The controversial fake gay Syrian blogger unmasks herself (or, indeed, himself) and stirs up the rage of genuine activists in the country, Samsung looks set to shake Nokia from the top of the mobile tree according to new analyst figures, and Google search results could be used to accurately predict the future of the economy. It’s all in today’s TNW Daily Dose.

Everything you need to know about yesterday’s WWDC keynote? We have a post with it all. China has been linked to an RSA security breach, but the country is trying to turn the tables onto the US. Skype is down. Again. Sounding familiar?

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Someone’s been mining Bitcoins inside the office of the Australian Broadcasting Company. But hey, at least they weren’t on Facebook, right? Apple’s multitouch patent news from yesterday might not be as big of a deal as people have made it out to be. Apple, Google and other big names are working alongside the US government toward patent reform.

Meanwhile, Apple has launched Final Cut Pro X, it’s latest video editing suite, on the Mac App Store and Nokia has announced its latest handset, the MeeGo-powered N9, but will anyone want it?

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Motorola Mobility is closing down its Korean operations, HBO gets a new CTO whose pedigree will encourage those looking for improved online offerings from the broadcaster, and Twitter makes an embarrassing error by not filing its UK accounts on time. It’s all in today’s Daily Dose.

Google Apps will no longer be offered for free, Amazon’s Kindle Store comes to Canada, YouTube new gets subscription-focused features and Foursquare lets businesses add events to their listings. It’s all in today’s Daily Dose.

Apple’s App store sees over a million approved apps, mobile Web takes the lead in China and Windows 8 gets a Nickelodeon app.  All this and more in today’s Daily Dose.

A lawsuit filing has confirmed that Color Inc has sold ‘key assets’ to Apple, HP says that it overpaid for Autonomy due to alleged accounting malpractices at the UK company, and Silicon Valley tops the list of world startup ecosystems – but New York is a distant fifth. It’s all in today’s Daily Dose.

RIM cuts over 10% of its workforce, some customers in the Japanese Apple App Store appear to have had their accounts hacked, and Facebook has an iPad app hiding in (almost) plain sight. It’s all in today’s Daily Dose.

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Reliable reports say that the Apple’s iPad Mini will be announced on 23 October, Microsoft Office 2013 hits ‘Release to Manufacturing’ status, while Rovio and CERN team up to help kids learn quantum physics. It’s all in today’s Daily Dose.

Samsung is reportedly backing out of its LCD display deal with Apple, while in Japan, there are more patent battle developments between the two rivals. Meanwhile, Netflix appears to have plans to launch in Asia. It’s all in today’s Daily Dose.