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Hey I love your human verse au (well i love all of your dabbles they're amazing) where Klaus and Hayley are young struggling parents and I was wondering if you could write another one please maybe where they find out that Hayley is pregnant again or when they found out about hope. than you xx

(a/n: I guess this is sort of like the prequel to that series? I mean, since they’re struggling parents in this au verse, I’m not going to make them have another child because I don’t think they can handle that yet. So I’ll just write about your second suggestion, setting: au/all human)

links: part 2 , part 3

It’s their first day off in, what feels like,forever.

Hayley decides to sleep in. She cuddles in to her husband’s warm sheets, engulfing herself in his scent as she rolled to her side. They had only been married for a couple of months, but already, Hayley could not imagine her life without him. Of course, Klaus Mikaelson was far from perfect. He was angry, impulsive, rude —

But, he’s also fiercely in love with her.

And, Hayley can’t say that she’s ever been told that she’s been loved before. So, they decided to spend the rest of their lives together. Which leads them to this very moment, where she’s waking up to the smell of French Toast. The young girl sniffs around, jumping out of bed and rushing towards the kitchen.

“You’re…cooking?” Hayley exclaims, while she watches Klaus stammer around in the kitchen. He’s wearing his usual slim jeans and grey Henleys, accompanied by a rather flowery apron (which was oddly flattering).

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Head-Canon for Klaroline

I am writing this post the episode with Steroline sex (6x17) so I don’t know how it will go in canon but if it were up to me and maybe it should be , I would make a few strong strides in the last few episodes of The Originals & The Vampire Diaries so that it will stop being the mess it is now. (I am no writer so pardon my language)

1.Damon informs Klaus’ about them needing help with the Ripper-Steroline Duo. Klaus Can’t resist, since ripper Stefan is his favorite version of Stefan and he is curious to see dark Caroline. He lands up in Mystic falls but with no Intention to help, just to revel in the guilt-free company of Dark-Steroline

2.Of course He is selfish and I don’t expect him to play baby-sitter to anyone. He is going help Dark- Steroline raise hell probably feeding on everyone who crosses their path. This while Damon and gang are trying to stop them from doing something ultra-crazy. It is while these 3 psychopaths are out having fun when Klaus finds out about Stefan and Caroline’s humanity-less frick-fracking. He is angry so Klaus compels Stefan’s humanity back on in true TVD Klaus style and walks off, he is manipulative. 

3. Stefan mopes around about his horrible-ness while Caroline goes to Klaus to confront him about his actions. Klaus tries to reason , argue with Caroline. There is intense sexual tension while they argue , something that has been building up since they met. (Now remember I am assuming Caroline has her emotions off so she doesnt think her episode with Stefan is a start to something new. She isn’t committed to him or anything). Caroline is visibly getting turned on and she initiates a kiss. They start to kiss 

4. We hear Caroline gasp. It was as if something just flipped. She pushes Klaus back with her vampiric strength. She suddenly realizes that everything is coming back to her in rush of emotions. Klaus smirks , he never expected that “He” could be her trigger, not in a million years. Even Caroline is shocked and she speeds off. Klaus is so giddy he wouldn’t be able to wipe off that smirk for a century.

5. Caroline speeds off to Elena & Bonnie . She cries her Heart out. She is unable to deal with all the horrible things she did. They talk for a long time. when she starts to feel a little better, bonnie asks what triggered her humanity back on . Caroline lies and says”Klaus Compelled her because she cannot deal with the truth right now”

6. We find out that Klaus leaves for NOLA next morning. He makes a grand announcement about his departure at the Salvatore residence. He taunts Stefan about his mopey attitude. He is about to leave when Caroline enters the room, she is actually here to apologize to Stefan. Klaus gazes at her concerned about her. 

He tries to comfort her by tenderly asking her how she is doing? But she shoots him down (this because she doesn’t want the mystic falls gang to find out what happened). Klaus just gets impatient, he reminds her about his offer and leaves.(for NOLA)

More to come , if you think this makes sense, or doesn’t at all, let me know in comments!!

The edge by Tonight Alive reminds me so much of Davina / Kol and Davina post finding out about his imminent death.

"I will fight until the day the world stops turning, they will fall to ashes I will just keep burning but tonight I need you to save me, I’m too close to breaking."

"I still have dreams of you at night, I can’t tell dark from light, I never thought I’d be the one you’d leave behind."

"And then I think of yesterday and every promise that you made, I never thought I’d be the one that you would break."

"And I wonder if you ever cared at all"