The day was a scorcher, the sun seeming to sizzle down on anyone who ventured out of their homes. After selling papers in the morning, Molly had taken a dip in the East River to cool herself. Her hair was already drying in the dry heat as she made her way toward home. Was she the only one who kept failing to be with her ‘buddy’ per Spot’s request? It wasn’t intentional. A brown tabby mewled at her as she passed by an alley, causing her to double back. “Well, ‘ello there,” she smiled, kneeling and petting the stray.

Peep was never too fond of Mother’s Day. Hadn’t really been since her mom vanished, after all. To be honest, she didn’t really like most holidays, but Mother’s Day had quickly become her least favorite. At least since she was in Brooklyn, she didn’t have any forced memories of past Mother’s Days like she did in the Bronx. Peep had scaled up the fire escape to the roof of the Brooklyn lodging house, wanting to be alone for at least a bit. As she sat on the roof, she pulled her locket from beneath her blouse, flicking it open so she could study the picture inside. Where the hell was she? 

Liam had wasted no time in heading to Queens in search of his cousin. Well, that was a blatant lie. After speaking to Admiral, he had gone home and slept off his drunkenness and then laid around a little longer to fight his hangover. Then, of course, he headed straight for Queens. He couldn’t believe that at least one of his cousins had turned up somewhere that he could seek him out and he was a little excited. Standing outside the warehouse where his brother, Cormac, lived, Liam cupped his hands over his mouth and shouted, “OY! CORMAC LYNCH!” at the top of his lungs. When that yielded no response, he tried, “BRENNAN O’LEARY, YE DIRTY SCUM!”

Essie hadn’t performed in a while, much to her dismay. Word had gotten around that she was pregnant, even though she wasn’t, and they’d ordered her to stop performing until the baby was born. She’d tried over and over again to tell them that there would be no baby, but they refused to believe her. So Essie sat there, day in and day out watching all the other acrobats perform. Their routines were so boring compared to her’s, and she wouldn’t even be able to perform it! Essie shook her head and clapped as her only two friends, Magnus and his sister Zaira, finished their routine. Watching was nothing close to performing.

Slips was wandering around Brooklyn looking for his cousin.  He had been looking for about two hours.  Speeds had most the money since Slips couldn’t be trusted with it considering he gambled away all of it last time he was trusted with money.  ”We really need to create and meetin’ spot.”  Slips said to himself as he leaned against a wall.  He had been walking Brooklyn all day selling papes now he was to look for Speeds.  Slips decided to just sit for a while hoping Speeds would find him.  Slips pulled out his cards from his pocket and started playing with them.   


Molly was sort of anxious to start training to become a birdie for Brooklyn. She didn’t like to be idle, which was why she enjoyed going between her brothers’ boroughs quite often. When the opportunity arose for her to join the flock, she had leaped at it. Now, waiting for Farsight to arrive, she leaned against a stack of crates on the Brooklyn docks and watched the area. She lightly touched her eye, which was still bruised, and thought about how Cards had known how it had happened without her telling him. She would need to get that observant if she was ever going to be as good as him at this.

Specs wandered to the Lodging House, late that night. It was a longer trip than usual, as he felt dizzy at journey’s end from the lack of blood. Kloppman had closed the lodging house door as cerfew, leaving Specs locked out. Without the proper money for a doctor, he sat, good shoulder leaning on the wall, on te Lodge’s steps, falling asleep.

Speeds was walking around Brooklyn.  Where on earth could Slips be he wondered.  Speeds wanted to find his cousin and find the lodge he had over heard someone talking about.  Speeds knew if they didn’t get any rest tonight work tomorrow wasn’t going to be fun.  ”Life as a newsie” he said aloud for no particular reason.  

"S-san Fr….Fran-kiss co? Frankissco…. Pl-pl-pl-plaguh?" Tumbler screwed up his face as he sat on the curb outside the distribution center, trying to sound out the headlines. Reading was still hard for him, the words got muddled up as he tried to sound out the letters. "Plaguhie? I don’ think that’s a word…." he mumbled to himself, turning the papers as if maybe he held it at an angle, the words would magically start making sense. 

