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Nice video explain how new domain names workes!

TMCH, il meccanismo di protezione che funziona!

TMCH, il meccanismo di protezione che funziona!

Il database Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) è uno strumento che consente ai titolari di marchi registrati di tutelare anzitempo i propri brand.
La validazione del marchio presso la TMCH, infatti, sarà prerequisito essenziale per poter prendere parte ai periodi di Sunrise di tutti i nuovi domini e per poter registrare il proprio brand sotto una o più estensioni.
Inoltre, la validazione garantisce…

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NEWS ALERT: ICANN Contention Sets Published

On Tuesday, ICANN released the contention sets identified during the string similarity review. This review was an important part of the new gTLD application process that assessed potential user confusion due to similarities with existing TLDs, reserved names, IDN ccTLDs or gTLD applications within the current round.

Overall Contention Set Statistics

  • 2 non-exact match sets (.hotels & .hoteis, .unicorn & .unicom)
  • 230 exact match sets
  • 754 total applications in contention

ICANN’s determination has garnered much attention throughout the domain name industry.  Some praised the hands-off approach, while others derided the allowance of singular and plural versions of the same string (i.e. .sport and .sports) as redundant and confusing.  What remains clear is that ICANN followed traditional, conservative trademark jurisprudence as developed under a long line UDRP visual similarity cases.  However, if applicants believe the public will be confused, they can still file string similarity objections against their fellow applicants within the ICANN process, and of course the Government Advisory Committee can still weigh in.  

The prevailing sentiment in the community, to the extent there is one, seems to be one of relief that this hurdle has finally been cleared, mixed with exasperation at how long it took to resolve this issue, and surprise as to the narrowness of the conclusion.  A tempest in a teapot?  Perhaps, but in the end the launch process for the new gTLDs marches forward, and the market will decide which strings succeed or fail.

Look for the first new strings to launch in May.

You can read the full list of contention sets here: http://newgtlds.icann.org/en/announcements-and-media/announcement-26feb13-en


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co zrobi staroświecki, urodzony przed i wojną światową harold, kiedy się zorientuje, że jest zafascynowany zwykłym człowiekiem?

czy liam się przełamie i zacznie doceniać wampirzą egzystencję?

i kim, do cholery, są te zmiennokształtne bliźnięta?!


Ej… Właśnie się zorientowałam, że TMCH ma już rok :O (no dobra, pomijając fakt, że nie dodałyśmy nowego rozdziału od jakichś 4 miesięcy, ale liczy się)

Więc… Wszystkiego najlepszego, TMCH? Przepraszam, że cię zaniedbałyśmy :P

Get set and go! Register your marks in TMCH, starting March 26

This week, ICANN announced that the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) will open for registrations starting March 26, 2013. The TMCH was set up to protect brand owners and their intellectual property rights during the upcoming launch of more than 1,000 new gTLDs, planned to start in April of this year.

The TMCH, a single database of validated trademarks, is the cornerstone of the rights protection mechanisms build into ICANN’s new gTLD program and will be run by Deloitte and IBM. The database is open to any trademark holder without geographical limitation, protecting virtually any of their nationally or regionally registered mark from all jurisdictions, marks validated through a court of law, or even marks protected by a statute or treaty.

The system is set up to provide brand protection through two successive mechanisms: 1) a “Sunrise” service and 2) a Trademark Claims service. As each new gTLD launches, its Registry is required provide a thirty day Sunrise period, which allows and gives priority to trademark owners (if they choose to do so) to purchase the domain(s) matching their trademark. This Sunrise service is mandatory for all new gTLDs. The Trademark Claims system, following the Sunrise period, works like a notification service for the first sixty days of general availability. Upon the attempted registration of a domain name exactly matching a mark in the TMCH, the system sends warning messages to both the trademark holder and the potential domain name registrant, of a possible infringement.  

