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Easy Aches and Pains Healing spell.

Things you actually need (I got carried away you really don’t need a whole altar):
Water, salt, a bowl, a white stone (make sure it’s nice and smooth), rose oil if you have it, and five pink stones (also not entirely necessary, but they help).

Place the stone in the empty bowl.

Add the salt and pink stones next and say:
Children of earth, bestow your blessing on this stone that it may purify and fortify. Blessed be.

Add the water next and say:
Child of water, bestow your blessings on this stone that it may heal me. Blessed be.

Finally, add six drops of the rose oil if you have it and then say while stirring the water clockwise six times:
Blessed goddess of healing, bestow upon this stone your grace that all these healing magics be bound to it for my aid. Blessed be.

Take the stone and rub it on the afflicted area, or place it on it. The stone will absorb the pain.

When you’re all better, place it back in the water and let the salt water cleanse the stone. Toss the water outside, or flush it as it is now tainted with your pain.

Blessed be! :D



The most common question I receive goes something like, “Hi! I’m new to Paganism and I was wondering if you have a spell for [INSERT THING NEEDED HERE]?” I absolutely love helping you guys out with your problems and sharing spells that have worked for me or even helping to design a brand new spell for your situation. However, the most potent spells are always those you create yourself! So here it is: my do it yourself guide to making your very own spells!

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The Magical Art of Walking as a Shadow

Invisibility magic is very tricky, and I think very overestimated much of the time. You’re not going to up end the laws of physics and cause light to stop reflecting off you and into the eyes of others. However, with a bit of practice and some magic, you can walk as a shadow, silent and unnoticed.

The first thing to understand about making yourself less visible is that it is more in how you carry yourself. Practice making yourself smaller, less significant. Slump your shoulders lower your eyes, let your body be loose, stroll casually. Visualize yourself blending in to your surroundings. These things do the bulk work of making you less visible.

Once you’ve practiced that enough that you feel comfortable, begin chanting the spell below while in that state. It will form a connection between the altered state and the words, so that eventually when you speak them, you will fall right into that state.

Finally, whenever you feel the need to disappear, recite the spell and imagine shadowy mist engulfing you, shrouding you from view. You’ll notice people will look over or through you, or avert their eyes entirely. Making direct eye contact with others will break the spell, so avoid it the best you can.

Here’s the incantation:

Shadows rise and shadows fall
Shadows all around me crawl
Shadows shroud me as a cowl
Shadows come conceal me now.

I’ve been using this spell since high school where I designed it to avoid being caught for dress code violations in the hallways. You can even cast it around an area if you get good enough at it. I did so once when we were cutting circle in my backyard to keep the nosey neighbors from running over with torches and pitchforks. When my friend was dropped off, she said that from the road, it appeared as of we were grilling, rather than setting up an altar. Haha

~*Powders for and against Love*~

These powders were designed as sisters and foils of the other. One can bring love and help a relationship last. The other can break love spells, repel affection, and corrupt a relationship.

For a powder to attract the desire of others and soothe lover’s in peril:

Take the petals of a whole dried rose blossom and two petals from another and add them to the mortar. 

Next add sugar in half the ratio of the petals.

Add four tulip petals of a bright color.

Add two pinches of ground nacre (the shiny inner part of sea shells). If this is impossible, white sand from ocean shore may be substituted.

Grind these ingredients together until the powder is fine. Apply a tiny bit of the powder to the cheeks with a brush to attract the desire of onlookers. Sprinkle under your bed to attract a lover. Sprinkle over the threshold to bring a true friend and companion into your life. Throw into the path or onto the footsteps of quarreling lovers to soothe them. A powerful aid to love sachets and spells.

For a powder to break a love spell and repel affection:

Take petals of a whole dried rose and all but two to the mortar

Add twice as much charcoal as petals

Next is salt, a few pinches will do

And two petals from a white lily, torn to shreds and added in

Grind the mixture until you have a course powder. Sprinkle at the four corners of your home to break a love spell. Placed on the threshold and windows, or carried in a sachet it prevents them from being cast against you. If you desire to combat unwanted affections of someone, cast the powder where they will be the next to walk. Sprinkled under the bed, it will ensure the sleeper will not be able to attract a love. A powerful aid in curses designed to corrupt the love between others. I don’t recommend using it for this purpose, though.



EDIT: Someone recently reblogged this and added a good point that I should have mentioned. Nacre dust, when inhaled can cause irritation to the lung tissue and if exposure is prolonged can cause real damage. As with any powder you make or use you should take caution not to inhale the dust while you grind. Stay safe, kiddos.
Okay guys, here's the deal.

If you ask me or any other pagan/Wiccan/witch their opinion on a matter you need to be prepared for the answer.
Many of you know that me and Cj ( are really good friends and have been practicing together for several years. We both run blogs to share interesting tidbits about paganism in general. Of course, running such a blog comes with the perk of being questioned quite frequently by our followers about our opinions on various topics from herbs to, most recently, Pop Culture Paganism.

You need to understand something, dear followers. The only thing we can offer is our experience and our opinions. There is no right or wrong way for you to practice personally and neither of us claim now or have ever claimed to be the end all be all or the expert on witchcraft.

With that said, if you disagree with opinion you asked us for or don’t like our advice, you don’t need to take it or listen. If you don’t want an opinion that might contradict your own, then don’t ask for one.

If you want to worship fictional pantheons, or make up your own, or worship Panic! at the Disco songs, bully for you. Go forth and have fun. But asking if we agree with doings so and then being angry when we don’t is not disrespectful no matter what you might think. We are simply of a differing opinion and that shouldn’t hinder you or your practice if you feel truly strongly about your way if doing things.

So please stop that hate mail. It’s harshing my mellow and you’re upsetting my dear friend.

"Darkening the eyes is a symbolic movement. In ritual, it is a representation of the blinding of our physical eyes that we may see with the eyes of our souls."

-tidbits from my grimoire “Grammar of The White Raven”


I love you all! Thank you so much for following me. Blessing to all you lovelies out there. If any of you ever have any questions, or just need someone to talk to, my ask is always open.


Back at my witchy ways for the first time in a while. I really needed this job I was after, so I gave myself a little extra something to help me out. I’m pleased to announce that I got the job, too. So this was definitely time well spent.

When I was fifteen, I was handed a free copy of Ted Andrews’ The Magic of Believing and the sequel Psychic Power. He was giving them out to a lot of the kids there at the midnight release of Half Blood Prince. I read both those books cover to cover two or three times. And that’s how it all started.

I started researching in secret. I told no one at all that I was interested in The Craft. I was afraid I’d be made fun of or scorned. Hell, where I’m from I wouldn’t be surprised if people had actually burned me at the stake.

As the years went on, though. I got better at my magic and learned more and more. I swear, it was like I had already learned it all before. Who knows? Maybe I had. I went from a cardboard box in my closet with a couple of tapers and a wooden dowel for a wand to having a full working spell altar and a prayer altar beside it (until I had to go off to college that is, but I still have a pretty impressive travel altar).

Looking at my life, The Craft has played a major part in my life, and I feel pretty comfortable calling myself a witch. I still struggle with being open with others about my spirituality, though. Maybe that’ll be the next step for me. Who knows?

Regardless, though, I’ve come a really long way from that frightened fifteen year old whispering poorly written spells to the dim candles in my closet and I’m pretty proud of that.