Two Men And Three Kids || Crisscolfer

Darren helped Lizzie up the stairs, even though he had Eva in his other arm. It had been a week since her surgery and she was able to walk again but everything had to be taken slow. Once he got the key in the door he let Chris in who was also weighed down with Evan and his other arm had the diaper bag. He led Lizzie into the room and sighed. Everything had been hectic from the show since after they were off stage Evan had been fussy because of how many people were clapping and it was loud to his ears. Eva didn’t want to be put d own because she was still slightly scared as well, though she wasn’t fussy. Lizzie was doing her best to try to stay strong but she was hurting as well from all the moving since she hadn’t done that much since her surgery. Chris had a splitting head ache from all of the crying and worrying how everyone was going to take it. Then there was Darren, who always smiled even though he was starting to catch Chris’ headache.

He kicked  down all of the cushions like always and picked out Finding Nemo for them to watch and relax with. Though the sound was turned down for Chris’ sake. He set up the twins pillows so they could lay on the cushions instead of himself for once. He laid Eva next to Lizzie so she wouldn’t fuss, and then Evan close by as well. He went to the kitchen and got both Chris and Lizzie a bottle of water and something for the pain. “There, now I can cuddle up and lay down as well, can we all agree now that it’s out in the open about everything things should cool down though?” he smiled softly and curled up next to Chris on the couch as the movie sarted playing.