Vegan Foodies I luv demz

Hey everyone, this is Tohni Bee.
Decided to make a vegan food blog, to keep track of recipes I make, find, and drool over. 
I am and have always been obsessed with eating and cooking. Being a vegan, and cooking vegan is so exciting, and so satisfying, knowing it is cruelty free, to my body, the animals, the land, the sky, the sea, and to our future here on earth.

My story:
I became a pescatarian when I was 14 years old. I watched the video Meet your Meat, and it changed my life. I honestly never knew this was how meat got to my plate, no one ever opened my eyes to what was going on.
I grew up in The Bahamas, and almost everyone to my knowledge there ate meat (accept rastas). I never thought about it at all… never thought it was wrong.
I once went up to my Art teacher at lunch time and we got in to a discussion with  and she said she was vegan. I had no idea what this was… and ignorantly I said,
“What?! You don’t eat meat? It’s so delicious, I could not imagine not eating steak!”
Looking back on what I said, I am so ashamed. I realized how rude it was to think before speaking.

I was lucky to be raised really healthy. I grew up in North Vancouver in a beautiful log cabin. When my parents were still together they were pretty well off financially. We ate the freshest organic produce. I was allergic to dairy as a young child, and so I ate soy cheese. We would not drink cows milk in our house, only rice dream. And for desert if I ever go it would be a digestive cookie, or my mom would make apple crumble, with the tiniest bit of vanilla ice cream on the side. My dad is a Chiropractor of 30+yrs and he spent many years traveling and studying the body, and food, it’s effects on our bodies. I was raised only eating the best meat and seafood available, and never ate pork products, ground meat, red sauces, spices, packaged food, pizza, junk foods. etc. Yet we ate mainly a plant based diet. 

6 years later, today I am now a vegan. I only learned in the past year about the dairy industry thank’s to Tumblr, working with PETA, and supporting local charities/groups here in Vancouver. The internet provides us with facts, truths and a huge network. We are no longer alone and I believe the internet will be one of our greatest tools to spread the word. I have inspired many friends to make the change, or at least see what they are putting in to their bodies. I hope to inspire so many more and to save many many animals.

I have one dog in The Bahamas, a fish and two pet rats Georgie Porgie and Swagga, and they are my babies. 

Happy Eating! ~