augustskara and I have worked with “Tocky the runaway clock” this week. It’s an alarm clock that will play some tunes as well as run away from you when the alarm goes off. To get out of bed in the morning you’ll actually have to run after it to shut it off. Our brief was to make the instructions on how to set the alarm. Would you understand the them?

Tocky Vibes spurs dancehall wave

Tocky Vibes spurs dancehall wave

By Godwin Muzari

The dancehall wave continues to sweep through the local music industry with force. Although there are mixed feelings among music fans over this genre, the force is so powerful that even established musicians like Alick Macheso and Suluman Chimbetu could not resist it.

Tocky Vibes spurs dancehall wave

Both musicians now spice their shows with some dancehall chants and at one time…

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Tocky Vibes upstages Jamaica's Kalado

Tocky Vibes upstages Jamaica’s Kalado

By Tendai Kamhungira

HARARE – Jamaican artiste Kalado, who performed at Old Hararians Sports Club on Saturday night, played second fiddle to rising Zimdancehall artiste Tocky Vibes.

The Rise of Tocky Vibes: A Story of Perseverance

Kalado, who jetted into Zimbabwe on Thursday for the one-off Make Me Feel Zimbabwe concert, visibly failed to excite the animated crowd which threw missiles on the…

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Ndevapi vachange vari kushow yaKalado. Munofunga kuti achajambisa vanhu here kana kuti Zimdancehall ichange ichibvira moto. Remember Biggie, Calaz, Tocky, Souljah love, Guspy etc vachange variko vachisimidza vanhu. Dai akatotanga hake kuenda pa stage though ari iye main act because akatangirwa naBiggie naCalaz zvinozomuomera. #ZimDancehallToDiWorld #SupportLocalMusic #Like #Tag #Share

I am officially having my mid twenties crisis. A year or two early, but when these things happen you just have to let the nausea and the fear and the anxiety wash over you until they stop. No one can predict an existential crisis, just roll with it.

I’ve had this conversation with a few people now but the question ‘What do you want to do with your life?’ has begun to take on a whole new terrifying meaning. For one thing, what happens if I don’t know? People make it sound like I’m running out of time, the ticky tocky clock of life is running down and if I don’t chose in the next year I get stuck with whatever dead end job I find myself in at the time.

And I can’t help but feel this is entirely because I can’t stop focusing on the things I can’t do.

"You can’t draw, you can’t write and you can’t socialise for shit so you’d never get around to ever actually meeting or talking with anybody that could help you. Now sit down and apply for some more customer service jobs."

Since this nagging voice sounds a lot like my mother I’ve also started to develop some horrible sort of resentment towards her which is equally distressing.

I’ll just go into town on my own tomorrow and buy some comics instead. Seeing as I have no friends to share them with.

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Tocky Vibes -Mhai (2014)
Dedication to all mothers in the world.