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Right now it would be easiest to get into injustice only because the scene isnt super huge and it has been out the least amount of time. This is just my opinion considering you wouldnt be super behind the curve.

I actually like Injustice quite a bit. Im holding out to see how good Zod turns out but my secondary is a toss up between Injustice and Marvel Vs Capcom most likely.

Its heartbreaking because I really love every fighter. So choosing 2 is much more difficult than expected.


tmntrules and his new lightsaber.

Best wife? Best wife.


I was so excited about Pokémon that I couldn’t sleep Friday night.

Stinkbrain was amazing and not only preordered me a Black/Red 2DS and Pokémon Y, but got up after only a few hours of sleep and went with me to pick them up as soon as the store opened.

I was so excited I started playing with it while we were at the mall and Stinkbrain started to get pouty and kept saying “now I want to play…”

So he now has a Black/Blue 2DS and Pokémon X.

We spent the day laying next to each other in bed and playing our Pokémon games and being dorks.

Nerd love is the best love.


Tried to post this a few days ago but it didn’t work.

On Wednesday Stinkbrain and I went to Busch Gardens. I hadn’t been in 6+ years, he hadn’t been in 4.

A girl that plays Magic and CFVG at the shop works there and gave us free passes, and then we saw her working at lunch so she gave us her 30% discount AND a coupon for 50% off dinner. (I’m pretty sure I have to make sweet lesbian love to her now, but that’s ok.)

Around 4:30 our friends that have seasons passes met up with us and we went on all the rides and watched the fireworks.

It was a really fun day.