El Priestess Pari have mercy upon your servant, an anvernales

Impart me strength to follow the path before me

Spare me wisdom to  bewilder our adversaries

Your power unsurpassed, your wisdom infinite

Have grace upon your lowly servant Kjelström, selah

18 months with this guy.

When I think about the last year and a half with him, I think of 2 things: snuggles and kisses. He gives some of the best, and I bet years from now, when I’m reminiscing on his babyhood, I’ll remember that the most. I’ve never squeezed and kissed anybody as much as him.

He’s beginning to talk more. He makes animal noises, and says bye-bye, momma, dada, no, and uh-oh, but I can tell that he’ll be saying more soon. He’s trying, and even though he doesn’t say much, he definitely doesn’t have a problem communicating and understanding. He’ll nod his head yes or no when asked a question, and he’s great at following directions. He likes to help, just like Lily always has. 

He’s into everything, and I’m honestly surprised that Lily is the first one to have a broken bone. He’s rough and tumble and he falls and gets hurt often. He’s a major momma’s boy, so those tumbles are always followed by big tears and loads of drama, no matter how small of a fall it may have been. He will cry at the drop of a hat. 

He likes to eat, but I still don’t trust him with most foods because he is known for his choking. He loves corn and any meat, and of all the foods in the world, shrimp is his favorite. He’s not big on fruits, but he’ll eat his veggies, and of course he loves Cheerios, Goldfish, and Popsicles. One of his current favorite snacks is pretzels, apple slices, and sunflower butter. 

He loves trucks and motorcycles, but he loves John Deere tractors the best. He lights up every time he spots one. On Tuesday morning, we wait for the dump truck to pick up the garbage, and sometimes we’re lucky enough to watch the school bus in the afternoon. He’s starting to enjoy the chunky wooden baby puzzles, and he always loves books. He doesn’t sit still often, but he will sit still for a book. 

He loves being outside, and the first thing he goes for is the little red Cozy Coupe that Lily used to ride. He loves to climb in and out of its seat and pretend that he’s driving, broom-broom noises included. He plays in the little Fisher Price cottage, too, and he used to love playing on the trampoline, but since Lily’s accident, I’m banning all trampoline use. Nice knowing you, trampoline.

Long story short, I could eat him up and kiss his face off all day everyday. He’s a handful and he’s wild, and he keeps me on my toes in a way that I’ve never had to be before. But he always comes back for the hugs and kisses and snuggles, and I’ll take that. 

Happy 18 months, buddy. We love you to pieces. 

Grace wrote a book??????? A real live (not live, dead trees but) book????? IT’S REALLY REAL????? And?????????




It’s so gREAT????? It’s so smart and so witty and so clever and truly so informative????? Grace Helbig, you are true brilliance and a true inspiration.

If you need me, I’ll be over here crying into my laptop and re-reading that section 39 more times as I count down the days until October 21st.

So…This beauty of a challenge coin came my way today.

I’m not going to go into a long word vomit about how pro-breastfeeding I am because while I’m a very active and strong advocate, I’m pretty sure no one wants to read about my boobs right? Aha…

By the time I start my terminal leave Belle will be four days shy of 22 months. Since she was born I nursed her from my breast. I pumped while she recovered in the NICU, latched her though tired, never gave up once I returned to work, donated our extra milk to families in need, attend two Big Latch On events, we even did a photo session of nursing while I wore my uniform so I could remember these moments.

I have very little in my life I’m proud of (accomplishment wise) but I truly believe breastfeeding Belle has been one of our greatest achievements. She’s still my little boob monster and we will stop when she decides to finish.

Moments I have spent with her nursing have been some of the greatest in my life.

SMWW Week Update!

SMWW Week Update!
SMWW week is a go! Oct 1-8 will be dedicated to DC Power Couple Superman and Wonder Woman! So mark your calendars as spend 7 days before Superman/Wonder Woman #12 spreading the love of our favorite couple! All SMWW fans are welcome both new and old. And all forms of SMWW love are welcome also. Whether cosplay, toys, fan art, crafts, fan fiction and comics. We want to feel the world with SMWW love as we countdown to Charles’s SMWW “love letter” hehe.

Look for the #SMWWweek!

Look for Superman/Wonder Woman love on the following hellyeahsupermanandwonderwoman sites:


https://twitter.com/SMWWPinterest (for those without Pinterest pages) andhttp://www.pinterest.com/dianaandkal/


Please stay tuned for more SMWW information!



The coloring book is picked up to show a seahorse coated in circles and lines of blue and purple crayon that makes the page nothing but a mess, but he’s happy with it.  ”I do good!” He giggles before placing it back down and moving a second coloring book out from under. “Mommy can join!” The second one is offered over.