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I will be cosplaying Tinkerbell and im terrified that my wings will get broken. ive also never worn wings to a con before. Any tips? Thanks!

  • Make them as sturdy as possible

  • Try wearing them before the convention to see what your limits are (can you fit through doors? can you sit down with them? would you be able to enter a bathroom stall with them on?)

  • When at the convention, avoid high traffic areas with tight hallways such as the dealer’s room. You can go wingless or wear a different costume when you want to go into those areas, I suggest having a dressdown or cozy-costume day that allows you to shop and enjoy the con.

  • When at the convention, encourage a friend to act as a cosplay handler. Cosplay handlers help guide you through the convention, identify issues with your costume and prevent people from bumping into you! 

  • Inspect the wings when possible, and note any damage. Fixing issues during the convention stops them from getting worse.

Fairy wings are pretty resilient though, so you should be fine :) 

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The Librarians/Leverage timeline-handwaving crossover where Ezekiel Jones is actually one of the OT3's fosterlings. Or anything with the OT3 and their many eventual tiny thief fosterlings, really.

There is also a cameo from someone else you will recognize, because for some reason I really could not help myself.

Ezekiel has been summoned.

It’s not like he didn’t see this coming. He knew the second he realized he was in the Portland area that it would come up sooner or later, probably sooner, because nobody can avoid traffic cameras forever if the people they’re with don’t know they’re avoiding them, but he was sort of hoping he could get away without it.

But he got the text, and here he is, knocking on the door, story already rehearsed.

Nobody, however, can prepare for Alec Hardison, and the way he props his hands on his hips the second he opens up the brew pub door and says “You had better not have been in Portland for very long, you know the consequences of missing Sunday dinner when you’re in town.”

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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Grocery Store

Passing beneath the Titan of Hollywoodos…

Where the red carpet starts…

Entrance to the Dolby Theatre…

The carpet and stairs leading to the theatre itself; what many people don’t realize is that the theatre is right in the middle of a mall. On either side of that red carpet (draped off at the moment) includes: a Louis Vuitton, a sandwich shop, a Hard Rock Cafe, and a Hello Kitty store, LOL. I always take a shortcut through this area to get back home so as to avoid the foot traffic on Hollywood Blvd…

Actual entrance to the theatre:

Lower level:

View of the carpet on Hollywood Blvd from the third floor of the Hollywood & Highland complex:

Another view from the same angle with Downtown in the background:

And a caviar vending machine because why the fuck not.

It Was You || Dawla

As soon as class was dismissed, Layla quickly gathered her books, wanting to get out the door quick to avoid the traffic jam that always happens to occur in front of that particular threshold. She shoved her book into her bag and quickly made her way through the seats and through the door—so far so good. But as soon as she walked through the door, almost, her foot tripped over someone else’s and she stumbled, falling forward and heading towards the floor. Until someone unexpectedly grabbed her by her arm and steadied her. Layla let out a breath of relief, not wanting her knees all bruised since her main choice of clothing happened to be dresses and skirts. She quickly looked to her savior, automatically throwing out a quick, “Thank you so much!” But her face faltered when she saw who it was; Tanner. Her cheeks flushed and she looked shocked, “Oh. Hi.” She swallowed, not knowing how to talk to a guy that had stood her up for what was supposed to be her first date. Tanner nodded to her, “Hi, how are you?” Instead of answering his question, she quickly blurted out what she was thinking. “What happened the other night? I mean— Why didn’t you show up? What kind of person asks someone on a date and then doesn’t bother to show up for that date?” She said rushedly, not knowing where her spurt of confidence came from.

Tanner gave her a very confused look, “Uh— I did show up.” Layla immediately looked bewildered, furrowing her eyebrows, wanting him to continue. “I was early, even…Some guy answered the door, though, and told me to stay away or he’d kick the crap out of me or something like that.” He swallowed, “I figured you sent him to turn me down.” Suddenly, everything clicked in her head, and Layla started to get a bit angry, but also entirely confused as to why Dawson would send away the first guy to show interest in her since middle school. The blonde shook her head, “No.. No, I didn’t tell him to do that. Um- I’m really sorry about that, but I have to go, I have to.. Well, go.” She waved to him and soon enough, she was running up the stairs to her and Dawson’s apartment. A few minutes later, she walked through the door, and as soon as she saw her roommate, she furrowed her eyebrows at him in a silently angry—well, angry by Layla’s standards—look. “I learned something really interesting today, Daws.” She said, dropping her bag next to the door like she always did.

