buzz-liamyear said:

But can we talk about Dean Thomas bc I love him so much he is so important

YES. LET’S. DEAN THOMAS. WHAT A GUY. Muggle-born (sort of). Drew the “Potter for President” banner they made for Harry’s first Quidditch match. Hung up soccer football posters that bothered Ron so much in the dorm and shouted football calls at Quidditch matches. Still supported Harry when his name came out of the Goblet of Fire. Sticks up for Lupin when Umbridge was insulting him and says he was the best teacher they ever had and sided with Harry in his fights against her. Didn’t jump to take sides when Harry claimed Voldemort was back and acted neutral in the fights between Seamus and Harry even though Seamus is his best friend.  Didn’t freak out and avoid Harry like the plague when he was having nightmares in fifth year and creepily laughing and flailing in his sleep. Joined Dumbledore’s Army. Wasn’t hostile to Harry or Ginny when they started going out. Fiercely supportive of Harry when he’s on the run in the 7th book, so supportive the Goblins were tired of hearing it. Captured and locked and who knows what else in the Malfoy’s cellar. Made friends with Luna. Helped dig Dobby’s grave and put his hat on him before they buried him. Fought in the battle of Hogwarts…and just….Dean Thomas, man.