Clara looked around at where she was. She knew she was in Brooklyn, a place she’d been many times, but she didn’t know where. Oh well, she thought. She began to spin, making her way down the sidewalk like a tiny twister. Clara began to laugh as she took a step and fell over. She sat on her bottom in the middle of the sidewalk, just laughing. She didn’t hear the people yelling at her and calling her things, she just loved to laugh.

No. It can’t be true. He can’t be dead. Tears never stopped falling from Essie’s eyes. She couldn’t believe it. She couldn’t possibly be seeing this. Her brother was alive. She could feel it in her stomach. She knew he had to be alive. Essie shook her head in disbelief. In front of her was a tombstone. A tombstone with her brother’s name on it.

Essie fell on her knees. “No, no, no, no, no…” She cried, curling up into a ball, her eyes never leaving her brother’s name. He was only a few years older than her. His name was Caleb. Caleb Deacon Eckert. She put out a hand and touched the tombstone. She had no clue where she was anymore, she just knew that her brother was dead.

Dead. He’d been dead for five years. Essie had been looking for a dead man… for five years. She had no choice but to believe it now. There was no mistaking that that was his name. Her big brother. Her only link to the life she once had… was gone. After a while, Essie’s tears finally stopped and her hiccuping breaths calmed. She shouldn’t have let him go after their parents. It was wrong of her to expect her adventrous brother to keep himself out of trouble. She sat with her knees close to her chest for a while, just staring at the tombstone. Not in disbelief anymore, but just trying to remember what he’d looked like the last time she saw him. She missed him.

Slips was walking through Brooklyn.  He was so bored and didn’t know what to do.  He could play cards, but he didn’t really feel like that.  So he just keep walking through the streets of Brooklyn hoping to find some entertainment or trouble.  And lord knows he is good and finding trouble. 

Who Knows?

Thorns was skipping around New York.  She had gotten into three fights, ran from the cops twice, and was almost murdered once.  Well that was a slow day.  She began to skip around looking for something to do.  If she had money she would go to the tracks, but she lost her money one of her brawls.  Thorns got excited to see what trouble she could find next.



Raisa had woken in a fog, head still in a haze from her vicious anxiety attack from the previous night. She stood up from her bunk and looked around, thoroughly confused as to where she was. Her brain was taking its time waking up for her and she looked lost and didn’t yet recall everything from the previous night.

Lucy sat in the lodging house. Everyone else had gone out to be with their fathers, or get something for the man who acted as one for them. But she was fine. She didn’t need a father, or want one anymore. The man who was half of her had done enough already.


When you drank yourself sick late into the night and had to rise early to work, you sometimes were still drunk. Liam was currently having this issue and if he didn’t soon start drinking again, he knew that he would start feeling hungover instead of drunk. He was on his fifth cigarette of the morning and had only sold five of his papers, looking rough and unappealing to his customers. The fact that he couldn’t shout the headlines without wanting to vomit also hindered him.

Cailin had a small brown paper bag that she had used to pack her father’s dinner in. She thought she would surprise him at the store since he may not be home for a few more hours.

Desmond had been more paranoid than usual lately, but he wouldn’t tell her why, though she had overheard him in the other room one day talking to one of his ‘associates’ about someone called Il Dulce and how people had begun dropping dead in Five Points. It made Cailin worry for her father, who had been spending more and more time staying late at work.

As she walked through the dark streets she clutched the bag to her chest, heading toward the her father’s liquor store.

Lucy strolled along Central Park, admiring the new flowers that were beginning to bloom. Things had been rather quiet for her lately. She brushed a hair out of her face & tucked it into her ribbon, humming to herself. Her first Easter without her family. She’d skipped church, just because she could. It was… relaxing.

Georgiana sat in the window seat in the West Wing parlor, gazing out the window at the street. She was daydreaming, thinking of how she would like her wedding to play out. She had a feeling that Emmet would be by soon, as her father had told her he had decided to permit him to attend the gala. She was so excited and at the same time, apprehensive.