Really disappointed with the administration of the U of A to allow pro-lifers to display graphic images in quad- they had the audacity to not only do this during Pride Week but to put up posters saying ‘trigger warning!’ and said something along the lines of ‘there will be graphic images in this public place that literally everyone goes through at some point so just avoid this high traffic area and don’t go to class lol’ (ok not the actual words but that’s basically what they meant. This is infuriating)

But I’m so pleased to see everyone out there surrounding the images with safe spaces signs and cheering. I’ve been watching this passive aggressive poster war between the groups with a lot of interest and I’m glad this is how we manifest our response: that is by trying to protect the people who go to school here when the administration will not. I was out there for a while and now i’m warming up (still can’t feel my knees) but you guys all rock and to those of you who kept the energy going and blocked the video cameras and brought timbits for the protesters are fantastic human beings. 

F2F || Jackson & Adam || I'm Here For You

Jackson rushed around his house, trying to find his wallet, after giving up, he picked up his car keys. The teen rushed out to his car and got in, starting the engine and reversing out of the driveway. He speeded down the highway, towards Adam’s location. He tried to avoid the traffic lights and stop signs and succeded multiple times. Once arriving on the outskirts, he climbed out and rushed to Adam’s car, where he knocked on the window. “Adam? It’s me!”

The Australian Bitch


Timed updates on the computer commence automatically every half hour at my place of work. It blinks, steadily at first, and then erratically as it reaches its resolution.

At first, I thought it looked like a firefly having an orgasm, but really it looks like a firefly having a seizure, or anybody having an orgasm.


The women I work with adopt a different tone when talking to male coworkers.

I wonder if this means Eric from IT is beautiful, or if they want something.

Maybe both.


My father talks to the GPS.

Actually, he sort of yells amiably at it until it gets that we’re trying to avoid highway traffic. He calls it “the Australian bitch” — we had agreed on the name long ago — and tells “her” he’s not listening.

"No, you’re wrong," he’ll say. "I’m not listening, bitch."

My father is a gentle soul. He says these things to cheer me up, I think.

And it’s summer and the windows are open, and I hope people in the cars alongside us don’t think he’s talking to me.

Ice Ice Baby

"It’s going to be a deadly 15 degrees, folks.”

That is what I woke up to on the news today here in Memphis. 15? That’s it?? Come back to me when its -35, Memphis, okay? The town is freaking out. We left my client almost 3 hours early just to avoid the traffic and the eventual shutdown. In fact, my client actually closed up shop at 3pm. Everybody out.

I’m really not used to a place that cannot handle 1” of ice or snow. Just shovel it…or kick your feet. I mean they go nuts. No salt, no plows, no maintenance at all. I understand I’m in the south but this happens at least once a year, prepare for it. It’s no surprise, yeah it sucks, but it’s an expected thing now - learn from it. Anyways, I hope it doesn’t affect my traveling plans this weekend because I have some surprises up my sleeve for Em and I do not want to hand them over to her unknown boyfriend and let him take the credit - no sir.

My carpull made one last trip before we stopped back at the apartments and my Sephora package came in - what more could this girl need?

The Various Scenarios

A man was in his air conditioned jeep, stuck in a traffic, he saw a man flying over him in a plane. He started praying to God that God should make him fly like this to avoid all the traffic jam and when he turned back, he saw a man in his small car praying to God to give him a jeep like that of the man to avoid all the heat he was experiencing. This man also turned back and saw another man on…

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Tonight was incredible.

It’s not even a lot. But I discovered the reason I drive around at night. It’s not that I’m trying to find a destination; it’s that I’m trying to find a state of mind. And tonight I found it.

I was going the roundabout way home trying to avoid rush hour traffic on the freeway. And I got to Pearl City, but instead of going home, I decided to go explore the suburbs.

After a few (literal) dead ends, I ended up in Royal Summit. I’ve never been up there in my life and it’s just a bunch of really nice houses in this really upscale suburb. I wasn’t sure if the street went anywhere but I just drove through for the hell of it and I ended up next to this park, at the top of this mountain, overlooking the entire city and it was the most indescribable feeling.

Staring out over the city lights, I found myself smiling for no reason other than the fact that I was genuinely happy. I felt at peace with the universe, with myself.

I can’t remember the last time I felt that happy and that at peace. It’s not the bubbly overflowing kind of happy, but a more subdued, satisfied contentment. It was beautiful.

Tonight has been such an amazing night and it just keeps getting better. I feel like that moment at the top of that mountain had a profound affect on me because right now, in this space, in this moment, I feel like a better, more loving person. I don’t even know if that’s possible. Not because I’m already such a great person (I’m not) but just because I don’t know how big an effect something like that could possibly have on my life and who I am as a person.

But it did. Whatever happened up there, whatever happened to me, it was amazing.

Hilaga (Day 1)

I think we all could agree that there are a lot of places in the Philippines that are worth travelling to; there’s Boracay, Bohol, Cebu, Baguio, and a lot more to choose from. But this year, our college has decided to head up north and explore Ilocos.

This trip has been talked about for quite some time and finally, it really did came through. We were around 30 people on this trip in one bus, plus 3 of the travel agency people. We departed the school premises at around seven on a Tuesday night so as to avoid traffic and so as to arrive in the morning in Ilocos. The trip was 10 to 11 hours long, including the stop overs.

