Hello, my name is Adam and this is jackass I’m here to tell you about Faiza Hussain.


Faiza is a doctor that works for the NHS in England who, during the Skrull Invasion event, is shot by a Skrull ray gun while trying to do her job and treat injured civilians. Instead of dying, Faiza gains a new superhuman power, which allows her to separate the human body by layer (muscles, nervous system, bones, etc.) and then heal her patient, who is awake but feels no pain. Her power allows her to not only completely heal wounds that would be mortal given enough time, but to also keep herself from dying as seen when (SPOILER) she and Dane Whitman fall from an exploding plane mid-flight and Faiza heals them just as they hit the ground.

I’m sure you’re thinking, wow, that sounds pretty awesome! Well you’re right, but it just keeps getting better!

Faiza, almost immediately after gaining this new power, becomes the wielder of Excalibur. Even though Merlin the wizard had already chosen his champion in Captain Britain, and even though there were other superheroes in the book - Pete Wisdom, Dane Whitman, Jacqueline Falsworth (Spitfire) - who had more experience, the great sword Excalibur chose Faiza. She goes on to use this sword to fight for her country and (SPOILER) even kill Dracula. 


Now, don’t think that all of Faiza’s amazingness comes just from her powers and worthiness for famous magical swords. She was already a hero before she gained her powers, risking her life to treat injured civilians right smack in the middle of the Skrull invasion of England. Faiza is a character who is also kind of a foil for the reader, a fangirl of British superheroes who takes the time to observe, in the middle of a battlefield, that Captain Britain’s fight with the Skrulls is in his ‘top ten’. 

She’s someone just like you and me whose incredible strength and heart caused her to become one of the heroes she’d always admired. 

Oh, and did I mention she’s one of only a handful of Muslim superheroes in the Marvel universe?


Faiza is an intelligent, charming, and lovable woman. I love reading about her because she feels like such an intelligent, relatable person, who then goes on to prove herself as one of the most apt and powerful superheroes Britain has to offer. She’s caring and interesting, and (as far as I know) the book never makes any harmful assumptions about her because she’s a Muslim, which is a breath of fresh air when you live (as I do in America) in a place where Islamic peoples are stereotyped and prejudiced against. Her parents are also wonderful and fun to read. 

Watching her grow whole-heartedly into her new responsibilities as a superhero and protector of England really sold the Captain Britain and MI13 series for me. She’s an incredible character and woman and Marvel could certainly use more like her!


I understand what you must be thinking. “There’s no way such an amazing character can exist!” you gasp, indignant. “There must be some sort of catch!” Well, you’d be kind of right. The catch with Faiza is that she’s not in a lot of stuff at the moment. I’m hoping that Marvel realizes how awesome British superheroes are and makes a follow-up MI:13 series (along with another Alpha Flight volume, but that’s another topic entirely), but until then, here’s where you can find Faiza:

  • Captain Britain and MI13, issues 1-15
  • Captain Britain and MI13 Annual #1
  • the new Gambit series, issues 6 and 7
  • Age of Heroes #1

Faiza only really makes cameos in the latter two, but it’s still worth reading to see her in action, especially because of just how amazing she is as a character and a person. 

And stay tuned, because I’m also going to be the one talking about the series Captain Britain and MI13 and providing links to the issues. Once you’ve read it and realized how amazing it is, go out and buy it! Support Faiza and her friends and show Marvel how much you DO love British superheroes, so maybe we’ll get more on these characters!


Part 2 of Tumblr Marvelcon Character Intro - Anthony “Tony” Edward Stark - Iron Man

The curious case of Tony Stark’s fashion sense

You can blame it on the 60’s and the following decades, but Tony Stark has always been a stylish man, his fashion choices often confusing the readers but also charming them to the bone (much like RDJ himself who portrays him in the films). Whenever it’s a sharp suit, a t-shirt and jeans, his undersuit or his work clothes, Tony sure knows how to get the attention on him. Some of those choices make you go “Really,Tony? You’re wearing this?”, but you soon realise that nobody else could pull that outfit any better than the fashion icon himself.

We’re not done yet we have more fashion advices by Tony Stark right here:

Click here for parts 1,3 and 4

Character Intro Post: Doctor Stephen Strange (The Sorcerer Supreme)

Hold up guys! 

Let me talk to you some more about a doofus named Stephen Strange real quick. 

If you’re unfamiliar with him you might want perk your eyeballs up because this guy could very well be the next big character in Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  And he’s got some great stories to tell.

