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Will you continue yellow morning?

Weeps hello!! ; <> ; ) It will continue! //// but the things I have to offer are difficult to understand if the premise isn’t explained;
I’m sorry … what’s public is still a strange shoko mess between paddy and I (but at least I think her attempts to explain the story are much clearer than mine)

here’s something I scrawled a little while ago when I was thinking of them : ) ;;;;;;;;; I’m a little embarrassed it was a bit of a rushed effort

> If you’d rather read it as a scroll, you can find it here (otherwise risks forever strange resizing

Please Read

As someone who has spent time on 4chan’s /b/, let me stress that 4chan is not an organized group.  Even the infamous Anonymous isn’t a cohesive group of people.  Rather, it is made up of whoever wants to claim the title and participate in whatever people are doing at that moment.  The people who frequent these boards often grow bored with their grand scheme very early on, particularly if they aren’t getting the reaction they want

The way it will likely work is this:

Someone will post “Hay! Let’s troll tumblr!”  Others may join in.  Or not.  And if the people they are trolling aren’t responding in an entertaining way?  They’ll wander off to find something more amusing.

So, if this supposed “raid” even happens - if it isn’t a rumor as I suspect - the best thing you can do is to ignore any anon hate.   Fighting back will simply amuse them, and won’t do you any good.  Ignoring Anon Hate doesn’t show weakness.  Quite the opposite.  Getting upset and railing at Anons won’t do anything but catch the interest of other potential trolls, and likely increase their numbers.

Instead of involving yourselves, please follow the advice I gave here, in response to the recent influx of Anon Hate:

  • Check out Defending Yourself Against Harasses on Tumblr.
  • Download and utilize Tumblr Savior to blacklist any tags that may be triggering to you during this time.  
  • Turn off Anonymous Asks.  If someone needs to contact you, they can darn-well do it under a screen name.
  • Track and block bothersome IP addresses.  We have a guide on how to do this here.
  • Check out Know Anon. (Does anyone know if this currently works, or if there is a new version?)
  • Make use of the PostBlock icon that can be found at the bottom of all received messages.  It looks like a gray hand, or a gray hand with a paper over it.  You can use this function on any Ask, whether Anon or not!  It blocks the computer ip, making it much more difficult for a person to send messages from another account. 
  • Change your password to something that not even your best friend(s) or family would guess.  It’s best to use both capital and lower-case letters, punctuation, and numbers.
  • If you suspect that someone has logged into your account… go here.
  • Avoid arguing with hurtful Anons.  This feeds into the situation and entices others to become involved.  
  • Use Tumblr Savior to block potential triggers.  If you see a purposefully triggering post, simply close it.  Do not engage.

Here are some posts with various mental and emotional health resources, should a message upset you:

Always remember, Anons can be anyone: a friend that wants you to hurt so that you’ll lean on them (yes, this has happened many, many times), children who don’t realize the lasting harm they are doing, sociopaths, sadists that enjoy other peoples’ pain, etc.  Their messages say far more about them than it says about you, and, again, blocking Anons or refusing to answer them does not show weakness on your part.

It has also been shown that various users are using this event to fake their own death or suicide attempts.  This is not an appropriate way of asking for help, as it hurts others.  There are much better ways of reaching out and showing that you are hurting internally.  As I’ve said, there are many, many resources available!

If you suspect that someone is sending themselves Anon Hate or that they are faking death or suicide attempts, do not engage them on this subject.  If you feel that they need some emotional support, you may report them to us here at TSWatch.  

Similarly, if you believe that someone may be depressed or suicidal, do not panic.  There is only so much you can do over the Internet, and it is much harder to think or to help when you are anxious.  Also, please remember that you are under no obligation to help anyone, and that there are many, many resources available to those that need them.  Here are some links on what to do if you believe that a friend is suicidal:

First and foremost, take care of your own mental and emotional well-being.  If you are upset, close Tumblr and do something else.  Even better, get off of the computer and distract yourself with something else that you enjoy.  

I implore all of you to take the proper measure to protect yourself, and to let things die out.  The more you react to the Anon Hate, the more it feeds it.  If you are hurting, please contact a helpline or a local mental health professional.  They are there to help you.