Day 1:

At around 4 or 5 am, we arrived at our Professor’s house in Ilocos to freshen up, after all, we all just woke up from a 10 hour drive. After freshening up, we headed to Mcdonald’s Laoag for breakfast.

For our first itenerary for the day, Fort Ilocandia.

Fort Ilocandia is the only 5-star hotel in the Northern Philippines. It sits in a 77 hectares of land and it is located in the heart of Laoag. Fort Ilocandia  is now being run by an HK Company. It has a Moroccan and Spanish Colonial Architecture inspiration with a hint of local Ilocano design, with red brick wall edifice.

Next stop is the Malacanang of the North or Malacanang Ti Amianan.

Home to the family of the late president, Ferdinand Marcos. It serves as the official residence of the First Family during Marcos Regime whenever they are in Ilocos. The property sits on a 5 hectare land and is facing the Paoay Lake. This house was said to be a gift to by his wife on his 60th birthday. The ground floor holds the rooms of the Marcos’ children, and the biggest room on this floor, was converted to a Master’s bedroom when the Marcos was sick, and now a Museum.

The second floor, holds the original Master’s Bedroom, a Dining Room that could seat 18 people, and a veranda with a great view of the Paoay Lake. 

For the next part of the trip, we went to La Paz Sand Dunes, where we stayed for half an hour. Some of us went to experience the adrenaline rush of riding the 4x4 and sandboarding. The others, like me, stayed behind and take pictures, where taking few shots became a small scale photoshoot.

After our lunch, we went straight to one of the most awaited part of the trip, The Church of St. Augustine of Paoay. Paoay Church was one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the Philippines. Built in 1694 and completed at 1710, the Paoay Church was made up of bricks, tree sap, lumber, coral stones and rocks. It is a prime example of an “Earthquake Baroque” with it’s 24 buttresses holding the church steady for decades.

Right after visiting Paoay Church, we headed down to Marcos Museum and Mausoleum (I didn’t brought my camera down with me at that time). Marcos Museum holds Ferdinand Marcos memorabilia; photos, medals, news article clippings, etc, back from his childhood to his stint in the Armed Forces to Presidency. The mausoleum, of course, holds the “frozen” embalmed remains of the late president. It is said that the Marcos Family wanted the remains of Ferdinand Marcos to be buried in the Libingan ng mga Bayani but the Government did not approve of this, so they decided to put his remains in a glass coffin to be on public display.

We ended the day 1 itinerary of our trip by checking in at the hotel. After we got settled in at our hotel, we went out to see the Laoag City at night.  The whole day, I was trying to do a Long Exposure Shot but I was unsuccessful because it was too bright. But trying the Long Exposures at night, one word, brilliant!

The third long exposure photo was the Sinking Bell Tower. This is said to be one of the tallest bell towers in the Philippines. Some bell towers are built separate from its main church, like this one. But this one, I think, is the farthest bell tower from its church, that I’ve seen.

After the fun night of walking around Laoag, went back to hit the sack.

what the actual fuck is wrong with me

i woke up at like 5:30 am and couldn’t go back to sleep but it was my day off 

and i’ve somehow managed to make it to 8pm without accomplishing ANYTHING productive what the hell

it’s like if i’m not out of the house in the morning then i don’t get anything done

but then i have to work around this weird timing window and leave the house either before 6:30am or after 9:30am to avoid any sort of traffic

Waze Adds Amber Alerts To Popular Traffic App Waze helps drivers get cheap gas, avoid traffic jams and spot highway patrols — and now it could help find abducted children.

The company announced Tuesday that its community-driven traffic app, which has been downloaded and installed more than 50 million times on Android devices alone, will soon notify users of nearby AMBER alerts. If you’re driving in Camden, Mississippi, for example, and a child is abducted nearby, you’ll get a notification that looks like this:

“Waze was built on the premise that we’re all in this together. Our users are communicative and engaged with their communities — an ideal group to assist during an AMBER alert,” Julie Mossler, Waze’s head of PR, said via a press representative.

With an update available to iOS and Android users starting today, the app will scan for active AMBER alerts every 10 minutes. If it finds one in a user’s general area, it will notify that user after their vehicle has been completely stopped for 10 seconds. Once the user starts driving again, the alert will vanish.

Facebook added a similar function in January.

Waze may soon have an even larger group of people who could help during an AMBER alert — Google recently added it to a list of software that could come pre-installed on Android phones.
from Travel News on The Huffington Post

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☾* And fortunately I know a little bit of magic
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☾*         “Careful there.” With a small flick of her wrist, she felt her
              magic pull the other back from the curb. Just in time to avoid
              the incoming traffic. Aubrey chuckled. “That would have
              been a bad thing.”