Origin: Don’t let his bad taste in attire and love for the dramatic fool you, this guy wasn’t always the kooky magic dude living in the Village. 

Born in Philadelphia, raised in Nebraska, Stephen Strange turned toward medicine at a young age. He followed that passion and eventually became one of the world’s top surgeons.  Success made him arrogant and greedy and so he worked more for money instead of the desire to help those in need.  Until one horrible car accident left his hands mangled and scarred, the nerves forever injured. 

Unable to perform delicate surgeries anymore, Stephen searched for a way to fix his hands in order to return to the life of professional and material success.  This trek led him to the Ancient One, a master of the mystic arts and Earth’s Sorcerer Supreme at the time.  Stephen became the Ancient One’s student after he experienced magic first hand in an encounter with the villain Mordo.  Eventually, Stephen became Master of the Mystic Arts and upon his master’s death fighting Shuma-Gorath, he ascended to the role of Earth’s Sorcerer Supreme, thus leaving behind his old life and following a new path.

Sorcerer Supreme.  What’s that?: It’s a title given to the sorcerer/sorceress who possesses great magical ability and strength and is tasked as the protector of Earth to keep it safe from other dimensional beings and magical entities.  The Sorcerer Supreme is given many magical artifacts that are passed down to the next in line.  Such as the powerful Eye of Agamotto and the Cloak of Levitation.  The knowledge, dedication and work required to obtain this title means Stephen has achieved a level of power matched by very few.  He is arguably one of the most powerful humans in the Marvel universe.

Powers: Flying/Levitation (via the Cloak of Levitation and various spells), Teleportation, Astral Projection (Watch out he could be watching you right now), Illusions, Memory Manipulation/Erasure, Time Travel, Dimensional Travel, Healing (both magical and medicinal), Various offensive and defensive spells that provide a variety of options in battle, training in hand to hand combat, Power of Bad Life Choices, an uncanny ability to attract tentacle monsters to his location at any given time.

Random Snippets:

  • Once trained Doctor Doom in the Mystic Arts
  • Witnessed the Earth’s destruction and then original (re)creation.
  • Married to Clea, Master of the Mystic Arts and the once maybe current Ruler of the Dark Dimension and Stephen’s former disciple. (she’s totally rad and he’s putty in her hand)
  • Apparently is not currently in possession of his soul.
  • Let the New Avengers hang out in his home during the aftermath of Civil War. What a nice dude.
  • Sometimes sleeps in the nude and levitates in his sleep.

  • Faced Death and lived, accepting that all things will die, but in the process gained the Ankh, which sometimes lights up on his forehead when death is near.  Doctor Strange no longer ages and conceivably will never age and die but can only be killed through an outside source.
  • That makes him pretty old, though this doesn’t show physically.
  • Once spent thousands of years fighting in the War of the Seven Spheres, a war fought by the immensely powerful beings that Stephen calls upon to grant him certain magical spells and abilities. 
  • Most notably, The Vishanti.  Three immortal beings that grant magical boons to those they deem worthy.  Agamotto The All-Seeing, Omnipotent Oshtur, and Hoggoth.
  • Agamotto likes to take the form of a caterpillar and fuck with Stephen’s life.
  • Is an actual cutie pie.

  • Once spent a day as a rat because his body had been possessed.
  • Lost his left eye in battle and was eventually gifted a new one.
  • One of the founders of the Defenders.  Usually the “leader” of the team.

Notable Adversaries: Nightmare, Dormammu and Umar of the Dark Dimension, Baron Mordo,  Shuma-Gorath, Mephisto. 

Other Media: Check out the 2007 Cartoon Movie - Doctor Strange - This works very well as an introduction to the character even though there are a good number of changes when compared to the source material. (Could possibly still be available on Netflix!)

Masterpost: A bunch of Doctor Strange runs and books

Now go read Doctor Strange and love him forevers.  May the Vishanti smile upon you!



Earth-616, Earth-691, Earth-774, Earth-904, Earth-982, Earth-1027, Earth-1298, Earth-1610 (Ultimates), Earth-3515, Earth-9260, Earth-9997 (Earth X), Earth-10280, Earth-11080 (Avengers Vs. the Marvel Universe), Earth-20051, Earth-21119, Earth-57780, Earth-70105, Earth-81225, Earth-83600, Earth-88234, Earth-91126, Earth-94001, Earth-99062, Earth-807128 (Old Man Logan), Earth-841047, Earth-12591, Earth-199999 (MCU), Tales of Asgard


JOTUN: As Loki was born a frost giant, he was born with a Jotun form. Thus, he is capable of shifting to his natural Jotun state, but he prefers the Aesir one out of an abhorrence for the Jotun race. 

