“Jellal is such an asshole” yes what an asshole. The man who cried when he found out about what he has done, what an asshole. The man who admitted his crimes and was willingly taken into custody and was ready to pay whatever price to atone for them even though he knew that it would most likely be death, what an asshole. The man who gives up his own happiness for the woman he loves because he knows that she deserves better than him, what an asshole. The man who spent seven years fighting off dark guilds, what an asshole. The man who motivated Erza to move forward with her life after that trauma she suffered just as she had done for him many times before, what an asshole. The man who picked himself up and lived on despite the fact he feels he doesn’t deserve it, what an asshole. Jellal Fernandes is such an asshole, isn’t he?

Bonding with my brother-in-law has more than once resulted in a new automotive repair skill.

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So I was just rereading HP a few months ago and I tried to find these dysfunctional everyday disagreements that Ron and Hermione supposedly have. In the first book, there's this one line about how Hermione and Ron argued about whether they should go to Hagrid's for the dragon egg hatching or just go to class and this other one I remember in OotP where they were arguing about who disarmed whom in DA lessons. Seriously. This is considered proof that they'll divorce. Do anti R/H people go outside.

Sadly, I know what you mean. 

Ron and Hermione bicker a lot. It’s who they are. It’s what they do. It’s them. Does that make their relationship unhealthy? Absolutely not. It does good for people to remember that both Ron and Hermione were teenagers who had a lot to deal with besides their growing attraction for each other. They were understandably frustrated and their way of handling that was through all these tiny little bickering arguments. 

They had no way of knowing if the other liked them back and they were terrified of ruining the friendship they’d found. This, combined with their respective flaws and insecurities, made it hard for them to communicate their emotions 100% accurately. 

I wouldn’t call it ‘dysfunctional everyday disagreements’ though, more like two teenagers trying to deal with falling for their best friend and the fear that it wasn’t reciprocated. 

The only really bad, serious arguments they’ve had are in PoA when the whole Crookshanks/Scabbers incident happened, HBP with the Lavender/Cormac thing and DH when Ron left. Before anyone cites these as unhealthy- all friends fight, and they were teenagers at the time. I firmly believe they would have learnt to communicate better as adults because all of the tension is out of the way. Certainly no cause for a divorce at all.

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You might be onto something with that sideburns theory. GD did get some messages of "kill yourself" during the heartbreaker era and the drug scandal one if i'm not mistaken and him being the insecure little bunny that he is, some scary thoughts might have crossed his mind, but he said Seungri was one of the people that helped him smile again. Bless Ri and his clownish ways!

orange-unnie came to talk to me about this too and she’s watched the Loser MV fancam (i haven’t bc im trying to stay as much unspoiled for it until its release as i can) and she says from what she’s seen of it there may be a definite suicide theme in there :/

i have to say, when i first heard the song and even when i read the lyrics i thought this was a bit of a classic BigBang style emo song, i didn’t expect it to turn out to be quite so dark. Those themes, T.O.P’s racy scenes, and who knows what the other members are gonna do in the MV too, well wow, seems like they’re really going out to make some big waves with this first comeback song

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It’s a somewhat quiet Saturday with the kids off somewhere with Alistair. She’s pretty sure she heard Henry say he’d drive them to a movie.

She’s glad it’s not too crazy today, she’s feeling a little tired and under the weather. So she lays down on the couch in her office to close her eyes for a few minutes, and drifts off.