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With Artwork from

Petirep (TheRainbowDash presents)

Dhui (TiredPie)


Toasteez (ask orion and aurora)

UC77 (Hot Blooded Pinkie Pie)

Koportable (Applejackasks)

Alec (Dead Rainbow Dash)

Pembroke (Ask Meanie Belle)


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Thanks for all your support with the Buck™ card game, especially those that have already pre-ordered the game! The cards are looking so spectacular, I really can’t wait to start playing with everyone!

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The card game, with art from Petirep, supported by Korey and Toasteez is a 120+ card dungeon crawling fighting game for 2-6 players, choose from the three pony races (Earth, Unicorn and Pegasus) grab your weapon, companion and supplies and plunge into the Mines of Mt. Helicon, where you’ll find the long since abandoned fortress of Arnor Islen.

Defeat monsters, steal their loot to buy weapons and upgrades and create your powerful character, when you are brave enough, enter the still burning embers of Ddraigforge and seek out the terrifying flame dragon that slumbers in the burning hot cinders.

Released Late October 2012.

Attendees of the UK conventions Ponycon (5th and 6th Oct) and MCM London Expo (26-28th Oct) can get an exclusive limited edition secret-rare version of the Ranger class drawn by the stunning Lonely Inky!