evankart’s the Silmarillion drawings post :)
I’ve got many new followers after posting Thingol drawing. So I wanted to show my other elf drawings. Hope you enjoy :D

Richard Armitage as Beleg, Benedict Cumberbatch as Maeglin, Aidan Turner as Elrohir, Archers of Mirkwood, Elladan and Elrohir, Elf lords of Middle earth (1), Elf lords of Middle earth(2), Children of Elrond, Father and son, Tom Hiddleston as Celebrimbor, Thranduil (1), Thranduil (2), Lee Pace as Fingon, Tom Hiddleston as Curufin, Galadriel & Celeborn, Oropher, Legolas, Thranduil (3), Elf ladies, Yavanna Kementari, Huan and Luthien

Everytime I read The Book of Lost Tales and "The Chaining of Melko" chapter, I’m dying of cuteness everytime when Melkor asking Valar to keep out of Utumno because his house is too poor and messy for such a majestic guys. It’s like ”I can’t invite you - I didn’t clean up this place for ages”

I love this early concept of Melkor, he is so aww,he is always like



Finrod in his usual ‘blah-blah’ nerdy mode

I imagine he just sits down by someone and casually starts talking about something like, the problem how do orcs even reproduce, or are there even orc women, and the other one’s all like ‘but i’m trying to eat here’

maybe that’s why he’s a forever alone ;c also he’s dressed as a cabbage