[NEWS] FULL "Feel It All" Questions & Answers Session on Twitter by Tokio Hotel [04.05.2015]

Q: I don’t know which series to watch anymore, so which ones would you suggest me ?
A:You have to see House of Cards!
Q: Argentinas floor is asking for Bill, when will you visit Buenos Aires?
A: Not announced yet but YES!!!!
Q: ???
A: Well guess… ;)
Q: R u still planning on releasing a new album by the end of 2015?
A: of course you are!!! #Aliens
Q: What’s your favorite Disney movie?
A: Bill: Lion King Tom: Fox in a hound Gustav: Lion King Georg: Arielle ;-)
Q: What’s the song/artists you’re currently listening to ? :)
A: MAX ELTOQ: Would you be happy to meet some europe fans in the USA, too?
A: yes. we want to see you all on part2
Q: Georg, when will we have a new video of your sport sessions?
A: I need to practise a bit more…:-)
Q: ??? A: Love Me Like You Do. I’m Christian Grey (Tom) in the relationship
Q: Is Pumba with you? :>
A: yep… sitting right next to me
Q: Bill&Tom, did you have fun at Coachella?:D
A: It was our best Coachella so far!
Q: Tom put a picture of you naked and you can open your IG !
A: you post a naked one first and then i’ll think about it :-)
Q: Bill,if u could swap ur voice w/ any other singer for 1 day,who’d it be?
A: Steven Tyler
Q: TOM TELL ME your favorite characters from Sons of Anarchy!
A: Jax Teller
Q: Bill, did you have sometimes secret account on facebook? Greetings from Czech Christie.
A: no! i’m not on facebook.. only IG
Q: Bill, Tom are you still planning to write a book ? :)
A: yes. we already started…
Q: which song was the hardest to play live on this tour? ;-) ;*
A: for Georg pretty much every song was impossible …
Q: Hey guys, in this Part 2 Georg will pole dance?
A: Maybe! Is this a portrait of Georg? looks so much like him
Q: Georg and Gustav don’t you want to write a book
A: Georg and Gustav can’t write… that’s the problem
Q: ???
A: We had waffles
Q: Do you already have some new song ideas? I feel like this tour was full of inspiration.
A: yes. we were in the studio.. can’t wait for you to hear it
Q: Does Pumba have a girlfriend?
A: no. he’s still a puppy
Q: ???
A: i love it! ;-)
Q: Stupidest thing you did on Gustav’s wedding? :D
A: dance to Eiffel65 …
Q: ???
A: auf alten Schiffen…
Q: what is your fav meal?
A: curly fries… is that a meal?
Q: ???
A: Brazil is included
Q: if you guys were a candle, what scent would you be?
A: Gustav: Garlic…
Q: which of you guys is the worst in cooking? :D
A: Bill and Tom
Q: Hiii guys! Who do you think should take the throne in Game of Thrones? ;)
A: Jon Targaryen !
Q: hi guys! Today is my birthday! Could you say “happy birthday” to me? :)
A: Happy Birthday!!!
Q: Gustav, did you do some duckface since the tour?
A: the whole time
Q: Bill, what was your favorite tour costume? I loved seeing you as a king!!
A: Yeah I liked that too…
Q: ???
A: mit Sahne
Q: why Georg without a beard?
A: Tom likes it shaved
Q: why didn’t you play DIDT?
A: DIDT? Don’t know that song ;-)
Q: I want a shirtless tour !
A: We want a topless audience tour!
Q: ???
A: soon
Q: Georg, have you played the Walking Dead videogame?
A: not so far… is it good?
Q: sweets or fast food?
A: fast food for sure!!!!
Q: Are you planning to tell us SOON the dates for Latinamerica concerts?
A: that’s gonna be next

Tokio Hotel returns to the U.S for 14 shows after 7yrs! so exciting! they start on July 27 in San Fran and end in  Philly on 8.16!

join the Facebook event to get a pre-sale code which you can use to purchase tickets before the general public on Wednesday. General public can get them on Friday staring at 10am.  join the event HERE

Also! VIP packages will be available through Adventure, starting on Wednesday during the pre-sale. You can check those out  HERE.

You are welcome to Join our Official FC and forum, where we daily update on all venues and events with this tour and any others. Join here. We will clear you asap, if we take too long, do send us a tweet and remind us @ Tokiohotelusa!

Below are the tour dates!


Jul 27 - San Francisco, CA - The Fillmore: http://cncrt.ly/4Vq
Jul 28 - Los Angeles, CA - House of Blues: http://cncrt.ly/4Vr
Jul 30 - Anaheim, CA - House of Blues: http://cncrt.ly/4Vs
Jul 31 - San Diego, CA - House of Blues: http://cncrt.ly/4Vt
Aug 01 - Las Vegas, NV - House of Blues: http://cncrt.ly/4Vu
Aug 03 - Denver, CO - Summit Music Hall: http://cncrt.ly/4Vv
Aug 05 - Chicago, IL - House of Blues: http://cncrt.ly/4Vw
Aug 06 - Detroit, MI - St. Andrew’s Hall: http://cncrt.ly/4Vx
Aug 08 - Cincinnati, OH - Bogart’s: http://cncrt.ly/4Vy
Aug 09 - Cleveland, OH - House of Blues: http://cncrt.ly/4Vz
Aug 11 - Boston, MA - Paradise Rock Club: http://cncrt.ly/4VA
Aug 12 - New York, NY - Irving Plaza: http://cncrt.ly/4VB
Aug 15 - Baltimore, MD - Baltimore Sound Stage: http://cncrt.ly/4VC
Aug 16 - Philadelphia, PA - Theatre of Living Arts: http://cncrt.ly/4VD

who’s going where?