Here we have my very first FC pack, and it’s because of the 200 (and six) of you that are following me.  It also might just be the last, because oh my gosh this took forever because I wanted it to be filled with everything that I think you’ll need with using the beautiful face of Becca Tobin.  So, in honor of all of that — here we have a monstrous FC pack for all of you.  Please like/reblog if you use anything and please note that nothing was made by me unless stated in the following sections.  Keep in mind that I will be updating thing as I come up with more things to add, so I will reblog it whenever that happens. Please also note that you will have to sign up on the website where I uploaded everything, but it’s free — so don’t worry!  I hope you all enjoy and use it up, and please let me know if there are any problems with downloading! 


♡ 795 GIFS [DOWNLOAD]: Here we have 795 gifs of Becca Tobin as herself and in the roles that she has performed in the past few years. I don’t believe there are any duplicates, but I apologize if there are. Most of them are HQ and small/medium sized and none were made by me.  They do come as labeled, so…uh…don’t mind some of the weird ones that I made?  I don’t even know.
♡ 100 PNGS [DOWNLOAD]: 100 photos of the lovely Becca Tobin. Some are large (greater or equal to 500x500) and some are small (less than 150x250). All have been edited by me and found through Google.
♡ 50 ICONS [DOWNLOAD]: All icons are 128x128 and have been edited by me.  The Tumblr icon size is 64x64, so the ratio will make sure the icons look the same — just a little smaller.
♡ 340 LOOKALIKES [DOWNLOAD]: There are three categories: Becca Tobin/Kitty Wilde, F/F Couples, and F/M Couples.  I’ve tried to label the couples with who the other looks like, but please feel free to take liberties with all of that.
♡ 100 INSTAGRAM [DOWNLOAD]: These photos are all 500x500 and are photos that I believe could be posted on Instagram by Kitty Wilde in many different verses and some I have used before while being Kitty.
♡ 35 HOVER SIDEBARS [DOWNLOAD]: Since Tumblr updated and you can now hover over an icon to see the title, description, and a lovely little sidebar here are some that you could possibly use.  I generally stick to gifs with more width than height, but photos are good, too.  They are all 445x250 and the first ten were made from caps (not by me), but all of them were edited to size/color/etc. by me.


♡ PLAYLISTS [LISTEN, LISTEN, LISTEN]: The first is a playlist I put together on Youtube of the songs that inspire me when writing for Kitty, and the other two are 8track playlists that I’ve listened to before (not made by myself, of course).
♡ THE MASTERLIST [X]: Here we have a Masterlist that I reblogged which features helpful links to pretty much help with ANY sort of character you would like to play or any questions you may have in regards to building a possible character based off of this FC.
KITTY WILDE SPECIALS: Finally, HERE is a link to all of the posts on my blog that I relate back to Kitty, mostly in the Canon-universe.  It will keep being updated, and it’s where I tag all of the quotes, gifsets, photos, and other little bits that make me think of our favorite Femme Fatale.
KITTY CAPS: HERE I have a link to the Tumblr page for caps of Becca as Kitty in scenes from Glee, and HERE is a link to the Kitty page for the general Tumblr for all of the Glee caps.  Neither of these are mine, so all credit goes to the maker of these pages.
HOW-TO TUTORIALS [X] [X]: Finally, there are two links to two different How-To tutorials on playing Kitty Wilde.  I might update this and add my own, but these are not mine and the credit goes to the original writers.