From the site: “When I was a teenager, newly fixated on becoming a writer, I came across a piece of advice from Kurt Vonnegut that affected me like an ice cube down the back of my shirt. ‘Do not use semicolons,’ he said. ‘They are transvestite hermaphrodites representing absolutely nothing. All they do is show you’ve been to college.’”

From the site: “[Georg Salden’s] Daphne was developed from a text written with a broad nib pen. A large number of calligraphic swashes are available for the strong and sharp-edged figures of Daphne Expert. They can be added to the letters via OpenType feature. Because many swashes fit on different characters, the combinations possible are endless. Alternate and complete swash characters offer additional options. An unique application for designers with a calligraphic instinct. Daphne Expert contains numerous calligraphic swashes, which can be added to the particular base glyph using OpenType feature. Therefore ascenders and descenders are specially formed. Alternate glyphs and complete swash letters supplement the character set.”

From the site: “Today, Tilden Sans is officially a family. Six new weights have been added [to] the elegant, original light. Thoroughly contemporary, clean, and ready for work, Tilden Sans was designed to be no-nonsense but still friendly and a little more distinct from other sans serifs. To be specific, Tilden Sans is square-ish, somewhat geometric, and slightly condensed. Curvilinear strokes like those in the capitals C or S, and many lowercase letters feature incised terminals. It has a generous x-height and low contrast in the lighter weights, which increases (mostly in the lowercase) as it gets darker. All of those features combine to make it a pleasure to use and read.”