LADY: Loki once wore Sif’s body, and this version of him is commonly referred to as “Lady Loki,” though he still went by male pronouns during the shift. He was capable of leaving the form whenever it pleased him, but continued to wear it until it no longer suited his schemes. He even urged Thor and Donald Blake to make their goodbyes to Sif as she faced death through the expiration of her mortal host.

FEMALE: Loki is capable of shifting into a female form reminiscent of his own face and body without adapting the body of another. He can be seen sporting this in Thor and the Warriors Four, when he disguises himself as a mortal nurse–a disguise he has used more than once.

KID: When Loki was resurrected in the form of a French boy named Serrure, Thor found him and returned him to his Asgardian child form. Currently, Loki still wears this body, though the soul that originally inhabited it has been killed.

IKOL: While his younger, reincarnated self wore his body, the original Loki’s spirit inhabited that of a magpie that followed Kid Loki about. However it has been questioned if this magpie even existed, and that it may have been merely a part of Kid Loki’s imagination, a mechanism that he used to cope for the part of Elder Loki inhabiting his mind.

MCU: A slimmer, less-muscled version of Loki than his comic counterpart, though no less dangerous. MCU Loki has proven just as mentally unstable and competent at intricate planning through his alliance with and trickery of Thanos, as well his initial crimes in the 2011 film. He has also been shown to be as cold and callous towards mortals, and any being not himself, as his comic counterpart. This Loki, however, had an easier childhood and a more loving family, as it was not only Thor who loved Loki; Frigga and Odin both demonstrated a care for Loki that they were not inclined to in the comics. As such, he is just as, if not more, obsessive with Thor and revenge than he is in the 616 continuity.


James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes was Captain America’s original sidekick. But since his first appearance back in 1941, Bucky has taken on two other alias: the Winter Soldier and Captain America.


First Appearance: Captain America Comics #1 (1941)

First Death: Avengers vol. 1 #4 (1964)

First Appearance as the Winter Soldier: Captain America vol. 5 #1 (2005)

Winter Soldier Origin:

  • Captain America vol. 5 #11 (2005)
  • Captain America vol. 5 #14 (2006)

First Appearance as Captain America: Captain America #34 (2008)

Second Death: Fear Itself #3 (2011)

Back as the Winter Soldier: Winter Soldier (on-going)

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↳ ultimates character bios : 06/06 : Anthony Stark aka Iron Man

  • debuted in Ultimate Marvel Team-Up #4 (2001)
  • created by Brian Michael Bendis and Mike Allred


Tony Stark’s motivation in building his Iron Man suit is a very different one from his 616 counterpart. In 616 and the cinematic universe, Tony was forced by circumstance to build his suit in order to escape his captors and suffers from a heart defect. 1610 Tony was driven to create the Iron Man suit and become a hero by the fact that he has an inoperable brain tumor. With the notice that he has anywhere from 6 months to 5 years left to live, Tony begins to devote more of his time to charity and heroic efforts. When SHIELD forms the Ultimates, Tony volunteers his services. 

Tony’s personality varies from his 616 counterpart in several significant ways. During his first few missions with the Ultimates, Tony expresses self-doubt and remains unsure of himself and his abilities. While still a shrewd businessman and brilliant inventor and engineer, Tony is shown to be more empathetic and outwardly emotional. His greatest fear (revealed in Spider-Men) is the death of his teammates, whom he has formed a deep friendship, despite the fact that most of them do not take him seriously due to his alcoholism and womanizing.

Although Tony’s origins were explored in the Orson Scott Card mini series Ultimate Iron Man (2005), this was retconned out of continuity. Tony is revealed to have a twin brother, Gregory, who is older than him by twenty minutes and explained by Nick Fury as being completely amoral in comparison to Tony and ten times as smart. Tony’s relationship with his brother is shown as being strained, and eventually Gregory turns against the Ultimates and they are forced to kill him. Tony’s relationship with his father was also explored in the lates Iron Man mini by Nathan Edmondson, and he is shown to have gained a better understanding of his father’s actions.

