It’s a Knockout 2011 - Team CBK for Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice.

Wet, soapy and cold. It was an awetastic time! Nine teams took part and 5/9 of those teams were from my school. Overall Team CBK came tied 6th place, it was a good effort but we were outclassed by overenthusiastic woo girls, athletic randomers and a mini army of male jersey shore actors.

A big thank you again to Ivana//@tokifufu (cute like a bunny in bubbles, she’s mine) and Nathan//@myfatchance (the fittest bloke I know, exercise-wise, not in a homosexual-way) for donating to the cause. You guys made up just over a third of my personal proceedings. Thanks a billion.

From left to right: Gwambo, Gingerbeard, Nega-Hipster, Jazz Mahal, Juggernaut, Chubacca, Chunderboy, Kingbingbongboo and The Farmer (tending to his potato field)

(more pictures // there was over 300 pictures but I was limited on flickr.]

(Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice)