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Why you have to vote for anyone but Rahm Emanuel on February 24

The Schools

  • Closed 50 Chicago public schools, mostly in low income neighborhoods, forcing children to commute to school across gang lines. To avoid creating any further violence, Rahm Emanuel’s solution was to put up signs that called certain streets “Safe Passage” and hired people to watch kids. This cost 10 million dollars. Link
  • Awarded a 20 million dollar, no-bid contract on a professional development program for CPS principals. The company that got that bid, Supes Academy, was the former employer of CPS CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett. The CEO of CPS is appointed by the mayor of Chicago. Since being appointed in 2012, Supes Academy has gotten other contracts worth over 4 million dollars. Link
  • After closing the schools because they were “under utilized” the Board of Education turned around and very quietly started reaching out to charter schools to open up due to overcrowded schools in 11 districts. Link

The Police

  • The mayor boasts unprecedented drops in major crime rates but the reality is they mayor and Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy have been having murders reclassified to “unknown deaths.” If you want to read some really chilling shit about that, here you go.
  • After some high profile muggings that made white people from Iowa hella terrified about black teens forming mobs on the internet and robbing people on Michigan Avenue, he mayor directed what you might call a disproportionate amount of officers to stand, (sometimes in up to groups of 5) on every corner of the Mag Mile so Chicago’s tourists could feel and see the safety while the South Side on the other hand… Link
  • Speaking of “misguided use of the police force” let us not forget the NATO Summit of 2012. The Chicago Police Department was trained by Controlled F.O.R.C.E., (not kidding) a company that specializes in what it calls Anti-Terrorism / Force Protection in preparation of the NATO/G8 meeting that was to have happened, (G20 was moved to Camp David, Because of Reasons) I don’t know why CPD needed to be trained for anti-terrorism when the Secret Service is in charge of security for these events but hey, do you really want a completely untrained Chicago cop using a sound cannon on you? In any event Rahm Emanuel’s proposal for the New Chicago Rules was rubber stamped right on through by the city counsel that allows the mayors office to indefinitely:
  1. Purchase and deploy surveillance cameras throughout the city
  2. Restrict public activity, including amplified sound and morning gatherings.
  3. Restrict parades, including the requirement to purchase an insurance policy worth $1 million and to register every sign or banner that will be held by more than one person.
  4. Allow the Chicago Police Superintendent to deputize many different types of law enforcement personnel other than the Chicago Police Department if this becomes necessary. Link
  • Oh yeah, that whole little operation cost the city 15.6 million and counting!

TIF Money (Dirty Cash, (Money Talks)

If you don’t know what TIF Money is, this is the best TL;DR I can give you. TIF money is tax revenue set aside for the purpose of improving specific neighborhoods. The catch is that the TIF funds are not monitored nor is the spending voted on and for the most part only the mayor knows what is going on with that money. The TIF money gets funneled to the mayors rich friends that build for profit business with tax payer money. If an alderman wants to get a TIF district in his ward he is basically owned by the mayor and the circle is unbroken. PS The TIF money is why Chicago is broke.. So what has Rahmbo done with the TIF money?

This is just a small sample of the worst ones, I don’t have three weeks to line item and investigate how many no-bid contracts went out on all the legit looking neighborhood improvements. Link

  • Target 9.9 Million
  • Whole Foods 21 Million
  • MillerCoors 5.8 Million
  • Midway Games 2.3 Million
  • Home Depot 14.4 Million
  • Fed Ex 2.2 Million
  • Eli’s Cheesecake 1.3 Million
  • DeVry Online 1 Million
  • Marriott Hotel 55 Million

Speed/Red Light Cameras

  • The length of yellow lights at intersections with cameras are reduced to issue more tickets and this is HELLA dangerous and the exact opposite of the alleged public safety reasons they were installed for.
  • The cameras are disproportionately in low-income neighborhoods.
  • Redflex Camera Systems, the folks that won that contracts, got busted and went to jail over 2 million in kickbacks they gave the city. Link


  • I don’t remember anyone discussing privatizing the payment system for the CTA until it had already happened, do you?
  • Ventra cards, simply put, are the payday loan version of a transit card that singles out and rips off the poor with extra fees and hidden charges if you don’t have enough money to full utilize its “convenience.”
  • The city of Chicago won’t comply with the Freedom of Information Act in releasing documents of the contract bidding and are being sued. Link 

Healthcare Services

  • Closed half of the mental health clinics in the city and still won’t really say why or really you know, discuss it at all? 
  • The mayor says he saved an estimated $2.2 million with the closings. But as the activists point out, he doled out $500,000 to private mental health providers to help pick up the slack. So he really only saved $1.7 million—in a budget of more than $6 billion—while firing 33 employees. They were among 125 medical employees, most of them black or Hispanic, who got the ax in Mayor Emanuel’s first budget. Link

Oh yeah, and this stuff too

  • Privatized school janitors, was a disaster. Link
  • Is LiveNation going to start paying sales tax on Budweiser after it destroys Grant Park or not? Did Rahm ever appoint a third party to deal with Lollapalooza since his brother owns a huge chunk of it? Who knows, no one cares, he loves Wilco and David Bowie! Link
  • That sweet sweet $13 minimum wage he’s running around congratulating himself over doesn’t take effect until 2019, sit so sit tight with your broke ass!

Today is the last day you can register to vote online. You guys, YOU HAVE to do this, okay? Really, this dude is the pits! Unless y’all are pulling down six figures at your house, it’s your ass he’s coming for in the second term… 


when Kuroo introduces Tsukki to his parents (“See! I told you it’s not a girlfriend, it’s my boyfriend!”), they’ll be like.. in awe……. because Tsukki is such a polite kid, he’s very nice, he also brings gifts from Miyagi to Kuroo’s parents, and he is being helpful, and he’s smart, and they have nice conversations, and Kuroo’s mom will be overwhelmed, “What did Tetsu even do to you that you’re willing to put up with him and become his boyfriend???” (Kuroo shouting from background “Geez mom, have a little faith in your son, will you?”)