Although Tony’s brain tumor is still present and inoperable, he has recently reached a compromise with it. The tumor actually gained sentience, in part due to the nanotechnology present in Tony’s body.

reading recs

for more on tony, check out fuck yeah, ults tony!

Character Introdction: James 'Rhodey' Rhodes (War Machine)

Greetings friends and Marvel fans. Guess what time it is!

That’s right!! Time for me to shout a lot about Mr. James Rupert Rhodes or as most people affectionately call him, “Rhodey”, and why he’s super great. Yay!

Now, we all know this wonderful character from the Iron Man movies set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

What a precious.  But I’m not here to talk about this Rhodey.  Let’s talk about comic Rhodey!

Origin: Introduced in Iron Man v1 #118 as Tony Stark’s pilot and soon to be bestie, This guy came from the streets of Philadelphia.  Found himself caught in the middle of gangs, low income living, peer pressure and racism, he declared he’d make it out and do something better.  This darling badass joined the military as his escape and it was his biggest step to creating a “better” life for himself.  Bam! Marine baby.  Marine to pilot.  Pilot to fixing a helicopter in a jungle.  Fixing a helicopter in a jungle to meeting Iron Man.  Meeting Iron Man to meeting Tony Stark.  Meeting Tony Stark to more piloting.  More piloting to besties.  Besties to Iron Man.  Iron Man to War Machine.  War Machine to MAXIMUM BADASS.  Mama Rhodes is proud.

Speaking of Mama Rhodes.  Rhodey is a pure mama’s boy.  Loves his mom to pieces. This is her.

Yeah, I wouldn’t fuck with her or her son either.  Might be where he gets his badass blood from, I’m not sure.

Let me let you in on some stuff about Mr. Rhodey here

  • He didn’t start his superhero'ing as War Machine.  He was, in fact, Iron Man for a while before he ever donned the armor that would eventually become the War Machine.
  • He’s been the Marvel Universe’s official Iron Man three times.  Yep. Three times.

  • Want to get on his good side?  Gift him a helicopter. A+ strategy.
  • Carol Danvers totally wants to see him shirtless. That’s quite an admirer.
  • He has no actual powers.  Yet he punches powered up supers all day everyday.  Are you swooning yet?
  • Helped found the West Coast Avengers as Iron Man. Later partied with them some more as War Machine.  You’re an Avenger, Mr Rhodes! How does it feel?!
  • Once convinced a woman he was the Duke of Texas.
  • Will start international incidents if he sees an injustice he can help fix.  It’s a thing he’s working on.
  • He once had an alien armor that was fused with his body called, Eidolon Warwear.  Think Bleeding Edge before Bleeding Edge was cool… but uglier.  Don’t believe me?!

  • Ares, God of War, calls Rhodey “My Champion”.  That is seriously how badass Rhodey is alright.
  • One time Rhodey caught on fire while entering earth’s atmosphere and all he got was a lousy scar on his chest.  What have you done today?
  • There was another time Rhodey got blown up by a bomb and lost all his limbs and most of his face and was a cyborg.  He’s better now.
  • Tony Stark apologized to him and meant it.  Life Achievement Unlocked.

See? Amazing.  And that’s just scratching the surface.  I could go on but I’m sure you guys are saying to yourselves, “But I’m already sold.  This guy rocks.  What should I read?  Tell me now!”

Alright, Alright.

Some Must Reads: Iron Man v1 - #144, 169-170, 171-183, 184-196, 283-291,

War Machine - Vol 1, Vo 2, Vol 3 (Iron Man 2.0)

If you’re more inclined toward the Marvel Cinematic Universe don’t slouch about and miss out on the tie-in comics featuring Rhodey.  And some probably pretty important reading for the upcoming Iron Man 3 film!

Iron Man 3 Prelude - Have you been wondering where Rhodey was during the Avengers?  Were you wondering why nobody gave him a phone call?  Well, READ THIS!  It will fill you in and does a mighty fine job of it.  2 issues of action packed Rhodey and check out that new armor! :)

Current Whereabouts: (comics)

Rhodey’s current status in the Marvel universe as of the Marvel NOW launch.  He’s armorless, please don’t ask the reason unless you want a really long rant.  Rhodey has yet to show up in Marvel NOW and has been absent from the comics for a few months now.  Many anticipate his return in the Secret Avengers book as Iron Patriot.  This is speculation but keep a look out it could be true and you don’t want to miss the action!

