Some depressing news coming from @TokuNation regarding the future of Sentai/Power Rangers Figuarts. (I changed the format and moved a few things around to make it a bit easier to read):

Spoke with Adam from @TamashiiNations about some stuff. Tweet answers in a moment. (Please note: these are my notes, not actual quotes.)

Q: Finishing Sentai teams Figuarts (Hurricanger, Boukenger)?
A: From marketing stand point the series may be popular in Japan but not necessarily in USA. Would like to finish but no plans for now.

Q: Other teams of Power Rangers (Zeo, In Space, Time Force)?
A: The only overwhelming favorite from fans in USA is MMPR. In Japan, series popularity varies. That being said, no plans at the moment. Nothing tops MMPR and it’s incredibly successful. Thinking of dual marketing, Reds and 6ths are always possible. That, and Saban approval has to happen on all “Power Ranger” labeled product. On top of that, they were able to do some figures because of Akibaranger. With no 3rd season happening, no way to use it to justify figure release.

Q: Lord Zedd FiguartsZero?
A: Want to do it badly. Obstacles include it’s a pure MMPR item with no Sentai counterpart as well as Saban approval. But IF it did happen, would still be some time down the road (a couple years).

Big thanks to TokuNation for asking these questions. Check out the TokuNation site for more Sentai/Power Ranger news coming out of SDCC.

How do you guys feel about all of this?


When they need power, the 5 ModRangers call upon their Super Mode Items- The USBs (Upgrade System Bypass)! 

(In Order Of Appearance)-

Hyper ModViolet (character is based on me):
Suit Influences: The Main 7 OOO Combos+Super TaToBa, Kamen Rider Wizard Dragon Styles, GokaiPink.
Weapon: Hyper ModSpinSabre. The ModSpinSabre gains two new parts- a phoenix themed Medagabryu-like attachment and two Gokai-gun like barrels on the side of the ModSabre. This allows Hyper ModViolet to turn the Hyper ModSpinSabre into the ModBuster, a powerful bazooka.
Transformation Trinket: ModBelt, ModPass (credit card like henshin item,) ModScanner. Just like the other Mods, KamenRiderOOO inserts the ModPass into his ModBelt. Unlike the others though, he takes the ModScanner and scans the card, transforming into ModViolet! Scanning other’s ModPasses allows him to use their weapons too.
Upgrade Item: Hyper USB. The USBs (Short for Upgrade System Bypass) are big USBs that plug into the side of the ModBelt that allows each ModRanger to turn into their Super Mode. Each one is unique to each ModRanger, allowing them to turn into a Super Mode that is differently named than one another. ModViolet plugs the Hyper USB into the side of his ModBelt, then inserts a Ranger Key (usually GokaiPink) to initiate his transformation into Hyper ModViolet.
Super Mode Abilities: Able to use powers similar to OOO’s combos (i.e. multiplication, super strength, healing factor) alongside his ability to fly.

Epic ModBlue:
Suit Influences: GoseiKnight, GoseiYellow, KyoryuBlue.
Weapon: Epic ModClawShield, Saber Laser. The Epic ModClawShield is a larger version of his original ModClawShield. He gains the Saber Laser, a sabertooth tiger-themed Leon Laser, with stegosaurus spikes on the handle.
Transformation Trinket: ModBelt, ModPass (credit-card like Henshin item.) Just like the other Mods, Sentai inserts the ModPass into the side of his ModBelt, transforming him into ModBlue! Pulling the side tab on his belt ejects the ModPass so he can insert a second one!
Upgrade Item: Epic USB. The USBs (Short for Upgrade System Bypass) are big USBs that plug into the side of the ModBelt that allows each ModRanger to turn into their Super Mode. Each one is unique to each ModRanger, allowing them to turn into a Super Mode that is differently named than one another. ModBlue plugs the Epic USB into the side of his ModBelt, then scans a Gosei Card (usually GoseiYellow’s or GoseiKnight’s) to initiate his transformation into EpicModBlue
Super Mode Abilities: Able to Transform into a Sabertooth Version of the Groundion Headder to attack. EpicModClawShield can create a forcefield to defend him.

