking and laughing. No compassion. Not that Tom hadn’t expect it but it was hard to stand anyway so just before final rehearsal before tomorrow’s concert was about to begin Tom took his twin on the side and demanded strictly.
“Give me that key back!”
“What key?” Bill didn’t try to hold back a laugh “I don’t have it”
“Don’t lie to me Bill! I’m serious! Give it to me coz it’s mine!”
“Not my fault you lost it somewhere.” Bill threw and left Tom alone. At that moment something else caught Tom’s attention. Maybe it was because of the light but it seemed like Bill’s skin was pale. Too pale with a shade of green. Or Tom was going completely crazy.
Ever since that moment Tom had his eye on Bill and one hour later it was obvious something wrong was going on with Bill who was pale, all on sweat and shivering. It worried Tom a lot more than the key.
“Hey Bill do you feel fine?” Tom put down his guitar and walked to Bill who couldn’t finish singing a song.
“Yes perfect….” he didn’t finish as he fell on the floor “It hurts!” he howled in pain.
“Guys call the ambulance!” Tom ordered as he kneeled by Bill’s side but Bill only howled once again not saying anything.
Ambulance arrived few moments later and it took Bill to the nearest hospital. Of course Tom followed them. He was scared.
In the hospital they took Bill to examine what had caused that terrible stomach ache. For Tom waiting seemed to be endless. He had the darkest visions in his head.
“You are Tom Kaulitz right?” out of sudden elder doctor came to Tom.
“Yes! How is my brother? Is he awake? What did you do to him”
“Well” the doctor smiled “The reason of his attack wasn’t that serious”
“What? He looked like he was about to die!”
“Well. I’ll let you judge it by yourself” doctor smiled wider and handed something to Tom. Something that turned out to be the key to Tom’s motocycle.
“What the…”
“Your brother swallowed it and it caused the pain. Well maybe you should go and ask him why. He is in that room” he pointed at one door and left Tom speechless.
“Jesus Christ” Tom wasn’t sure whether he should laugh or cry so he just stormed to Bill’s room.
“You idiot” he screamed before almost jumping on Bill to hug him.
“I’m sorry” Bill mumbled clearly ashamed “I just didn’t want you to do this again.”
“I won’t brother I won’t” Tom was sure that promise was his last one. Then he hugged Bill once again.
The end.

Whatever You Like:

“Momma?” The deep voice rings through the huge home. Tom had gotten out of his meeting early and was too eager to see you. You are younger than him by a few years but he still insists on calling you ‘Momma.’ You are dancing around the expansive kitchen as you bake cookies. You always try to do something sweet for your sugar daddy before doing something sweet for him in the bedroom.

“Baby! You’re home early!” You chirp happily as he walks into your big kitchen.  You run and jump into his awaiting arms.

“I got out of the meeting early just for you Momma. How are you?”

“Good. I missed you all day.”

“Didn’t you go shopping?” You pout and shake your head. Tom’s job as an executive paid for all the shopping he allowed you to do. He just absolutely loves spoiling you. “Aw…why not Momma?”

“None of the girls wanted to go out today. And you were busy so…”

“My poor girl! How about I cancel everything and we’ll go tomorrow?”

“Can you do that?” You knew full well that he could, but you loved the reassurance.

“When your dad owns the business, yeah you can.” He smiles widely and picks you up. You squeak and wrap your legs around his waist. He chuckles and kisses you deeply before moving to your neck.

“Tom! Stop! The cookies will burn!”

“So let them burn. I want you baby…”

“The house will catch fire!” You feel his hands slip under your skirt, an involuntary moan coming from your lips. You bite your lip and press your forehead against his.

“I’ll buy a new one…come on ____. You know you want too…you’re so wet.” His fingers run over your panty clad pussy, you can’t help but let out a wanton moan. “Oh…you’re wearing underwear today…damn.”

“Tom…” You bite his bottom lip and suck it into your mouth. He presses you into the refrigerator before sitting you on the counter. A lot of his friends and family called you a gold digger. They liked to tell him that you were using him for his money and would leave him for someone who had more. But it wasn’t like that at all. The chemistry and the sex between you two was fantastic. Sure you treated him like a sugar daddy and he treated you like a sugar baby, but it was for fun. Almost like a role play between the both of you.

