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RuPaul’s Drag Race: Season 7

Nothing to Hide (Except Everything) Luna Raynebow’s profiles on the season 7 contestants

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been a year since I started this blog with this fuwa fuwa sweetheart. It’s been one heck of a travel with all the friends and acquaintances I’ve met, along with all the silly moments I’ve had with people. I’ve gained inspirations and improved amazingly on my writing and seen amazing peeps come and go like the seasons. 

Along with being around for a year, I’ve also gained over 1,000 followers and that too earns a big hurray! Even if I do leave this fandom one day, I want you all to know that I really adored this fandom and its acceptance with all of the sweethearts in roleplaying. I’ll surely look back at this blog with fond memories.

Now enough of that sappy stuff—time to get down to the dears that I adore and see with a big old grin~! 

Those To Protect (people I hold near and dear)

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Those To Watch (people I adore and also love to see grace my dash)

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All of my friends in the DMMD fandom are wonderful people who I have lots of laughs with on Skype with our shenanigans or on here with millions of ideas. Whether we’ve roleplayed a whole bunch or roleplayed a little, I’m still happy to have know and seen you guys cause you surely make my day whenever you show up. I hope you all have good days even after the tough ones and go on to be great at whatever you do hehe. 

Thanks for putting up with me and my dorkiness over the year everyone and I hope to stick around for a little longer. Love you all~!


On this date in history, Kevin Spacey picks up his F-Bomb award on the Conan O’Brien Show - with much flair and aplomb.  January 27, 2011.

ICYMI or would like to see Kevin delight the audience and horrify the censors, check it out at over at Team Coco. They also feature Kevin’s 2010 interview with Conan, where Kevin establishes his credentials for the Oscar Winner F-Bomb Hall of Fame. 

January 28, 1949
Monte Irvin becomes the first African-American player, along with hurler Ford Smith, to sign with the Giants. Although the 29-year old outfielder will play only five full seasons in the major leagues, the former Newark Eagles standout will be elected to the Hall of Fame in 1973, primarily for his outstanding play in the Negro Leagues.

Ormoni da non prendere sul serio.

Il signore dietro al banco degli affettati porta bene le primavere che la sua pelle ha visto passare: alto, di sana e robusta costituzione, occhi azzurri e barba e capello spettinato, il tutto rigorosamente brizzolato.
Ammetto che ogni volta che lo vedo i miei estrogeni fanno “ohhhhh”, i miei neuroni fermano qualunque tipo di connessione e sbattono, ripetutamente, sulle pareti del mio povero cervello, che smette, inesorabilmente, di funzionare.
Potrei comprare etti e etti e etti e etti e etti di prosciutto crudo tagliato a mano, solo per fissarlo.
E io detesto il prosciutto crudo.
Questa notte ho sognato di trovarlo dentro uno strip club e gli ho anche infilato dei soldi dentro gli slip: il mio inconscio cosa avrà voluto dire?
No, perché già una volta volevo lasciargli i 10 euro al bancone.
No, non saltate subito ad ovvie conclusioni, screanzati: andavo di fretta e volevo farmi solo un panino!
Avevo questi 10 euro in mano e li stavo lasciando sul bancone.
Fortuna che una signora anziana, quasi prendendomi a bastonate per la mia distrazione, mi ricordò la collocazione esatta delle casse.
"Ah, non ci sono più i giovani di una volta!"
Ha ragione, signora, anche se, certi giovani di una volta si sono digievoluti proprio bene!