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Originally I dedicated this comic to tvcranium, but unfortunately I’m sooo late with it (sadly my free time wasn’t limitless and I had a lot of mood swings too), and I spent sooo many hours on it and sleepless nights xD, but I hope you will still like it, although it is not what you originally wanted….

So, I dedicate this comic for everyone who had or will have birthday, for those who is sad or in bad mood… I hope I could lift their spirits at least for a short time.

Thanks for levs-chan , she showed me Leo’s tattoo on deviantart… you saved my life *lol*  / the tattoo belongs to FREAKfreak. thank you~

oh and LOOK finally I drew Leo too, I hope the Leo’s fandom will be happy about it xD

sorry for grammar mistakes *snort*


: I grew up with 2003 turtles and it’s my favorite version. And I heard you grew up with it and it’s you’re favorite tmnt show too. So here’s art by


of the 2012 title sequence staring the 2003 turtles!

I saw this the other day. This is really cool, 2003 was my favorite too! Awesome job, azraelskeith! Now if only we could get a 2003 cameo in the 2012 series!

#1: Some father and son time : P

#2: Little Raph offers his new found treasure, or pet maybe, to Mikey

#3: Donnie thought he would get some work done, but he thought wrong

#4: Little Raph is tucking ice cream kitty in                

"Okay I’ve seen all the TMNT 2012 episodes.  

If Mikey and Renet happen I hope it will be different from Leo/Karai’s chivalric romance and Donnie/April/Casey’s complicated love triangle. She’s seen a lot of people in her universe and I want her to see Mikey as most fans do; as an adorable, irresistible, under appreciated cutie pie. Either that or Mikey ends up being the smoothest little bastard out of all of them!”