You actually deeply loved one another. Tom knew everything there was to know about you and vice versa. He knew you hated your full name and you knew how petrified of needles he was. You completed each other, no matter what anyone said.

You gently push him away and smile softly. You look deep into his eyes to let him know you are being serious.


“Ok…ok…After the cookies are done?”

“After the cookies are done…” You wink and laugh at his goofy smile. You kiss him passionately and slid off the counter. He kisses you again, slapping your ass as you make your way to the oven.

“Oh…my mom called.” You groan and pull the baking sheet out.

“To bash me more?”

“No…well yes, but she and dad want us to meet them for dinner.”

“I don’t get why you don’t tell them the truth about us. And you know she meant just you. Your mom hates me.” You feel Tom slip his arms around your waist as you angrily take the cookies off the sheet. He kisses your shoulder and sighs.

“My mom likes you…” You huff and shrug him off. “She does! Kind of…”

“Tom she scares me…” Your bottom lip quivers as you put the pan down into the sink and hang your head. Immediately his arms are around your waist again, his chin on your shoulder.

“Why baby?”

“Because every time we go see them, she brings up all these girls that she says are so much better for you…and I’m beginning to think that one day maybe…maybe you’ll believe her…” Tom turns you to face him and cups your face just as your tears fall from your eyes.

“Baby, no matter what my mom says, I will always choose you. I love you and only you.”

“It’s just…they don’t know the real me and what they say hurts, you know? I mean my parents love both sides of you…”

“If it means that much to you…we’ll go to dinner tonight and I’ll tell them. Ok?”


“Of course. I want you to be happy my love.”

“I’m beyond happy when I’m with you, but thank you. This means a lot to me.” He kisses you passionately before pulling away with a smirk.

“Are those cookies done yet?” You laugh and nod, turning to turn off the oven.

“Yes Daddy, they are indeed done…” He kisses your neck and shakes his head.

“No…no façade tonight. I’m going to make love to YOU, not my Momma…” Without another word, he picks you up and carries you to your bedroom.

For Anon

-Sailor Venus

Part 1
The Crawl 2 (finale)
Tom’s POV
I can’t believe my eyes. My heart is in pieces. Who is this broken boy? I presses his weak body closer and harder to my chest. I wanna give him my warmth and my love. I wanna dry his tears and take his pain away. But how? What happened? Where were I through all this years.
"Tom…I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry" his voice is almost soundless.
What can I say to him? Who he really is? Is he my brother? My little Bill?
"Please don’t leave me here. Please help me." he begs me and it breakes me even more. "I don’t wanna die. Please…"
"I won’t let you die."
I slowly take my cell phone and call the abulance. But I can’t let go of him. He is scared and his body is shivering. What happened? Why is he so miserable? Who hurted him so much?
I watch as paramedics take him away. His eyes never leave mine. I will follow him. I was looking for him for years. I never gave up. I tried everything. He is my soulmate. Even when everyone told me to stop, I wouldn’t. I felt it wasn’t too late. But was I right? I have to pray. Today I see him for the first time since 4 years. Probably I don’t know the person I’m trying to safe. But maybe there’s my twin deep inside him. I have to find out.  Maybe it was my mistake? I was always the stronger one. Maybe I didn’t see something. Maybe he begged for help and I was too focused on myself? I can’t stop blaming myself.
I get in my car and drive to the hospital. My head explodes. Too many feelings and thoughts. What will be my next step? What should I do? He needs professional help. 
I stop the car at the parking and almost run to the hospital. And I have to wait. And wait. But finally they let me see him. I enter his room. He is asleep but tears run down his cheeks.
"Bill…" I wanna sit on his bed but it’s too early. So I just stay where I’m and look. 
It’s really hard to recognize him. He is just skin and bones
I count his breathing. I can’t think now. Is there anything left to save? I hope so. I want my Bill back. I want him to be happy. Even if it take me forever. I lost him once. I won’t repeat it.
I leave to ask doctors how is his condition. It paralyzes me when I hear about his damages. Broken hand and palms. Injured legs. Broken nose. Bruises all over his body. He was beat hard. I wonder who did this to him. Anemia. His organism is ruined. Years of drugs addiction turned him into mess. But doctors says there’s still a chance for him. He only needs help, care and time. Do we have this time?
I go back to his room and sits against the wall. I wanna help him but does he want it too?
I stay motionless for hours. But finally he wakes up. And he screams. He is confused. Does he remember me?
I slowly come to his bed. I don’t wanna scare him more. 
"Tttttom? Is that really you?" his voice is trembling.
"Yes. I’m here Bill." 
I can’t stop myself. He hurted me. He killed me when he left. He took everything. But he is my brother! I love him the most. I’m not mad at him. I have to and I want to show him how much I care. So I lean over him and hug him carefully. I can’t cause him more pain.
"It’s ok Bill. I won’t leave you. I promise."
Slowly he relaxes in my embrance. I stroke his head. We last this way forever. I don’t wanna move away. But I have to. I sit at his bed. 
He starts telling me his story. His tragedy. I can’t hear it. It’s too much for me. I feel tears in my eyes. I don’t cry usually but now I’m too weak. He lost everything. He lost himself. But I’m here to bring him back to life. 

