Animals that look like toasted marshmallows are just the greatest. 

Buns can be toasted marshmallows

And so can cats.

Dogs can also be toasty marshmallows..

Oh my god. THE FLOOF.

Toasted marshmallows everyone.

My uncle’s wife has been beating and abusing my uncle lately but almost everyone in my family blames it on her heroin and Xanax addictions. We have tried several times to put her in rehab but she refuses. So after a night of being hit, slapped and kicked my uncle calls the police. Once the cops show up his wife is questioned and claims that HE hit HER (with no proof mind you, while my uncle has several scars and bruises to show for it) and my uncle is now in jail for domestic abuse chargesand may spend up to three years in jail over a false claim. That’s not even it. Afterwards she destroyed his plasma screen tv and Xbox out of a fit of rage. The fact that she is getting out of this mess scot-free just because she’s a woman even though she was clearly in the wrong is why I don’t need feminism.
—  toast-cat

If I strap a piece of toast, butter side up, to the back of a cat, and drop it to the ground;

Assuming that:

-Buttered toast always lands butter side down


-Cats always land on their feet

Wouldn’t the cat/toast combination float there, forever changing between the cats feet and the buttered toast side, because both have to hit the ground first?


Couldn’t we, technically, also take numerous of these floating toast/cat combinations, strap them to an object, and create a hover craft?

Science side, your input?