take me, take me, rearrange me; punk!destiel fluff 3 of 5 (or 6 shh)

(they meet in a mosh pit, sort of; part one)
(they hold hands for the first time in a tattoo shop; part two)

Their first kiss takes place on Castiel’s bathroom floor. 

Dean doesn’t know much about love or being in love, but he knows he feels something towards Cas that he’s never felt before. He feels stupid saying it out loud, but he does anyway as he paces around the small kitchen of the Winchester home. 

"I mean, I like him a whole helluva lot. And, you know, I’m not good with that kinda shit, but…"

The pause fills the room and fifteen-year-old Sam looks up from his Chemistry textbook, an eyebrow quirked up in expectation. “But?” 

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take me, take me, rearrange me; punk!destiel fluff and also smut in this part woops 4 of 5 

part one ☽☾ part two ☽☾ part three

They have sex for the first time on their two month anniversary. 

Dean had been planning the night’s events for two weeks, making arrangements so that the evening would go off without a hitch. He even put up with the constant teasing from Sam, though the kid usually shut up when Dean reminded him of how ridiculous he had been when courting Jess.

And when the night finally came, Dean would be lying if he said he wasn’t nervous as hell. 

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tmtm-trackoftheday said:

Hey there, like I said I think your music is excellent and I made a "Found on Tumblr" post. Hope you like it! :) Best wishes, W

I just reblogged your post!! Thank you so much for all of those amazing things you said about my music. I’m hoping that one day, I really am “found on tumblr!”