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Happy Birthday, Bob Dylan!

Bob Dylan (b. May 24, 1941) is an American singer-songwriter, artist, and writer. Learn more about this 1988 inductee at the Library and Archives.

Audio clip: Bob Dylan, “Absolutely Sweet Marie,” recorded at Public Hall, Cleveland, Ohio, on February 14, 1998. From the Frederick S. Boros Audio Recordings.

Hot and cold – A Marco Reus one shot

This goes out to the wonderful Daniela. I hope you enjoy it.


Hi T, love. Can I request a OS about Marco (yep, shocking choice :D). Something like that we broke up few weeks ago, and we are now on vacation with our friends in Ibiza. Marco wants me back, because he realized that our breakup was a mistake. So he tries to do everything in his power to win me back (including walking around shirtless - yeah we all remember those pics from his last vacation). Just something with a lot of flirting and teasing ;) Thanks <3

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After 1952 and national stardom, being Marilyn Monroe was pretty much a full-time occupation, not only on the set but when going out to restaurants and doing the round of publicity engagements. When Marilyn abandoned Hollywood for New York in 1955-56 she discovered that she could quite effectively get around town incognito by slipping on an old coat, a baggy sweater, and dark glasses, and then knotting a scarf beneath her chin - and easy on the makeup. When that didn’t work, she resorted to wearing a black wig as well.

- The Marilyn Encyclopedia by Adam Victor.