Tennessee Tech Quidditch Practice

People of Cookeville and Tech, We are having practice today in Sherlock Park on the side closest to Willow Ave. We are a very welcoming group and always enjoy teaching the sport to new people. Please come out and join us, I would love to meet you! And go like our page on Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/TennesseeTechQuidditch Hope to see you guys soon!

The Eagle is the yearbook for Tennessee Tech and it is currently on the endangered list of media provided by the university. We need to save this hardback tradition for future generations. Brilliant images, well-phrased descriptions of the student functions, and community-supported advertisements could possibly pull in more students to fill the halls at Tennessee Tech. 

As our culture is more image-based than ever, we can provide another means of showing the world just what TTU provides for its students and staff.

We need to save The Eagle!

Maybe this is the reason why a first grade teacher had 7+5=13 on my son’s classwork.  It is not the teacher’s fault as much as it is our fault (Yes, including myself here) in letting the graduates become teachers out of our Universities unfit for teaching.  I think they call it subpar performance.  This is not golf.  It is our future.