That about wraps it up here.  You can next catch the character in Iron Man 3 being super awesome and showing off his arms and wearing a new armor specially made for him! 

[Tumblr MarvelCon Character Introduction] The Famous Pepper Potts

Pepper Potts is the personal assistant, secretary, and often right-hand woman of the businessman and superhero Tony Stark, also known as Iron Man.  As such, she chiefly appears in the pages of the Iron Man title.  She hasn’t been the only PA Tony has had throughout the comics—Mrs. Bambi Arbogast was another long-running individual that filled that position, but there was also Krissy Longfellow (Madame Masque trying to have a normal life again), as well as several others.  Pepper and Tony have been close for a long time; even though for long stretches of time she left the company, usually to have a life of her own with her long-time husband, Happy Hogan, she has always come back, and she is always mentioned as one of the people Tony cares about and for most.   She clearly cares deeply about him as well, though their relationship over the years has been a complicated one.  She is an almost ridiculously competent organizer, coordinator, administrator, and general runner of things, and it is in this role that she has been most often seen in the Iron Man title but also in the Marvel Universe as a whole.  She is a helper to others by vocation, it seems, and yet an extremely strong person in and of herself, and one of the most interesting things about her is that this is shown to be not at all mutually exclusive—she is very badass, but it’s in her chosen field, and she is most effective and at home there.  This isn’t always made manifest as well as it could be in the comics, but one of the things that strikes me about her character is her near-terrifying efficiency in her chosen profession and how much that has helped with superhero activities throughout the years, providing a somewhat refreshing look at administrative work (even if largely, perhaps, as an unintended byproduct of other storylines).

Pepper Potts is actually something of a mysterious character.  She seems to have no family of her own or particular origin.  Whenever I talk about her early life I feel like I’m talking about Jack Sparrow—“not much is known about her before she showed up at Stark Industries.”  But the thing is, we actually know less about Pepper’s backstory than we do about Jack Sparrow’s.  The Marvel Universe Wiki has her birthplace as New Haven, Connecticut, which is entirely believable, but either it’s a detail I forgot and can’t place, or I have no idea of the source for that.  Her real name is Virginia, and Pepper is a nickname based on her freckles.  Still, what we do know about Pepper is more than enough to make her an amazing character in her own right. 

(This is another text/image heavy post, watch out!)

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Part 1 of 
Tumblr Marvelcon Character Into - Anthony “Tony” Edward Stark - Iron Man


“I went from being a man trapped in an iron suit to being a man freed by it”

Who doesn’t know Tony Stark and his bodyguard not so secret anymore superhero alias Iron Man? His first appearance in Tales of Suspense #39 by Stan Lee, Don Heck, Jack Kirby and Larry Lieber introduced us to the millionaire, playboy, weapons maker Anthony “Tony” Stark, who was captured and forced by the Vietnamese to build a weapon for them to battle the American forces. With the help of Ho Yinsen, a prisoner and brilliant physicist, Tony managed to save himself from the shrapnel close to his heart that affected him in an earlier explosion before his capture by building an arc reactor. With Yinsen’s help he built his first armoured suit and escaped, adopting the identity of Iron Man and becoming a superhero. With the creation of the superhero team “The Avengers” with Iron Man as their first leader, Tony Stark started a new life that leaded him to meet many new acquaintances, have many adventures and misadventures, both happy and sad memories, but most of all, gave him the chance to become something else: The Armoured Avenger.  

The Marvel site itself has long articles coming out weekly (which have yet to finish) that go through Tony’s entire history and cover huge chunks of his adventures. You can start reading from right here

  • Why do I like Tony Stark?

Tony Stark is many things; a genius, a billionaire, a friend, a superhero, an Avenger. Those are only some of his attributes that make him who he really is, a character so loveable and appreciated by so many of us. It’s funny to think that he was originally created in order to contrast Spider Man and the fact that he was so easily relatable to the comic book readers, and as opposed to the troubled teenager, Tony was a rich, successful businessman who could have anything he wished. But as years passed and comic books advanced, Tony because much more than a pretty, charming face. He became a symbol, a hero, a man with heavy burdens and problems that made people empathise with him. That is one of the reasons that I adore Tony; his ability to always stand up, to be beaten down so often and get back to his feet, to sacrifice himself and his personal desires for ‘the greater good’ is a clear hero quality.