Mega ModBlack: 

Suit Influences: GrandLiner/Super Train Megazord, Megurine Luka, AkibaRed
USB: MegaUSB, which is bonded to the Buddyroid and to the Mega Armor
Weapon: Mega LukaCannon, formed by a Buddyroid that resembles the Vocaloid Megurine Luka. 

Super ModGreen:
Suit Influences: Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann, Gokai Green, Gokai Silver Gold Mode, Oh Green
Transformation Items: ModPass, Super USB. The Super USB is the upgrade item of ModGreen. It contains the data of ModHunter and cosmic energy, along with a unique energy that allows Matt to transcend the form of ModGreen intoSuper ModGreen!
Weapons: Super ModGigaDrills. Super ModGreen is unique in that he can sprout these drills from any part of his body. They spin at a velocity faster than the others, allowing them to even break the air around him!

Suit Influences: Den-O Climax Form, Momotaros, Beet J Stag
USB: AdminUSB. The AdminUSB is different from the others, in that it is golden rather than yellow. When inserted into his ModBelt, ModRed’s ModBelt turns gold as well.
Weapons: The AdminArms. The AdminArms are a set of weapons that resemble red, black and gold versions of the weapons of his teammates: AdminClawShield, AdminSpinSabre, AdminGigaDrill and the AdminPistol. Together, they combine into the BanCalibur. AdminRed can summon his ModCalibur and use it to dual wield.

To see all of my artwork: Tokunation Sentai ModRanger
o read the fanfic related to the artwork: Tokunation Sentai ModRanger the Fanfic.


As we all know, Power Morphicon 2014 was this weekend, and with it, lots of tidbits of information as well as the display cases at the Bandai Booth gave us a great glimpse into the future of Dino Charge toys and a look at the Legacy Ultrazord in person.

Here, I will just give the cliff notes version.

Credit to the following for this information:

O.92 - @Odot92
Tokunation - @Tokunation
RangerCrew Blog - @RangerCrew

Dino Charge

- Dricera/Tricera at Power Morphicon was the SDCC version painted pink due to fan reaction

- Go-Busters skipped due to dinosaurs being more profitable than spies

- First villain, based off Dogold from Kyoryuger, is named Fury

- Footsoldiers are called Viviks, pronounced like “vivid”

- 2 Pack Dino Charger Packs will include 1 Mini Zord

- Dino Chargers can insert into Dino Zords

- Dino Chargers activate features in Dino Zords, e.g. Tricera tail, Stego spikes or Tyranno hair spikes popping up

- No features on Megazord itself

- Dino Charge Morpher has 1 release button instead of 2

- Dino Charge Megazord roughly same size as Legendary Megazord

- Black for button on Dino Charge Megazord is just paint

- Leg flaps on Dino Charge Megazord do not flip down

- Dino Saber roughly same size as Super Mega Saber

- Dino Charge 5” Figures have the same calves as first Super Megaforce figures

- Dino Charge Cycles do not have a Dino Charger slot in between the two pieces

Super Megaforce

- 2 exclusives planned for NYCC, no details yet

- Fans of female and sixth keys will be happy in October

- Keys shown at SDCC will be released to major retailers

- Morphin Madness coupons were an overwhelming success


- Legacy Saba planned for Summer (June/July) 2015 (Diamond says December 2014, though, so unconfirmed)

- Tony Oliver to reprise voice for Legacy Saba

- Legacy White Tigerzord and Titanus 2/3 size of original toys

More info: Power Rangers Toy Listings

NEW ALBUM 2014_10_22


N E W  A L B U M  ” N E V E R 

1: LONG  2: FEVER  3: CLUB



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