He leaves hospital 10 days leter. I take him to my house. I call our mother but it’s too early for her to meet him. She needs more time. But I know she will forgive him. She still loves him.
I don’t let him be alone even for minutes. I know he wants drugs. I have to be strong. It makes him suffer but he has to take this pain. He spends whole days in bed, locked in his new room. I know it’s cruel but I do this for him. He screams and cry. I know he hates me now. And I know it’s only the begining of his hard and long journey. But I will be here for him. I’m his Tom.
After few weeks I take him to rehab clinic. He tries to fight and resist but it’s pointless. I leave him there. I feel so terrible. But it has to be like this.
On my way back I drive to his old flat. I have to see that bitch. She destroyed him. I enter their house without asking for permission. she is there. She sits on the bed. I remember how beautiful she was. But now?
I stand in front of her and look at her. She smirks. 
"I wanna kill you now. What will stop me?"
She giggles.
"Then kill me. I don’t care. I hope your brother is dead already so we will meet at the other side."
"He is alive and he will be happy again."
"Where is he? I wanna see my baby" her voice is so terribly sweet.
It’s to hard for me. I don’t wanna be a killer. Not now. I can’t look at here so I run away from that place. From now one she will be forgotten.

As days pass by I’m waiting. Waiting for my brother to be back from his rehab.
I wait for almost 6 months. He is so empty. I see him once in a week. He barely speaks. I see how guilty he feels. I try to comfort him but it’s close to impossible. But there’s this fire in him again that lets him still fight. 
And it’s good. I know it’s good. I know he will win. 
The end.