The armoured hero is constantly battling many things; his addiction to alcohol, his company’s enemies, superhero villains, his own past, guilts and demons. One would expect that a rich pretty boy wouldn’t have any problems, but he did have a not so pleasant childhood with a father like Howard Stark constantly bringing him down, hostile take overs of his company, many problems in his relationships and many more. He made many bad decisions that not only got the people he cared about killed, but he broke any trust he shared with his friends, making him seem cold and ruthless to some. Tony Stark and Iron Man are too different personas. You have Iron Man, the Golden Avenger, the superhero, the Invincible Iron Man who is untouchable in his hard, protective armour, and then there’s Tony Stark, the strong businessman, the suave man who can charm his way everywhere. But beneath those all, Tony Stark has a deep, human level, a curious and creative personality and a big heart. He’s basically a deep layered character who can appeal to many for countless reasons and for different aspects of such a great personality.

  • Fun Facts about Tony

-Tony Stark is a lover of anything medieval and as a child he had a fascinations with knights, King Arthur and his tales.

-His suit’s original gray colour seemed to frighten the crowd, hence why he painted it gold, before moving to his trademark red and gold look that everyone is familiar with on our days.

-His surname “Stark” means “strong” in German. Says a lot about Tony’s strong personality, doesn’t it?

-According to himself, he has 7 PHDs.

-Tony Stark was trained into combat by Captain America himself.

-He was one of the heroes that designed and built the infamous S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier. In addition to that, he redesigned the Quinjet, gave Hawkeye more technologically advanced arrows and built a replacement shield for Captain America.

-Tony has a Captain America tribute room in Stark Tower.

-When Ultron comes back yet again, he interferes with Iron Man’s suit and turns him into a new, female, Ultron (which looks like the Wasp,blame it on Ultron being kinky). Don’t worry, the first thing that Tony does when he switches back is to check if “everything down there” is back.

-He once showed up at a Halloween Party dressed up as Captain America (and mistaken the real Doctor Doom for a costumer).

When Tony was sent off to boarding school at the age of 7, he realised how difficult was to make proper connections with people. Thus, his fascination with machines came to the surface, and later he graduated from MIT after studying physics and engineering. It wasn’t rare that people called Tony a machine and pleaded him to stop thinking like one, especially after he was injected with the Extremis virus . Tony has been been building suits and different bots for so long, going as far as naming them and having actual conversations with them. Even after suffering and being tortured in the hands on his own suit that became sentient, in the very end, Tony showed compassion for his creation when it was about to ‘die’, after it gave its life to save Tony’s. His fascination with technology is always visible, with Tony spending time around machines, always working on a new project, even claiming “how sexual a piece of technology can be”. He often refers to his creations and armours as his “babies”, proud of his work and the friends he made himself.

Click here for parts 2,3 and 4

“So who the hell is Jessica Drew?”

Good question. I could ramble off a bunch of facts about her first appearance in Marvel Spotlight #32 in ‘77. I could mention that she was created just to stake a claim and make sure that no other company could get rights to the name. I could talk about her power set, superhuman strength, endurance, reflexes, and speed, bio electric blast that can stun or kill, wall crawling, resistance to poisons and drugs, and pheromones that entice men and repulse other women. Or I could tell you that after her character died, was resurrected, ignored, de-powered, brought back to become one of the biggest players in the Marvel Universe during a the Secret Invasion event… only she was the bad guy…sort of.

But it would be better put in her own words: she is the most screwed over person in the history of the entire world.

Spoilers abound!


Her convoluted back story was never a happy one but it was solidified in 2007 in Spider-Woman Origin written by Bendis and Reed. Bendis, a writer know for his work on the avengers, was instrumental in pulling Jessica into the modern Marvel universe.

As a child Jessica grew up under the fictional shadow of Mt. Wundagore. Her mother and father where brilliant scientists who worked tirelessly… For Hydra. You know. The crazy Nazi people. You can see how this can’t end well.

While jessica’s mother was pregnant with her she was hit with *highly suspect science* and was given spider powers. They didn’t manifest until she was about six years old. At which point her ass hole father (man they are a dime a dozen in the Marvel 'verse aren’t they?) started to do experiments on her. Coxing her powers out and trying to stabilizes her mutation.

This was all fine until her mother found out and they had huge fight. Jessica hid  as her father attack her mother until she realised he meant to kill her rather than let her take Jessica away and stop his research. She reacted with out thinking, hitting him with her venom blast, a bio electric blast she shoots from her hands, to her knowledge killing him, and the passed out.

