today is...your birthday right


Happy birthday Byun Baekhyun ♥

I love you with all my heart and i couldn’t feel happier to have  such a funny, sincere and dedicated person as my idol.  I’m glad you made your dream come true and I look forward to see you onstage soon again because it’s truly inspiring how you sing with such a passion. I hope that you will still love being an idol even after years and years passed but no matter what happens, i will always support you. You make me forget everything around me and i want to thank you for that. The idea of you being happy makes my heart beat faster and it’s all i wish for because you truly deserve to be happy. I’m glad that i had the chance to see you in real life and even in 20 years i will remember you as the boy who made me the person i am now, the boy who made me happy when i was not and i hope that you found the one who makes you happy by then. Stay healthy and happy.

I love you.

ke-ke-ken  (언니, 생일 축하하고 태어나줘서 고마워요♥)

happy birthday alientae!! <3

hbd to one of my closest friends in the tumblr world!! 

I don’t know how i could have made it through this journey without you tbh. Just you being on my dash can make me so happy ;-) Your presence is greatly appreciated bruh.

You were the first person i met through tumblr that was Singaporean too and you have no idea how happy i was when i found out HAHA its like finding a long lost friend. and is2g we clicked like immediately when we started talking.

This is such a shitty birthday post I’m so sorry but i only had 14 mins to prep yes pls punch me for being such a bad friend. Hope our friendship would blossom throughout the following months/years/centuries. Im so grateful to have met you!! bless you my friend.

Please enjoy you birthday today. Don’t let school ruin such a wonderful day!! May you have amazing dreams about taehyung tonight!

with lots of luv, butt-tan

Even if the difficult tomorrow comes
Hold my hand - Outro: Propose

anonymous asked:

iirc from last year, it's your birthday today? The 16th, right? Happy birthday!! If not, then early or belated bday lol. Thank you for this great blog.

Hehe aww yes it is. Thank you! 

anonymous asked:

It's your birthday today, right? Happy birthday Spain!

Ajem. Today, is the day a failed Republic was formed and the first large step a madman took to control of my beloved country, my home, my very reason for being; controlling it with an iron fist for 30 years after instigating a devastating civil war that ransacked my country. So yes, “happy birthday” to me.  (It’s not actually my birthday. My birthday is the 12th of October.) 

licknugo asked:

it's your birthday today right??/ YES it is okay happy birthday!!!! i hope you have a good one!

thank you!!!!! ☺️🎉🎊🎁