Moments performed at tonight’s concert (Amneville, France) (via @SaraAbdullah_1D) - 4.30.13

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I waited to buy my otra tickets because i wanted to be in front of louis, and there are still so many on sale and resale, but i have no motivation to even buy them. I'd have to drive 400 miles to go to the nearest one, plus get a hotel, seeing the same songs doesn't seem worth it to me. Though i'd also kind of feel like shit if they changed setlist because all the other people that already saw them wouldn't see new stuff.

I’d suggest waiting for June when concerts in Europe start. If the setlist stays the same then, it will probably not change for the rest of 2015 OTRA dates.

You don’t have to spend money on OTRA tickets if that’s not what you really want. Just make sure you don’t regret not going.

I had a chance to go to TMH show in Amneville (France) in April 2013, and I didn’t. Still sad about it (Over Again is my favorite song and they dropped it after 2013. I’d pay a fortune to see it live).