Well, Good Friday everybody!!! We’ve added another freebie to the site and just reached a Tumblr follower milestone! So, in honor of feeling pretty awesome about how we’re owning Today - we’re giving you tumblies a discount through Easter.

Just type in EASTER at checkout to save 30% on your bracelets. Valid through Sunday. Please spread the word and have an awesome day!!!

Please go download yourself a freebie calendar we made to maybe help keep you on track towards your goals. It’s pretty simple - for each day you stick to your plan, you mark through that day and it will help you visualize your results (which is always motivating to keep a good streak going!) Sure, you could do this on any old calendar, but we think ours is kinda neat and did we mention free?

Thanks for following, please spread the word and keep up the hard work everybody! The printable PDF is available under the downloads section at