Am I finally actually free from dysphoria at the age of 23? 

3 years with the Gender Clinic, 2 and a half years of testosterone injections and 3 life changing surgeries later, I now look down at my body from head to toe and feel..content. Not overwhelmed with happiness necessarily as most would expect me to say at this point of transition, but I feel calm. I don’t look at myself naked in the mirror and hate my body anymore or see something wrong, I see my body pretty much how it should be. I’m not about to go out and shout from the rooftops how happy I am with it, because you wouldn’t expect that from a cisgender person who isn’t bothered by their body would you? I am me now, my body fits me and I can go on and really live my life. One more minor surgery for completion, and then I am done, I will be free. 

I need to lose weight but how can I when things like these exist ?

You said you’ll wait forever but I blinked and the world was gone…
—  “And the world was gone” by Snow Ghosts

And Goner parallels Truce in that Truce was a confirmation and a message saying “we’ve made it and will make it” and Goner would be like “the fight is over, we’ve won” or like “it’s done, let’s breathe”
Goner isn’t even the next single I’m just so excited


BIGBANG - Bae Bae   SEUNGRI fancam-  MADE TOUR in Seoul (Day 1)

 from:  YYIP121 さんのチャンネル