Then hydra got a hold of her, put her in stasis for eleven years while the experimented on her and then woke her up when she was Seventeen years old. A young woman with formidable powers and the mind of a six year old. They trained her, manipulated her, ordered a handsome young man, Jared, to pretend to fall in love with her and fill her head with lies about how good and benevolent Hydra was. And then her on a rescue mission to retrieve the hydra agent she loved when he was captured.

Her mission failed when she was stopped by Nick Fury who reviled the truth of what Hydra was to her. She made a break for it and they let her escape but kept her under surveillance until she was about to slip their watch. For two years she managed to avoid both SHIELD and Hydra as they hunted for her until finally Jared and Taskmaster, the man who trained, her tracked her down in a dance club in London. They have a showdown and she discovers that the man she loved never loved her, that he was in fact disgusted by the idea of having to pretend to be in a relationship with her due to her young mental age. She kills him in the fight and runs again.

Two years later Nick Fury finds her when she has enrolled in collage, attempting to live something like a normal life. He informs her that her parents are still alive. She goes to find her mother only to find her body. She runs again. Hydra finds her and tries to kill her and she is forced to run again.  From there she tracks down her father, who is still working for Hydra and helping them create an army of spider women. In the end Jessica destroys the facility taking all the spider women and her father with it, expecting to die in the process. She survives and is recovered by SHEILD. She declines an offer to join SHIELD but offers her services as a P.I. if Fury ever needs her.

Civil War and Secret Invasion

Jessica goes through a lot in her 50 issue original run and after in other comics, including dying and coming back, losing her powers, sort of getting them back and showing up in the Avengers here and there but mostly fades in to the background largely. She shows up in the book Alias, Jessica Jones book but is mostly a C-lister (if that) in the Marvel Universe until she is brought back to join the Avengers at the start New Avengers Vol. 1.

With her powers restored she worked as a double agent for Fury, spying on Hydra while she is supposed to be spying on the Avengers for them. During civil war, she joins Captain America and his band of rebels when she loses contact with Fury and makes enemies of SHIELD. 

Only it turns out in that it wasn’t Jessica at all. Durring the next event, Secret Invasion it’s revealed that from the start of her joining the Avengers, years in real time of comics being published, the whole time it was the Skrull Queen Veranke impersonating her so that she could lead the Invasion of earth. Veranke is ultimately defeated and Jessica Drew is recovered with the rest of the people who had been replaced to find that her face has become one of the most hated the earth over because of Veranke’s actions.

Agent of S.W.O.R.D

With no where else to go Spider-Woman joins the New Avengers but still feels like an out cast and a pariah. She is lost and angry at what has been done to her. In this state the extraterrestrial security agency S.W.O.R.D. reaches out to her through agent  Abigail Brand and offers her a chance to fight back against the skulls and other alien baddies that threatened the earth.

Recommended reading:

  • Spider-woman: Origin
  • New Avengers Vol 1 and 3
  • Secret Invasion
  • Spider-Woman: Agent of SWORD
  • Fear Itself: Avengers



Young Avengers Vol. 3 – buy | .01 – Gillen & McKelvie

  → Fresh from his triumph that restored him to a proper body–if not his original body–Loki is back and his intentions are murkier than ever. Two things, however, are clear: he’s keeping secrets, he’s not as benevolent as he would have his fellow Young Avengers believe.

A + X #5 – buy – Gillen & Lafuente

  → Loki meets with Mister Sinister to tie up some hitherto loose ends, and the culmination of Doom’s research and experimentation is finally revealed.

Avengers: Season Onebuy – David, Bowden, Buran, DiVito, Raynor, & Wong 

  → A new graphic novel re-telling the origin of the Avengers, and how Loki was the one to unintentionally assemble them.

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Character Introduction: T'Challa

T’Challa is the kind of guy who’d make you feel like the most insignificant person in the world. But, he’s also the guy you want by your side when that same world is going to hell.

Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, T’Challa is the first black superhero in American comics history.

He first appeared in Fantastic Four in 1966. For years he appeared in several comics and joined many teams until he got his own title in 1973.

Before you click, keep in mind this is a long LONG post!

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Tumblr Marvelcon Character Intro - Anthony Edward Stark (pt 4)

Cartoon Intros: One of my favourite things ever, were the intros of the cartoons, and I loved the cartoons itself. They were what introduced me to Tony as a kid, so here’s some appreciation for them. 