Love me back

"And thats all?" 
“Yes, that’s all! What do you want more?” 
“You were never that type of girl who does things like this.”
“You will never love me back, so why should I waste my life waiting for you?” 
“It’s not about that…”
“Yes it is! And you know this too well, Tom. I don’t want to stress you anymore. I get it, you have a girlfriend, you love her, I’m your friend and that’s all. I want to move on, to live my life and stop dreaming at impossible things.” 
“But sleeping with random guys, going out mostly every night, don’t shows that you are mature and you want to go on.”
“They love me back, not as you. I need love too, even a dog needs that.” 
“I don’t want you to have problems… Just wait for the right guy. Nobody says to do not go out, but please be careful.”
“I never said I don’t believe in true love anymore,. Only that I need time to find it. And I need time to fix my heart and forget you.” 
“Don’t be mad at me. You make me feel so guilty…” 
“You’re not. I understand you and I’m happy I can still have you as a friend.”
“I’m happy too.” 
They hug and after few more minutes she lefts to her own house. Forgetting him would be harder than she ever thought, especially when everything he does, makes she believe that he cares about her more than it should. He treats her like his own propriety, like his little princess and that makes her suffer even more. He should let her go, he should stop being so protective. But still… She wants him, she wants to be around him, she’s sure that no matter how much she goes out or how many boys she meets, this won’t be enough to forget him. For her there is no other guy, except him. But he don’t loves her back and she needs love, love, love more than air. And until she will have him, she needs to love those one who love her back. 
At night she prepare her outfit and she calls few friends. She needs to go out again, she needs to get drunk and forget everything. She needs fun, she’s major and she has the right to do everything she wants, no matter if Tom’s agreeing that or not. At least her girls are always up to help her and have fun, so soon they were waiting at the entree of the club. 
They found quickly their table and soon the party begun. The guys around them were really cute and the alcohol helps them to feel better. As soon as she is drunk she forgets about Tom and her whole insecurities and feelings. After all let’s fuck the feelings, who needs to listen at what a stupid heart is telling you, when your brain tells to go on and have fun? Maybe she wont find her true love tonight, or maybe the guy who is kissing her right now isn’t that Prince Charming she wants, but who says that you can’t enjoy the ride? 
“I like you really much..” The guy whisper to her ear and she laughs. 
“You don’t say. How much?” She asks back and she took another glass of vodka. 
“If you are coming to my house later, I could show you.” 
“Are you ready to love me?” 
“Will you love me back?”
“No, but I will try my best.” 
She excuses herself after few minutes and she rushes to the bathroom. Is she ready to do this again? Maybe, but until then she needs to fix her makeup. 
When she was beautiful again, she goes out, ready to search for that guy again. Only that somebody was waiting for her outside looking really mad. 
“Come. Let’s go home.” He said and grab her hand. 
“You are not my daddy. I’m big enough to have care of myself.”
“No, I don’t think so. And you will see that I can be your daddy too. I can even stroke your ass. Don’t make me mad.” He smiles and she knew that he is not lying. 
“Nothing. Let’s go.” He said and she follows him, like a good girl. He needs to understand one day that this behavior is not helping her to move on. How to meet new guys, if he is always there to protect her? 
In just few minutes they arrive to her house and he follows her till her room. Why is he acting like this? And if he would answer to her questions, but no, he is keeping that beautiful mouth fully closed. 
“Tom will you ever answer to me? Why are you doing this?” She asked again hoping that this time maybe he will say something. 
“Come. Get inside and shut up once!” He said and locked the door behind him. 
“Nobody can hear me except you, so I won’t shut up. What do you want? Do you want me to love you endlessly? Why are you jealous, why are you always behind me, protecting me, like a little child? Why don’t you let me go on? Why are you so egoistic?” She asked, but he kept being quiet. Only that now he was moving closer to her, until he gets really close, only at few centimeters away from her. 
“What..?” She asked again smiling, seeing the playful smile on his face. 
“Go on. Say whatever you want, I like to hear you talking.” He said and hold her into his arms, taking both of her hands into his. 
“I would like to hear you talking too.” She said and watch his wild eyes. Is he really doing this?!? 
“I have nothing to tell you.” He said calm and walk together with her till the first wall. 
“I think you do have a lot of things to tell me…” She said, but he pushes her to the wall and she shut up. He could be a little bit more gently.
“Oh, yeah… I could tell you that I’m very mad about you, that you deserve to be punished, but I will prefer to shut up. How could you ever think that I will let you go?” He said and touch slowly her chin with one his hands. 
“You have her… And in fact you never loved me back. You told me clearly that you can’t be my boyfriend, that you are taken. Why to keep dreaming, when my dream is impossible?” 
“Nothing is impossible, ever. Dreams are always possible if you keep believing into them.” 
“Even you?” 
“Even me.” He said and kiss her.

