How It's Going To Be
  • How It's Going To Be
  • Gerard Way
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Gerard Way // How It’s Going To Be

Across the city steam and light
Off a runway to the manufactured night-
In storybooks you’ll never find
In paper armor that you’d mind
They’ll hold the match to you this time-
And watch the smoke rings fit the crime

In moments you cannot reprise
Like a soldier or a watch that you can’t wind
We fought the world with hands twice-tied
The people cheered, the captain cried
I’ll keep the souvenir inside
It’s just better in my mind

And I wouldn’t lie
I never really wanted more
Than what I ever really needed after all
Someone that hates to see me go

You made a promise then you hide
And you said we’d all be dead by twenty-five
It’s not your disappointed sigh
It’s not you traded this for pride
Not that we really even mind
We’re just bored you’re still alive

And I wouldn’t lie
If I tried, take me down
And if I die here now-

Wishing wells and magic spells and everything
Can you tell me what it’s like?
Or how it’s going to be?

Imagine Klaus confessing that he has feelings for you.


"I can’t stop thinking about your laugh, you smile, how frustrated you get with me, how kind and loving you are; how happy you are… It makes me think that I wish I was the person to make you smile and to make you happy… I guess we all dream, love, don’t we?”