i’m so excited but so anxious too.

tommorow evening im going to see my favourite band. The band who have saved my life before, the band i’ve loved since 13. it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.

and yet, im scared. im usually zapped of energy come evening time, so I dont know how my body/mind is going to handle dancing and standing for hours, and not sleeping till 2am. but this is one of my biggest dreams.

so i’ve made a plan. i’ve made myself a carb-heavy dinner for energy, and im packing snacks too. also, I have a cheeky can of red bull in my bag. I will enjoy myself, I will. fuck you ED.

Inizio il mio blog con un post per me importante. Tra poche ore inizia il Feel it all tour, la prima tappa si svolgerà a Londra, sono cosi emozionata e ansiosa allo stesso tempo. Tra 9 giorni precisi il mio sogno si avvererà di nuovo , incontrerò Bill, Tom, Georg e Gustav a Zurigo sarà un esperienza incredibile. Il mio sogno continuerà con la tappa di Milano. Sono curiosa di vedere cosa hanno preparato per noi, sarà uno show incredibile, tra cambi di abiti e luci psichedeliche. Quante di voi realizzeranno il proprio sogno come me? quale data avete scelto? e sopratutto cosa vi aspettate? Un bacio Amy :) 

I start my blog with a post for me important. In a few hours “The Feel it all tour” begin, the first stage will take place in London, are so excited and anxious at the same time. In 9 days precise my dream will come true again, I’ll meet Bill, Tom, Georg and Gustav in Zurich will be an incredible experience. My dream will continue with the date of Milan. I’m curious to see what they have prepared for us, it will be an incredible show, including changes of clothes and psychedelic lights. How many of you will realize their dream like me? what date did you choose? and above all, what do you expect? A kiss Amy :)


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