Remain Nameless part 27

Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26

Mickaela didn’t even know what to begin to think about what she had just heard. It was so ridiculous and unbelievable she literally burst into laughter.
“You are crazy” she shook her head from left to the right so fast it hurt “Both of you. Just…no I have no words to say I… You gotta be nuts.”
“Oh Kela Kela” Tom sent her almost sweet smile “You really think we are asking for your permission? So young, so naive” he chuckled “Let me explain it to you darling. We, me and mister Listing casually inform you about what’s gonna happen. It’s all decided and you are going to accept it like a good girl you are.”
“I’m not your property Tom” she hissed as anger hit her inside with a great power “You don’t own me. Can you hear me? Can you understand? You don’t own me!” she was on the edge of breaking down completely.
Tom gave her strange look after which he slowly walked to her so close their faces almost touched.
“You think I don’t own you? Maybe I don’t. But remember that I own Bill’s life. Remember it.” He whispered so quietly only Mickaela could hear him.
One second later he stepped back and joined Georg.
“Now I’m gonna leave you two so you can get to know each other a little bit better.” He nodded “Show your best Mickaela.”
Not saying anything more to her he shook Georg’s hand and simply stepped out of the house so Mickaela was left only with Georg, the man she didn’t know at all. And she didn’t want to know him.
She turned around and started walking towards bedroom. Her plan was to lock herself there and stay that way forever or until she could find a way to escape that hell.
“Hey wait!” Georg called after her so she stopped but didn’t bother to look at him.
“Don’t leave so fast. I want to talk to you.” He tried to sound friendly.
“We have nothing to talk about” she was very rude.
“You won’t give me even one chance Mickaela? You don’t know me.”
“And I don’t want to know you. Is that enough for you?” she finally turned around and faced him “I just don’t care anymore.”
“Don’t be so proud. What if I want to help you?”
“Help me?” she laughed very loud “You want to help me by taking me on the other side of the globe and by forcing me to marry you? Good joke. Good one” she threw in his face and ran away to the bedroom. Bitter tears attacked her eyes and she did nothing to stop them. Her pain was so real. Pain and longing for Bill.
Unwillingly she looked at Bill”s name cut on her hand and it made her choke on her own tears.
“That guy is important to you. That Bill. Do you like him?”
Mickaela didn’t even peeked at Georg who entered the room and she ignored his question totally.
“You don’t have to say anything Mickaela. I know the answer. You are in love with him”
“It’s none of your business!”
“Maybe it’s not. But I know things you have no idea about. Do you want to listen?”
Again she wanted to ignore him or say something rude but instead she couldn’t stop the curiosity from growing stronger.
“What things?”
“Can we sit and talk?” Georg gave her friendly look.
“Whatever” Mickaela crossed arms on the chest and stared in space. Georg sat on the bed next to her and began his monologue.
“I know Tom not since today or yesterday. And trust me he is not a bad guy. He is just…” Georg paused for a longer while “He is just lost in his own feelings and life. It started when your mother died. She was the love of his life and he needed years to accept her death. It changed him and it took the worst monster out of him”
“If you want to defend him then better stop now” she interrupted him aggressively.
“No I’m not defending him Mickaela. I’m just trying to explain you this third point.”
“He ruined Bill’s life and he killed my father! He has no heart so stop explaining me things I don’t want to understand!”
“Please” Georg continued anyway “Tom hates and loves you at the same time. You are strong part of your mother. He is not ready to lose you but he is not able to be with you too. He is torn between these feelings and they are making him go crazy”
“If he would love me he’d let me go with Bill!” she cried in unexpected pain.
“He still blames him for losing your mother. Try to understand him.”
She only shook her head that was hurting more and more.
“So he doesn’t want to love you but he can’t let you be with Bill. Anger inside him is too strong, too alive. And he won’t stop until the revenge will satisfy him”
“Tom doesn’t know how to step back. He wants you to leave with me but it doesn’t mean he will leave Bill alone in the end. You’ll be out of the picture so everything is possible to happen”
“So…” she started crying “So no matter what I do Bill will die? I can’t save him? Even if I’ll do what Tom wants me to?”
“Yes”“Georg nodded and he also seemed to be sad by the whole situation.
Mickaela lost the ability to think straight completely and she was sure she was going to pass out. Her body went out of control and if Georg wouldn’t catch her in the last second she would fell off the bed.
“No” she roared hiding in his arms “Please no. I can’t lose him…”
“Shhh” he tried to calm her down “Maybe there is a solution, something you can do”
His last words made her feel as if someone would spill the coldest water on her.
“What solution? What do you mean? Tell me everything!”
“Well. You gotta make Tom believe you do what he planned for you but you also have to be smarter and one step ahead of him. Do you understand?”
“I…”she hesitated “I guess so. But wait” she looked at him through her tearful eyes “Why would you help me? You are not my friend and you act like one. I’m not that stupid. You want something from me?”
Strange smile formed on his lips and Mickaela knew the answer already. He hadn’t come to Tom just to help. He had his own purpose.
“Let’s say you could do something for me. Yes there is one thing”
“What is this?”
“I come from Europe and my family is almost royal. Very rich and traditional. We have our rules and if something disturbs these rules then it’s not good”
“I still don’t understand” Mickaela was really confused.
“I don’t want you to marry me. No offence but you are not my type. But I need your favor. I need to take you away from here for a year. Through this time Bill will be safe. I’ll make sure about it”
“And…” she was really afraid to hear the rest of the deal.
“I’m in love with the woman who can’t give me a child. And without a child I can’t marry her. My family doesn’t know about it yet so they prepare our wedding but I know that sooner or later the truth will come out. Here comes your role. I’ll hide you for a year and you will give me a baby and we’ll pretend she was pregnant. After everything you will disappear from my life forever and I’ll make sure you won’t ever see Tom again. You will have your life with Bill. So this is my deal. Do you accept it?”
To be continued…

