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Riley B. King, American blues musician, better known as B.B. King, was born on this day, September 16, 1925. King started out as a singer and disc jockey at WDIA by the nickname Beale Street Blues Boy, which later became Blues Boy and eventually B.B. Today, King is known as one of the most influential blues guitarists in all of history. King was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1987. Throughout his career, King had performed more than 200 concerts every year until he reached his seventies. King still continues to play several shows a year with his heart in the blues. Celebrate his birthday with his performance of The Thrill is Gone in this video at Montreux, 1993.

  • The Thrill Is Gone
  • B.B. King
Happy Birthday, B.B. King!

Riley B. King (born September 16, 1925), known by the stage name B.B. King, is an American blues musician, singer, songwriter, and guitarist. Learn more about this 1987 inductee at the Library and Archives.

Audio clip: B.B. King, “The Thrill Is Gone,” recorded at the Roxy in Los Angeles, CA in the late 1980s. From the Herb Staehr Collection.

  • Stay With Me
  • The Faces
Happy Birthday, Kenney Jones!

Kenneth Thomas “Kenney” Jones (born 16 September 1948, Whitechapel, East London) is an English rock drummer best known for his work in the groups the Small Faces, Faces, and then the Who after Keith Moon’s death in 1978. Learn more about this 2012 inductee at the Library and Archives.

Audio clip: Faces, “Stay with Me,” recorded in Karlsruhe, Germany on October 1, 1974. From the Herb Staehr Collection.