aggressivelyweird asked:

hey my tumblr is being weird so i can't reply to your comment but i just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE LINK!!!! like hannibal is flawless (as in the show, not hannibal the character cuz i'd say he's got some pretty major flaws) and i'm already obsessed so yeah... thanks again!

Tumblr is weird so often these days! Back in my— wait wat were you saying, oh, mmm, yes, I’m glad that I was able to help you c:

Hanni himself is flawless too! Sassy classy swiggity swagger stag<3

Welcome to the fandom, I promise no regrets :——DD

eh thinking of ending this blog and just posting everything on my personal,… no one really follows this and it’s kind of tedious… but if you follow my personal, which will still have lots of music stuff, i’ll love you forever!!!