Two Is Always Better

Lazily you shake your foot to the unknown rhythm as you try your best to focus on a movie you are watching but it’s so boring you can’t stop yawning.
“Tom I swear this is the worst movie I’ve ever seen. They only keep killing each other. Is there any other plot?”
He doesn’t answer to you because his eyes are plastered on the screen and he is watching with full attention.
“Bill do something!” you call the younger twin name for help but in a response you only get silent snore.
Immediately you look at Bill just to find out that he is sleeping like a little baby. It seems like he also wasn’t interested in the movie.
So you only shrug and again do your best to watch this crap since you have nothing better to do. Every Thursday night you spend at twins place. You always watch movies together but usually it’s something interesting. You love spending your time with Bill and Tom. You met them when they moved to Los Angeles and ever since you became close friends.
Spending time with them usually means doing something crazy and unpredictable. Just having fun in every possible way.
“Oh don’t complain ____” suddenly Tom speaks and wraps his arm around your waist pulling you closer to him “It’s really good movie. Just look at all these special effects. It’s perfect.”
“It’s shitty. I have no idea how can you like it Tom. It’s just piece of crap and these actors…they are terrible. It hurts my eyes.”
“Hey!” he tries to sound offended “That wasn’t nice! It’s one of my favorite movies.”
“So it means your taste is kinda shitty”
You laugh and he crosses his arms on his chest.
“Yeah. Because those romantic movies you like are pieces of purest art.”
“I don’t like romantic movies” you giggle “So fail Tom.”
“Pfff” he moves away from you a bit “You crossed the line girl. My taste is perfect and now I’m offended.”
“Oh come on Tom. How old are you? Should I maybe say sorry now?”
“Just ‘sorry’ wouldn’t be enough.”
“’Sorry’ wouldn’t work. You hurt my deepest feelings.”
“And your ego?” you laugh again and you see it’s hard for him not to laugh with you but he controls himself.
“You have to try harder.”
“And do what?”
“I don’t know. Kiss me maybe?”
“Stupid. Forget it.” You shake your head.
“Then don’t talk to me and let me watch my perfect movie.”
“But it’s boring. And I’m bored” you complain like a little girl.
“Then ask Bill to entertain you.”
“He is sleeping.”
Immediately you two look at him and unintentionally you both laugh.
“He is sleeping? Hmmm” Tom moves close to you again.
“Because your favorite movie put him into sleep. You see? No one likes it.”
“You did this again! You offended me again!” he moves closer and closer and soon he almost sits on your lap “Now you have to kiss me because I’m hurt.”
“Bastard” you laugh but in a second crush your lips on him. He doesn’t waste the opportunity and soon your kiss turns into really deep and passionate one.
Before you can realize it he pulls you on his lap and wraps his arms tight around you but his lips never leaves you. You are breathless but you love it.
“What about your movie?” you ask with the sexiest voice possible when you breaks the kiss.
“Screw it. I saw it already.”
“Mhmm” he nods and moves his hands on your ass squeezing you through your pants.
“And you forced me to watch it anyway?”
“I was planning it” he giggles “I wanted you to get bored so you would pay your attention to me” he answers innocently before he starts kissing you again.
“You are really stupid Tom” you laugh aloud and with no warning you put your hands on his back. With one move you rip his tank top but he clearly doesn’t mind.  
“I like you better without it” you smirk when you remove his ripped tank top.
Now your hands roam all over his bare back and he puts his hands inside your pants. It’s all getting hotter with every second. You two forget about the rest of the world. Also about sleeping Bill.
“You have too many clothes on you.” He licks his lips and quickly takes off your shirt “It’s a shame to cover such a sexy body” he whispers before he starts kissing your neck.
It takes you two another few moments to get completely naked. You are sitting on his lap again and he almost eats you with his hungry eyes. The atmosphere is very sexual. You are both turned on and you can’t get enough of Tom. He is so damn sexy.
“Can you see how hard you made me?” he pokes you with his hard dick.
“Hmmm I love it” with no warning you put your hand between your heated bodies and wraps it around his cock. He moans too loud.
“Shhh. We don’t want to wake your little brother up, do we?”
“I don’t care” he hiss because right now you move your hand up and down his manhood.
“Yess” he licks your lips “Suck me. Get on your knees and suck me.” He almost begs you with demanding voice and immediately you love the idea.
Wasting no tame you get off his lap and kneel in front of him. He still sits on the couch and he spreads his legs to give you better access.
