On the last Blue Night Jonghyun created a playlist of songs that he would want his future kid to listen to. I compiled the songs in a youtube playlist here. The playlist info is from vanillahaato.

for the sake of taking a selfie tbh it’s been a while


Aaa here’s a couple of pictures of my yumoto cosplay that I did for bak anime! I couldn’t go today bc I woke up rly sick :-( but I love how this cosplay turned out

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I heard you like Kurama headcanons? :o Like Shiori decides to take up gardening as a relaxing hobby but it turns out that she's not very good at it? Like damn even the cactus is dying. And Shiori tries to act like it's no big deal but it's actually kind of upsetting for her. And Kurama's just like :| & goes out in the middle of the night to intimidate the plantlife to grow & there's his stepdad in overalls on his knees w/ a flashlight in his mouth trying to fix the garden. "Don't tell your mom."


this is so cute tho step dad and step son teaming up together to keep mom happy uvu