A mother from Calgary, Alberta is madeover in a fancy Toronto salon. Featuring the winner of the Mommy Makeover contest hosted by Today’s Parent magazine in this video I shot and edited in the winter of 2010. © 2010.

I’ve been quiet for some time. Being an editor at has kept me busy but I haven’t stopped working on other little projects. There are lots of good things on the horizon. Keep an eye out in The Grid's Feb. 14 issue for a feature on me and a few other daring Torontoians. I also have my fingers crossed about a certain creative non-fiction writing contest I entered this winter. Oh, what spring will bring…


Celebrity fitness trainer Harley Pasternak demonstrates his 5 Factor workout with Haley Overland of Aimed at helping new moms get their pre-pregnancy body back in shape with five simple workouts. Shot January 27, 2011, using Canon and Sony cameras.© 2011


A behind-the-scenes look at the cover contest finalists for Today’s Parent magazine. I was invited to produce a web-exclusive video for; the video, as in previous years, was to detail the process of makeup and preparation for a photoshoot, as well as the winner of the contest. Shot on January 18, 2011. © 2011


Each year Today’s Parent holds a photo shoot for the four cover contest finalists. In the spring of 2010 I was invited to capture all of the behind-the-scenes excitement. © 2010.

"Growing up, I was a brat. Yes, I’ll admit that a good chunk of my childhood fell under "the difficult" years.

I was accustomed to hearing the word YES, because my parents wanted to give me the world (which, in grade two, was Chicken McNuggets from the school lunch program; “the world” got exponentially more expensive for my parents once I got to middle school). I was one of the lucky ones — I know that now. But at the time, I was more focused on getting my way than giving thanks. So, I can only imagine how I would have reacted if I was suddenly drop-kicked into a blended family. I would have been a terror.”

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Is watching movies in the car harmful for your kids?


Eight hours in the car with your kids will test any parent’s patience. It doesn’t matter if you’re president of the PTA or queen bee of the bake sale, once “Are we theeeerrree yet?” starts to reverberate around the car, it’s crunch time. Who’s having the road trip meltdown first — you or the kids? 

To keep the peace, parents will reach for the iPad or portable DVD player in the hopes someone like Dora will hold the wee ones over. But would you pass out the gadgets if you knew they were harmful to your child’s development?

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*Photo: kzenon/istockphoto