“So big” you smirk and with no hesitation you open your mouth for him. He lets out silent but sexy sounds of pleasure when you start sucking him nice and slow but soon you speed up. It’s not enough for him. He puts his hands on your head and controls the peace literally fucking your mouth senselessly.
“That’s good. Yeah. Do it harder. Good girl. Gott.” He speaks random words because he loves your job “You are so hot when you are on your knees sucking me so good” he arches his head back. “So perfect.”
Soon you feel his precum in your mouth. His cock is impossibly hard now and it’s throbbing. You are sure he can come in a second so again with no warning you stop.
“What the?” he doesn’t like it.
“Fuck me Tom” you smile and turn around to stick your ass perfectly to him.
He doesn’t waste it. In a second he kneels behind you and enters you wasting no time. You both moan because of the pleasure. He puts his hands on your hips and starts fucking you fast at once. He acts like animal and you love it. His thrusts are so deep and hard you can hardly take it but you enjoy every second of it.
You moan his name like a crazy. Every now and then he slaps your ass or bends down to lick your back. But when he moves one of his hands on your clit starts rubbing it mercilessly you scream so loud you are sure entire neighborhood can hear you. Not that you care.
He still pounds inside you like there’s no tomorrow and it brings you closer and closer to the edge but suddenly you can hear another moan. For sure it’s not coming from Tom.
It makes you move your head and what you see almost makes you laugh.
“Looks like we have a company” Tom laugh because he also notices it.
“You two look so hot” Bill pants because he is jerking himself off really intensively while he is watching how good Tom fucks you.
“Little brother wanna join?” you smirk because you can’t deny that Bill looks really sexy with his pants pulled down to his ankles and with his hard rock cock in his hand.
“How long have you been awake?” Tom pants and tries his best to speak.
“I don’t know. Your moans woke me up” Bill bites his lover lip but his hand never stops moving up and down his cock. It looks like he is also close.
“Come here Bill” you command with sharp voice and he nods.
On his way to you he gets rid of his pants. It’s all to hot. You know you won’t last to long.
But when Bill kneels in front of you, you take his cock to your mouth with no hesitation. Tom still fuck you hard from behind and you suck Bill the best you can. They both moan aloud and your sounds sends vibrations on Bill’s dick. He puts his hands on your head and pulls your hair trying to be dominant.
Meanwhile Tom moves become even more furious. He is desperate for release. He pounds inside you so hard you are sure he is ripping you. He digs his nails deep inside your skin and with no warning he comes hard inside you filling you with his warm load. But he doesn’t stop moving and it sends you over the edge. Few moments after him you also cum with a loud moan. It makes Bill pull out of you. He still holds your hair while you desperately try to ride out your orgasm. Tom is still roar like a dog. He pulls out of you and hit your ass with his cock few times.
You are really powerless now but Bill is still not done. His cock is throbbing and he also needs his release. And it looks like he is not ready to wait for his pleasure.
“I’m still here” he reminds you with a sexy voice before he pushes you on your back on the floor. Honestly seeing him so turned on and horny makes you ready to do everything he wants. So you let him sit on your face and you open your mouth for him again. He screams when he starts fucking your mouth with fast speed.
“So good. I love your hot mouth. Yeah. Suck me harder. That’s great.”
You do your best to give him the biggest pleasure possible. You suck him and stimulate him with your tongue. He is already leaking with precum so you work on him harder.
After another few moments he pulls out of your mouth and you give him slavery look. Meanwhile Tom sits close to you and he lazily jerks himself off. You are sure he wants another round.
“Finish me off. I wanna cum on your face” Bill demands still sitting on you.
With no hesitation you wrap your hand around his dripping cock and squeeze it hard few times. He howls and screams and you start stroking him fast. This way he starts coming hard all over your face while you are jerking him off. His whole body is shaking.
You help him ride it out and then he collapses on the floor next to you. He still pants heavily.
“Perfect” he licks his lips.
“Yeah” Tom says with a lustful voice because his cock is already hard again “How about second round?”
His ask makes you laugh but you only nod.
“This time I’m inside!” Bill informs you and the three off you laugh hard before you get to work again.
The end.