The Women of Tony Stark:

He has a big heart (of steel) which can often be his downfall. Particularly with his love life history.

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There’s no one else like me, baby!

Rocket Raccoon in: Guardians of the Galaxy inifinte #2

just thought I’d post a photoset of this little shitRocket Raccoon for Tumblr Marvelcon to bide my time until I can post my category (which is comixology btw) on Sunday 

Man the first day was the best and the information that I’ve learnt about some of the characters are amazing and I can’t wait to learn more and jokes and awww sugoi. 

Tumblr Marvelcon Character Introduction Post: Doctor Hank Pym!

So let’s open this little character presentation with one very clear point in mind; I love Doctor Henry Jonathan Pym with all my heart. I think he is a very underappreciated and underloved character, but I am writing this not just for myself, but for the fans I know he has out there!

But as I said before, I can’t assume you’re all fans. Again; underused, underloved. So let’s start with the basics! This profile isn’t meant to be all-encompassing; there’s a lot in almost sixty years of existing that I can’t cover. This is largely just about Hank himself, his powers, and what’s gone on since he appeared as a character in Tales to Astonish. 

That said, let’s begin!

Under a readmore though, because I wrote a lot. But I put in pictures, so it’s all good! 

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Tumblr Marvelcon Character Intro - Anthony Edward Stark (pt 3)

“Here you have this character, who on the outside is invulnerable, I mean, just can’t be touched, but inside is this wounded figure. Stan made it very much an in-your face wound, you know, his heart was broken, literally broken.” - Gerry Conway

Why I like Tony:

  • Tony Stark is a spectacular character, and one of the most attractive to me. But that’s the shallow part, so asides from his amazing physique and those amazing blue eyes of his, the reason that I love him is that to me, he is relatable.
  • Addiction is a common ‘disease’ amongst many people, and Tony’s battles with such make me empathise with him more as a character. He is strong, but has moments of weakness which are made clear in arcs such as demon in a bottle, and passing references in recent arcs too, including Deadpool (where Wade had met Tony and they both emptied bottles out, making Tony feel much better [which was the most adorable thing ever]).

    Addiction is never easy, and Tony makes that clear by the way he has to face this battle almost every day of his life. Even heroes have weaknesses, and Tony makes his clear.
  • He’s a business person too, and keeps his company in mind in a lot of things that he does. Being that smart, having business acumen and applying it to his everyday life is something that I admire. He tends to walk around with this slick, suave, big-cheese style manner that just resonates cool.  He’s got a huge history which makes him super complicated, but that only wants to make me learn more and more about him.
  • Overall there are many reasons I adore him as a character, many reasons I can’t actually put into words, I just think he’s relatable, I enjoy reading his arcs, I love the tech and he’s amazingly smart and inspirational.
  • Rather than regurgitate another well known origin story of Tony, which I guess most of you probably know (and which is questionably and controversially being revamped in the recent Marvel Now series), I’m going to reel off a couple of things you may not know or might need refreshing on.
  • Have a look at this interesting article on his history - Click here 
  • I’ll let the rest of the post speak for itself about this loveable shellhead.

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WOMEN OF MARVEL [1/13] Eva Bell // Tempus

“I love [Captain America] because I tried to imagine myself being frozen in a block of ice for so long that all of my family and friends died of old age and then someone woke me up. I don’t think I would handle it well. I think I would freak out. And I think the fact that Captain America doesn’t freak out is pretty amazing. I wish we had a super hero that awesome that represented Australia. I wish we had a super hero from Australia that wasn’t kangaroo-themed. That seems pretty lazy. If I ever grow up and get super-powers I will try very hard to be like Captain America except Australian.”

ORIGIN: new mutant post-Phoenix dispersion

POWERS: chronokinesis–control over space and time; the ability to freze time in a specific place



AFFILIATION: X-Men (Extinction Team)

UNIVERSE(S): Earth-616 


CURRENT TITLES: All-New X-Men, Uncanny X-Men


BIO: As a new mutant, Eva struggles with mastering her powers. Out of all the new mutants so far introduced, we’ve seen the most of her family; her brother was presented along with her, as her powers manifested themselves in order to stop him from fighting a boy she had a crush on. Big names like Magneto, Magik, and Emma Frost think that she has huge potential, as her power is a strong one. However, her mom has been shown struggling with her daughter’s newfound mutant identity, much to Eva’s dismay. She has no desire to hurt anyone– she only wants equality for mutants.

LINKS: Marvel Wiki