i commend the cast of Think like a Man and not compartmentalizing the movie as a "black movie" i think it was pretty well done.

 The token white guy though… lol i mean, there was another “white” (?) guy in it who wasn’t token at all, but that other dude, whoo, boy was he white lol and they made sure he was so overly awkwardly white that you were really smacked in the face by how white he was lol the plot easily could have survived without his pressence. he was merely there for the sake of being The White Guy they include in their gatherings. which, again, was baffling cuz they had a white guy who got no such treatment

The rich, arrogant foreigner comes to China for business, but he ends up falling in love with what the script invariably calls an “Oriental beauty.”

He pursues and tempts her for a few episodes, but in the end the virtuous lady makes the proper choice of staying true to her Chinese love interest.

Well, most of the time.

“Occasionally she’ll stay with me,” shrugs Jonathan Kos-Read, an actor from Torrance who’s made a career out of playing foreigners on the Chinese screen. “But if she does, she’ll either live in unhappiness, or she’ll die.”

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i have always though of it this way. people are entitled to their opinions and all but i see him as white because of baldwin. I don’t care what color you see him as but you don’t gotta get mad about how i see him.

i think that’s a reasonable way to look at it. people can headcanon him however they want, but i understand why some people might get annoyed at how often cecil is seen as white–there is some racist influence there, i think.

i love seeing the diversity of appearances that the fandom can come up with, but at the same time, i do like the white design for cecil.

on another note–i do consider kevin to be a POC. he does not sound as white as cecil does. i tend to think of him as brown-skinned at the least when i visualize him. so maybe it is reasonable for me to think that cecil’s predominant interpretation is influenced by the voice actor’s voice and race?

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