Registration prices range from $95 to $150 yearly, per mark; depending on the number of trademarks submitted and the length of the registration requested. Brand owners can register through their usual domain name registration providers, or go directly to  www.trademark-clearinghouse.com

Trademark Clearinghouse Fees Announced

As readers of this blog are undoubtedly well aware, ICANN’s Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) will offer a centralized database of authenticated registered trademarks, to protect brands in the soon to be existing new gTLD world. 

A few days ago, the TMCH revealed it’s pricing scheme in a detailed 9 page summary.   Users of the TMCH must choose between a Basic or Advance fee structure, based upon a desire to pay single transaction fees or advance certain pre-payment amounts.

Registrants may select several service options, ranging from basic Registration in the TMCH, for 1, 3 or 5 years; Trademark Renewal for an existing nearly expiring Registration; and the possibility to select Additional Domain Names to be linked to a Registration.


The Basic fee to register a single trademark, the transaction that most trademark owners will end up using, is $150 per year, payable by credit card; matching the amounts previously promised by ICANN.

TMCH also proposes an Advanced fee structure involving use of a Prepayment Account, through which registrants can earn Status Points towards small discounts. Trademark Agents or Holders who selected this route can accumulate Points through multiple new registrations, longer terms registrations or registering during the Early bird Registration Periods. However, it takes 3,000 points (and nearly the same amount of yearly registrations ordered) before Registrants are offered the second tier price of $135 per registration.


Here is a link to this Fee Structure Summary: http://trademark-clearinghouse.com/pdf/TMCH_fee_structure_21-01-2013.pdf

Trademark owners have plenty of time to register their IP rights before the first new gTLD will go live and open its Sunrise period. However, even after Sunrise period, each Registry must remain stay connected to TMCH for at least 60 days and trademark holders can choose to be notified when someone registers a domain name that match their Trademark. In addition to these services, TMCH will offer support for Registries, agents and trademark holders, and offer a Dispute Resolution System addressing disputes arising out of operating the Clearinghouse.

The Clearinghouse is implemented by Deloitte, serving as the authenticator and validator service provider; whilst IBM will provide technical database administration services. This is it’s main page http://www.trademark-clearinghouse.com

Series of Trademark Clearinghouse Meetings Comes to a Close

With the prioritization draw in the rearview mirror, the path to delegation seems clearer than ever.  New gTLD applicants now have some idea about when their TLD’s may enter the market, and must now shift their focus to understanding the landscape into which their slice of the Internet will emerge.  Of particular importance is the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH).  It bears the important burden of effectively protecting trademark rights without impeding the acceptance and success of new gTLDs.

President and CEO of ICANN, Fadi Chehade, recently concluded a series of meetings, during which he disclosed important new details about the TMCH.


ICANN has signed agreements with Deloitte Enterprise Risk Services, who will provide validation services for the TMCH. The terms of the agreement state that ICANN will retain all intellectual property rights for the data between the two entities. ICANN reserves the right to add more validators, as this is a non-exclusive agreement. Trademark submission fees will be capped at 150 USD per record per year.

Negotiations between ICANN and IBM for the provision of database services are currently in progress. There will be a master agreement in tandem with separate Statements of Work for services, which are set to be executed in January. Current discussion reveals that IBM will maintain the TMCH Database. Data will be imported to the Database within three hours of receipt from the Validator (i.e. Deloitte).

Additional Updates

Fadi’s “Strawman Solution”, first proposed in earlier stakeholder meetings, has been posted for public comment and sent to GNSO for input.  This new model calls for expanded Sunrise and Trademark Claims periods, along with ability to submit domain names previously determined to have been abusively registered into the TMCH.  ICANN will await a response from GNSO and consider analyzing user comments in the meantime.

ICANN will soon publish an announcement on the Uniform Rapid Suspension implementation.

Fadi will now focus on the RAA negotiations and plans to schedule a discussion on this in January.

Whether or not interested parties approve of the chosen TMCH operators or agree with all aspects of the Strawman Solution, it is refreshing to see ICANN moving forward.  Along with the successfully completed prioritization draw, these TTMCH developments represent important progress towards finalizing ICANN’s grand expansion of the Internet.